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Ashok Khemka IAS is well known for being an officer who has been transferred the maximum number of times during his service for the Government of India. The very fact that he is a IAS officer means he has a higher level of life and is amongst the very small percentage of fortunate people who get the great privilege to help manage this country. It definitely means that he would be of excellent calibre since he has been in the job for such a long time. However, he has not been able to fit in properly since he has been subject to frequent transfers.

This means that there are some planets that cause him trouble because nobody likes to be transferred so much. I had relatives in the Indian Army who were transferred every 3 years and though all facilities were provided but still physically being moved from place to place is tough for you and your family. Hence, I am doing the chart analysis of Shri Khemka to see what makes him tick and the reasons for career obstructions.

Now I have determined the birth time based on the best possible planetary alignments for that day on which he was born in Kolkata and it is my firm belief that these placements would have been required for him to achieve what all he has in his life. The time may not be exact but it would be the astrologically accurate time. That means it will lead in the correct directions as far as predictions go.

Birth Details

30/4/1965, 1030 Hours (determined), Kolkata – WB

Lagna Chart

ASC Cancer 04-46-39

2nd house of Leo has Mars 15-59-35

5th house of Scorpion has Ketu [R] 22-17-29

8th house of Aquarius has Saturn 21-07-32 (Lord House)

9th house of Pisces has Moon 29-45-43 and Mercury 20-57-03(Debilitated)

10th house of Aries has Sun 16-16-57 (Exalted) and Venus 20-59-01

11th house of Taurus has Jupiter 08-19-19 (Enemy) and Rahu [R] 22-17-29 


RAH from 20/ 8/15 till 20/ 8/33

  • RAH – SAT till 2/ 8/23
  • RAH – MER till 20/ 2/26
  • RAH – KET till 8/ 3/27

Brief Analysis

Ashok Khemka is a very lucky person. He is an ascendant Cancer with Mars the Lord being in his 2nd house. Hence, he belongs to a very good family, is courageous, has had a good upbringing, has wealth through family – so he does not get a huge lift in his standard of living via coming into the IAS. Yes, definitely it has increased his influence or his authority – that is there in his chart. But had he even not come into the IAS, he would have enjoyed the same level of affluence. So that can be one of the reasons: when the person knows he has a strong financial background, it can allow the person to be a little rigid. This is just one of the reasons. But this is a very auspicious placement of Mars since it is in the 2nd house; also it makes one very courageous and no-nonsense but at the same time get along with people.

His 5th house has Ketu. So he has little interest in landed property and inheritances. Hence, I don’t think he is that much money minded – whatever comes is good and a lot comes!  He seems to be more of a cerebral kind of a person.

Now the trouble starts with his 8th house which has Saturn in the Lord house but the 8th house is not a good house. It means stress in one’s profession. Saturn Lord house means that the native will do very well in his profession and will be active. But stress or dissatisfaction from profession is also seen and that is the reason that despite having powerful planets in the 9th ,10th and 11th houses, professionally he will not be satisfied. This is despite the huge amount of authority that his position gives him.

This also as his 9th house is a little tricky. Moon well placed means again professionally he would do very well; though actually this is a seesaw kind of a house and one of the main reasons why he is struggling in his job. On one hand it gives him lot of professional success, money, mental strength, and confidence but on the other hand Mercury debilitated is not a good for professional success at all. It means the person will not be able to stay in one place; will not feel settled in life ever. The only good thing is that the 9th house is a very good house and even without the remedies it gives automatic cushioning. So this is the reason for his 50+ transfers and they will continue all his life – he will be moving.

Now his 10th house is super strong. Sun exalted and Venus well placed. He is very intelligent person, no-nonsense person and is an administrator with an iron fist who will lead a higher level of life enjoying all the amenities that come with his job and all the perks. He will have a position of power and authority along with wealth in his life due to his family as well as his own earnings or his own hard work despite the controversies, career dissatisfaction and frequent relocations. As the Hindi saying goes: pair pe chakkar laga hain. which means you can’t sit in any place for a long time. Also he cannot get along with people who don’t agree with his point of view. Hence, there is rigidity.

His 11th house is excellent. There will be frequent run-ins due to his principles with the Government of India or his employer. Also Jupiter enemy-positioned in the 11th house means that along with name and fame, there will be a high level of controversy. As we know, his name is in the papers for all the wrong reasons. I have talked with some bureaucrats and they say that normally they should not be known by their name – their work should speak. So if some bureaucrat’s name is coming in the paper for decades, that means he is not doing something right in his job. But Rahu in this house again makes him very lucky. It means there is frequent foreign travel and education. In fact, even after retirement he could settle overseas. Right now he is going through is Rahu mahadasha till he is 58 years old. I would not be surprised that he could be criss-crossing the globe even after retirement.

I think this is a very good chart with some tricky placements but he is lucky because had Mercury been debilitated in a bad house then he would have not become an IAS officer. Or they would have been constant question marks over him in the form of legal trouble. As it is, Saturn in the 8th house gives professional stress so his professional life has not been easy. But he has enough power-packed planets. When your Mars is Lord house and your Sun is exalted, then you are not scared. So he is fearless. This is what happens to fearless people – they suffer if they are highly principled because this world expects one to be flexible. But overall he is very lucky and blessed by God.

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