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Rishi Sunak is a British politician of Indian (pre-1947) ancestry who has become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since October 25th 2022. He is the first British-Asian-India (pre-1947 India) and Hindu Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His grandfather his left undivided India (Punjab – Gujranwala – now in Pakistan); in 1946 for Africa where his parents were born and then in the 1960s the family migrated to UK where Rishi Sunak was born. His wife is the daughter of Indian billionaire Narayan Murthy; who is also the owner of software firm Infosys. He is a practicing Hindu.

Birth Details

12/5/1980, 1912 Hours, Southampton – England, UK (Birth Time determined by self)

 Lagna Chart

ASC Libra 13-22-29 – Excellent – This makes him a very balanced person and he will try to balance his family life as well as professional life and right now this is needed as his political party is in turmoil and hopefully, he can balance the various fractions and take everybody along; though it would be very tough for him.

5th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 01-16-57 – Good – This placement will not give him much time for his children and that raising up would have to be done hopefully by the spouse with help.

7th house of Aries has Sun 28-34-50 (Exalted), Moon 04-25-31 and Mercury 27-48-28 – Excellent – This is an excellent house and makes him someone who would be courageous; bold; no nonsense type of person; mentally very strong; calm; collected; one who would live in luxury all his life; talk politely and sophisticatedly and he would be like a prince born with a silver spoon in his mouth and in the 7th house it makes his spouse very auspicious for him from the property and money point of view; he will be exceedingly rich due to spouse.

9th house of Gemini has Venus 06-23-21 – Excellent – This makes him good looking, handsome, enjoy life with all the modern luxuries and amenities, have a happy married life and get married to a lady or his spouse would be coming from a very wealthy family they would have both enjoy their life. This house will also ensure that he does well in his profession be it business or politics.

11th house of Leo has Mars 09-04-13, Jupiter 07-01-59, Saturn [R] 26-41-52 (Enemy) and Rahu [R] 01-16-57 – Super excellent but tough for Saturn and tricky due to Rahu/Kaal Sarpa Yoga (KSY) – This is a decisive house for him and will help him; as this house give him name, fame and luck but a lot of stress; also he will be a person would be helped by his siblings all his life; and he would in his professional life try to take all people along with him; he could be the peacemaker or the person who can manage and get work done out of lot of people; it makes him have excellent education from faraway lands and also makes him father of intelligent children and his children will be the source of joy for him; but professionally even though Saturn is placed on the 11th house; it being retrograde and enemy positioned means that professionally there would always be obstacles; though there would be name and fame but there would always be obstacles in his professional life and he has to be careful of the stress that his profession will be cause him; huge stress for him and right now, in his Prime Minister-ship, he will be challenged and he will age very quickly due to the stress of the job; so though it looks like a ‘wow’ moment for him having become the Prime Minister of Britain; but in reality this is very stressful job for him and he would be challenged in doing his job and he would face many obstacles. Also having Rahu in the same house gives him Kaal Sarpa Yoga (KSY); that means he would sometimes take impulsive decisions that are born out of the gut; rather than from intelligent planning and he would benefit a lot in his life due to it (taking chances or risk) and his Rahu also helps a lot but again if there can be unexpected gains like he has become the PM; that is really unexpected; but if he keeps on making these impulsive decisions there can be tricky moments too. Regardless due to this house he will be travelling all over the world, leading a jet set, high profile life with name, fame and money at his feet.


MAR -7 Years 16/ 1/21 – 16/ 1/28 – Since January 2021; he has started his very auspicious 11th house Mars mahadasha and he will be at the top of his game; he would show courage, leadership skills and during these 7 years he will rise to the pinnacle of success but career stress is there. He would get name, fame, prestige and power.

  • MAR – JUP till 7/ 6/23  – Right now when he has become the Prime Minister this is excellent time for him till June 2023 and this would be a dream time; due to his team building abilities; benefic nature of being liked by people; hence he would rise very high in his profession because Mars is placed in the 11th house; also there is no mangal dosh due to his Mars and his Jupiter is also excellently placed in the 11th house; so due to his education; his luck; benefic auspicious planets; due to his children; he has risen to the prime ministers position and for the first 6 to 7 months, he would be able to deal with the uncertainties of the job and he would be able to fend off the pressure; as well as his political adversaries but there is always stress; because Saturn is retrograde and enemy positioned in this house and Rahu is also sitting in this house; so controversies and stress is a part of the game and he will be severely challenged; though for the first 6 or 8 months in office or in his tenure; he will be able to fend off the challenges
  • MAR – SAT till 16/ 7/24 – From June 2023 onwards; his time would be much trickier; he could get involved in some political scandal which would bring him a bad name and his stress would increase many folds. So what I see is that if he doesn’t do the remedies for a Saturn, after consulting an astrologer; then after mid 2023 there could be increase in stress or scandal on the job; that would bring him a bad name and very tricky times that he would not be able to maneuver; so this is a tough time for Rishi and there is a lot of responsibility on him and but he has the chart to be able to deal with it at least till mid 2023; if not after that with the remedies.

Additional Comments

  • Luck is with him till mid-2023 but after that there would be some challenge that he faces due to some controversies related to his political life.
  • Regardless this is a high-profile chart because the 11th house is so auspiciously populated but Saturn enemy positioned and retrograde there does create some trouble for him professionally; though Mars and Jupiter do help; Rahu is also there in the mix and it can stroke things unexpectedly for him and give unexpected results – both positive and negative. Though at the core, him being a lagna Libra; will always try to balance things and he will be a very practical and pragmatic person.
  • All his planets being in auspicious or friendly houses makes him a very optimistic and lucky kind of a person.
  • His parents are very auspicious for him.

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