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Destiny. It includes a powerful chart and an auspicious Dasha. In other worlds, being at the right place at the right time, and showing gallantry when the time requires.

I will explain this with the case studies of two top cops of Punjab, one of the most sensitive states in India from the point of view of domestic stability and national security.

These two gentlemen, Late Sardar KPS Gill and Shri Julio Riberio, were instrumental in crushing terrorism and the separatist movement in Punjab in the 1980s, which had spread its tentacles throughout North India.

As Punjab again faces a resurgence on trouble from both outside and within India, I know that brave sons and daughters of this valiant country will rise up to defend it.

1.Late Sardar KPS Gill, IPS (Retired)


2. Shri Julio Riberio, IPS(Retired)


Late Sardar Kanwar Pal Singh Gill, IPS

Birth Details


29/12/1934, 1330 Hours, Lahore – Punjab (Now Pakistan)

Passed Away

26/5/2017 – Punjab, India

Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 17-56-16

4th house of Cancer has Ketu [R] 09-26-12

6th house of Virgo has Moon 16-59-12 and Mars 15-34-41

7th house of Libra has Jupiter 23-26-22 (Enemy)

9th house of Sagittarius has Sun 14-00-14, Mercury 12-58-58 and Venus 23-45-32

10th house of Capricorn has Rahu [R] 09-26-12

11th house of Aquarius has Saturn 01-46-56 and Rahu [R]09-26-12

Dashas (including theone at the peak of his career whe he was DGP Punjab)

SAT from 3/10/80 till 3/10/99

MER from 3/10/99 till 3/10/16

KET till Years 3/10/16 – 3/10/23


KPS Gill had a stunning chart. As with every person born in pre-Partition India, the initial part of his life was very tough. This is shown by his 6th house Moon and Mars mahadashas, which came when he and his family must have struggled to move to this side of the border into Indian Punjab. But he was lucky that the challenging times in his life were over when he was very young.

He was an ascendant Aries. Ketu is in the 4th house. So, he was active, energetic, sincere, intelligent, and totally incorruptible, because there is no inclination of making any money. This also shows a level of casualness towards hoarding money. Since he was born in Lahore, his family must have had to leave everything in 1947 and come to this side.

The 6th house Moon and Mars also indicates a very combative personality. When upset he would not have thought twice about taking the powerful on any side of the law, head-on – be they politicians or human rights advocates, or for that matter, the terrorists and anti-India forces. Breaking the law is something he had a deep personal grievance against, and this made him go far beyond the expectations of his duty, risking his life and career many times. This also gave him his rough and tough abrasive personality, making him a no-nonsense cop. Sometimes due to this, he could have rubbed people in high positions the wrong way. But there is so much firepower in the chart, that they would not have been able to stop him or his climbing career graph.

His 7th house has Jupiter in enemy position; so that means children would bring him happiness but he would not have much time for them or his family.

Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 9th house means he was a very courageous leader and no-nonsense person, who was prompt to act. The well-placed Mercury means he would live a life of sophistication, be polished, have nice manners, and be wealthy and do well in his job; he would have a stable life. Venus means he would be very charming, good looking, enjoy life with all the material enjoyments, and his profession would be the source of power and prestige.

His 10th house Rahu bestowed him with unrivalled authority due to his out-of-the-box temperament and fearlessness.

His 11th house has Saturn in its lord house, which makes it very powerful, also making him very lucky. It means he would do exceedingly well in his career, which would be the source of wealth, power and prestige. He would have a high-flying life as long as he lived due to his own hard work. He would make a lot of money and wealth, but it would not be driving him. He would have a very nice reputation. But sometimes his 6th house would come into play; because if he saw something wrong happening in front of him, he would not have cared for formalities or protocols when calling it out.

His 11th house Saturn mahadasha, which started in 1980 and ended in 1999, coincided with the peak of the Punjab problem. So, India was lucky about this coincidence. By the end of his Saturn mahadasha, he had made a name for himself as a fearless person.

After that, during his Mercury mahadasha, the name that he earned through his profession let him live like a king, which he was by temperament. But he was controversy’s favourite child – so there was always some controversy around him.

