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A young man and young woman work together. They fall in love, get married. Is it happily ever after? This story can be playing out in any corner anywhere in the world.

In this case, however, the young man is actor Sidharth Malhotra and the young woman in question is actress Kiara Advani.

Is theirs a compatible match? Will their marriage last? Let us take a look at their charts to find out.

Sidharth Malhotra

Birth Details

16/1/1985, 1430 Hours (Determined), New Delhi

Lagna Chart

ASC Taurus 18-42-34 has Rahu [R] 00-41-10

7th house of Scorpion has Moon 03-34-60 (Debilitated), Saturn 02-26-39 (Enemy) and Ketu [R] 00-41-10

8th house of Sagittarius has Mercury 12-34-55

9th house of Capricorn has Sun 02-32-52 (Enemy) and Jupiter 01-26-17 (Debilitated)

10th house of Aquarius has Mars 23-13-01 and Venus 19-28-45 – (Non Manglik)


KET from 8/ 9/20 till 8/ 9/27

  • KET – MON till 11/ 3/23

Kiara Advani

Birth Details

31/7/1992, 1245 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Libra 14-21-56

3rd house of Sagittarius has Rahu [R] 04-48-09

4th house of Capricorn has Saturn [R] 21-53-26 (Lord House)

8th house of Taurus has Mars 09-17-09 – Manglik

9th house of Gemini has Ketu [R] 04-48-09

10th house of Cancer has Sun 14-34-52, Mercury [R] 18-57-41 (Enemy) and Venus 27-41-17 (Enemy)

11th house of Leo has Moon 05-45-06 and Jupiter 21-13-06


MON from 24/ 7/22 – 24/ 7/32

  • MON – MON till 24/ 5/23

Prognosis of marriage

One primary reason Sidharth Malhotra wanted to marry Kiara Advani is because he is a headstrong ascendant Taurus with Rahu in his lagna house. At the same time, his 7th house Moon is debilitated, Saturn is enemy-positioned and there is Ketu there. As a result, he can be very emotional, compelling and forceful. He has a strong desire to either be in a relationship or get married. