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Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra is again in the news for all the wrong reasons. What is going in his life and is the couples married life fine? Let us study both their charts.

Raj Kundra – Birth Details

  • Sep 9, 1975, 1200 Hours (Unconfirmed), London – UK

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Scorpion 01-07-20 has Rahu (R) 01-45-13 – Tactful, resourceful, travelling the world doing business/trade, may get influenced with bad characters of the society, emotional.
  • 6th house of Aries has Jupiter (R) 00-05-30 – Trouble having children or estranged from his children possible, also potential of legal trouble always there, would brush people the wrong way resulting in enmity.
  • 7th house of Taurus has Mars 21-10-53 and Ketu (R) 01-45-13 – Manglik and hence should marry a manglik which Shilpa is, can work with people and basically a people’s person, marriage trouble possible and divorce also possible, clever and cunning.
  • 9th house of Cancer has Saturn 05-48-12 (Enemy) – Would do well in his profession and would also be active, hardworking and his father would be auspicious for him but sometimes due to his work can get into a lot of trouble due to enemy positioned Saturn.
  • 10th house of Leo has Sun 22-40-33 (Lord House) and Venus (R ) 03-22-04(Enemy) – Wealthy and would be living in luxury and would be born in to a wealthy family and be wealthy himself and love material enjoyments and be popular amongst women but has to be cautious as women could be the source of his troubles.
  • 11th house of Virgo has Mercury18-59-05(Exalted) – Would live a life of luxury and be well known and also be a friend’s friend and wold come to the help of a friend in need and would get help at the right time; would be sophisticated and polite in his demeanour. This is his mahadasha right now and it would help him.
  • 12th house of Libra has Moon 14-28-17 – Sensitive and emotional especially given his ASC Scorpion, would live away from his place of birth and there could be loses and wastages due to him being emotionally carried away.

Present Dasha

  • Mercury from 26/ 2/18 to 26/ 2/35 – He is having one of the best times in his life and would be well known and famous and would get the right help from his well-wishers and contacts.
    • MER – KET till 12/ 5/22 – Even though he would be living well but during this time there could be sudden and unexpected trouble to him due to women and this could put a strain on his married life and he has to be cautious.
    • MER – VEN till 12/ 3/25 – There would be expenses due to women and he has to be careful and also take care of his married life

Shilpa Shetty Kundra – Birth Details

  • June 08, 1975, 2000 Hours(Unconfirmed), Mangalore

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Sagittarius 09-14-27 – Active, aggressive, adventurous and dominating by nature and very religious.
  • 4th house of Pisces has Jupiter 24-36-43(Lord House) and Mars 20-06-44 – Landed property, conveyances, servants and other luxuries from birth courtesy mother who would be very auspicious for her and also she would be people smart and diplomatic in dealing with people, also makes her a manglik like her husband. She is presently undergoing her Jupiter mahadasha.
  • 6th house of Taurus has Sun 23-40-21, Moon (Exalted) 09-02-34, Mercury (R )26-55-24 and Ketu(R) 06-40-35 – She would have a temperament of being mistrustful of people but would be very confident and smart on the exterior and would not show her true feelings, even when very upset, has come up in life by way of hard work, would not let criticism bother her too much, if it does sometimes she can hide it well.
  • 7th house of Gemini has Saturn 24-23-60 – Would be doing very well in her profession and would shine and would also partner with spouse and be doing business jointly. Would be not that career oriented and would prefer to work part time or as per leisure.
  • 8th house of Cancer has Venus 08-41-27 – Spouse/lover/boyfriend would be the source of trouble for her and she would be disciplined person and live a very self-disciple life and try to take care of her health, still distress from spouse/lover/boyfriend present.
  • 12th house of Scorpion has Rahu (R ) 06-40-35 – This is a tricky placement for her and she would be entangled with people from far off paces and lands and this includes people settled in foreign lands and they could be the cause of losses for her, both in her professional and personal life. Suddenly and out of the blue things would go south regarding her career and personal life but she would remain confident due to her exalted Moon.

Present Dasha

  • Jupiter from 14/11/10 to 14/11/26 – This is an auspicious time that she is going through right now and she would be basking in the happiness from her children and also doing well in her profession and earning good money and landed property would be accumulated in this time and she would also find her mother to be her best confidant.
    • JUP – SUN till 14/ 3/22 – This is her present time and though she has the protection of her lord house Jupiter but her 6th house Sun would cause some upheaval in her personal life due to hidden enemies and greatly disturb her. This would continue for about 2 years and she has to be careful of her marriage till July 2023.

Additional Comments

  • With Raj’s enemy positioned Venus, 7th house Ketu and 6th house Jupiter there are chances of his getting disinterested in marriage quickly and this may lead to multiple marriages; and Shilpa has a lot of stress from her spouse and hence there is always the need to be careful for both of them to keep their marriage intact, especially right now. Raj also has mild kaal sarpa dosha(MKSD) in his chart and hence his personal life would be controversial.
  • They both are mangliks or have mangal dosha and hence it is cancelled, which is a good thing.
  • They both are going through excellent mahadsha right now and there could be cosmic help for them and they would both fight this legal challenge vigorously but for Raj, the present time till March 2025 is tough from the personal point of view and for Shilpa, the present time is tough till July 2023.
  • So I see that they would get pull of this legal mess individually and as a couple but in steps; mid 203 and then 2025; but their marriage could be strained and they have to do the remedies for their respective planets to salvage it.

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