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It is often said that some people have the capability of making great change to humanity; for the better and in my humble experience, I have seen that astrologically such people mostly have a very powerfully Sun in their lagna house. I will give you 2 examples which will be self explanatory. One will be that of ISRO space scientist Shri Nambi Narayanan and the other is that of Swami Vivekananda ji; both belonging to very different fields and different eras; but both having Sun in their lagna house and they both are or have become pillars of morality, despite all odds.

Such people when faced with adversity (we all do); burn brighter instead of burning out !

1.Padma Bhushan Shri Nambi Narayanan – Was falsely framed in a spy scandal he single handedly foght such powerful forces to get his name and dignity restored. Developed the Vikas engine for ISRO that is still in use and was nearly developed a cryogenic engine fort ISRO.

Birth Details

12/12/1941, 0500 Hours (Determined by self via birth time rectification), Nagercoil – TN

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 06-20-51 has Sun 26-31-14 and Mercury 20-57-25 – Excellent

3rd house of Capricorn has Venus 12-12-59 – Excellent

4th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 24-51-23 – Very Good

5th house of Pisces has Mars 23-50-35 – Excellent

7th house of Taurus has Jupiter [R] 22-53-19 (Enemy) and Saturn [R] 00-09-42 – Tough and Jupiter enemy and retrograde and Saturn retrograde and slip in to the evil 6th house

10th house of Leo has Moon 28-55-37 and Rahu [R] 24-51-23 – Excellent


JUP from 6/12/81 till 6/12/97

SAT from 6/12/97 till 6/12/16

MER from 6/12/16 till 6/12/33


Nambi Sir faced his toughest back to back mahadashas (Jupiter and Saturn) in the prime of his career, which let him to being sidelined and also unfortunately delayed the development of India’s cryogenic rocket engine; but he is excellent lagna house and his auspicious Mercury mahadasha from 2016 and his powerful lagna house Sun; made sure nobody could get his spirits down.

Please watch the analysis on my YT video below.https://youtu.be/3j7MGC3KyJw

2. Swami Vivekananda ji needs no introduction. During India’s occupation by the British this was a man who came from wealthy family; could have enjoyed his life but due to his powerful lagan house, with Sun sitting there; was blessed with a strong and independent mind and high moral values. He could not enjoy his life when he saw that others were suffering. He left everything became a wandering monk and spread the message of Hinduism around the world; eventually attaining moksha under the guidance of his guru Ramakrisha Paramhansa ji Maharaj ( Birth Name – Gadadhar Chattopadhyaya).


12/1/1863, 0620 Hours, Calcutta, India

Attained Moksha

4 July 1902 (aged 39); Belur Math, West Bengal, India

Lagna Chart



  • ASC Sagittarius 28-38-57 has Sun 29-26-26 – Excellent for courage intelligence and leadership. I wish for more people with excellent sun in their charts to be able to come forward in the civilian sphere and the military sphere of life in this country.
  • 2nd house of Capricorn has Mercury 11-47-56 and Venus 07-07-42 – Excellent and came from wealthy family; very educated; polished; very good looking or physically attractive and a magnetic personality.
  • 5th house of Aries has Mars 06-20-25 (Lord House) – Refined, polite to a fault, spiritually inclined, could take people along with him, a leader’s leader and not afraid at all.
  • 6th house of Taurus has Ketu ( R ) 22-14-46 – His Ketu means that such is the high level of spirituality in the person that he is indifferent to feelings of jealousy; lust; anger either from inside him or even if it’s coming from outside; he’s just indifferent to it; will just continue in his own path which is determined by his strong lagna house influences that had a deep impression on his mind; when he was growing up. His lagna house gives him a strong moral footing.
  • 10th house of Virgo has Moon 17-33-08 and Saturn 13-34-20 – Excellent potential for earning wealth; driven; active; mentally strong; a true karma-yogi; who by his own choice did not want to live or be a part of the world; where he saw so much suffering.
  • 11th house of Libra has Jupiter 04-00-59 (Enemy) – Education, name, fame, power and prestige; everything was within his reach but he was indifferent to it.
  • 12th house of Scorpion has Rahu (R )22-14-46 – House of Moksha and this also ensured that his name would live much beyond his lifetime.

Dashas in his lifetime

  • From birth till 1874 (Moon and Mars mahadashas): life lived in comfort, gifted with great inborn leadership skills, strong willed and magnificent character strength, born in a wealthy family, mentally very strong, and would renounce father’s/family’s money and do something using his own mind.
  • Rahu mahadsha from 13/ 5/74 – 13/ 5/92: the defining period in his life where, due to his 12th house Rahu, he was totally drawn into spirituality and became a wandering monk. He also spread his message about Hinduism and our ancient culture.
  • Jupiter mahadasha from 13/ 5/92 – 13/ 5/08: time when he made his name internationally and came to be known as a force to be reckoned with. Despite an enemy-positioned Jupiter, he made this time excellent for himself. Hence, in his auspicious JUP – VEN period, he attained mahasamadhi/moksha/liberation at the age of 39 years.

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