Given this chart, I would say he died relatively young at 82. But people with such planets in the 6th house are very emotional, giving them health issues.

Shri Julio Riberio, IPS(Retired)

Birth Details

5/5/1929, 0630 Hours (Determined), Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 26-06-54 has Sun 21-11-27 (Exalted), Jupiter 28-07-45 and Rahu [R] 28-49-45

2nd house of Taurus has Mercury 09-06-00

4th house of Cancer has Mars 02-48-30 (Debilitated)

7th house of Libra has Ketu [R] 28-49-45

9th house of Sagittarius has Saturn [R] 07-09-01

11th house of Aquarius has Moon 26-03-47

12th house of Pisces has Venus [R] 29-39-54 (Exalted)

Dasha at the peak of his career when he was DGP Punjab Police

VEN from 26/ 1/81 till 26/ 1/01


Julio Ribeiro has an excellent and very powerful chart. His lagna house is Aries with Sun exalted along with Jupiter and Rahu. These have given him his massive drive. These planets and placement make him extremely courageous, focused, and fearless, with luck favouring him all the time. He will be excellent in academics and paperwork, but when needed he will be rough and tough. This also makes him a tough man to deal with, having a strong moral compass. The placement will help him in every sphere of his life.

Such a chart ensures he is born with power in his personality and does not need support from other people, making him self-sufficient. Such a person simply cannot be stopped. Sun exalted in the lagna house is a very powerful placement. I have always said that we need more people who have Sun exalted, especially in the lagna house. Such people need to rise up more in India; then, the country will also rise.

Hence, Julio Ribeiro’s lagna chart itself makes him very lucky and that is why he got selected into the police force and rose to Director General of Police in Punjab. Not only that, when duty beckoned, he forgot everything, even his own safety. That is what true courage or daredevilry is – when you do not think even about your own safety.

His second house has Mercury. So, he comes from a good family, is sophisticated, will lead a very good life, talk well, and be a very loyal human being. Mercury also helps a great deal in his communication skills.

Debilitated Mars in the 4th house in conjunction with his lagna house is what makes him a person who does not bother about money and wealth, making him totally incorruptible. If a person is a daredevil, he or she needs some planets that urge them to fight. The debilitated Mars comes in here, making him very argumentative. It makes him argue endlessly with something he believes is not correct.

His 7th house Ketu means he will not have any time for his married life. Most of these people don’t have time for their personal life. Their job is so tough, their life is on the line. Hence, such people have a higher quality of life, power, prestige, and money via salary. But the one thing they don’t have is free time.

 The 9th house has Saturn retrograde, which makes him lucky in his profession. At the same time, there would be obstacles and it would not have been a smooth flow for him professionally. But still given the time period (nowadays you need a better Saturn to get selected in the UPSC/IPS) when he was selected in the police force and more so given his lagna house makes him active too and restless. His retrograde Saturn is in a very good house; he would have been able to soldier on regardless of the obstacles.

His 11th house Moon is an excellent placement. It means mentally he is very strong, very controlled. So, he is an excellent administrator, but he cannot get too rough with people. This is the difference between him and Shri KPS Gill. The latter would have gotten rough and tough when upset; but Mr Ribeiro will have followed procedure. However, this does not mean there will be anything missing in his actions. So again, this placement means name, fame, mental strength, and wealth due to his job.

His 12th house has Venus retrograde and exalted. This means he is happily married. The spouse’s chart has a great role to play. In the 12th house, exalted and retrograde Venus means Mr Ribeiro would be a frugal man, a simple person. All his focus would be towards his work. When he was DGP of Punjab, he was going through his 12th house exalted Venus mahadasha. It was a very risky time for him and his family but Venus exalted helped him despite that challenges. It made him bold and brave; his name will live on.

When the lagna house is too powerful, it makes one egoistic and blind, which is not good. But a sufficiently powered lagna house with Sun exalted (the Sun’s placement is critical) and evenly populated planets makes one a courageous leader, operating at their best when situations are tough. So, Mr Ribeiro not only met challenging situations in his job but worked to overpower them. He was one of the factors who was instrumental in eradicating the fighting in Punjab.

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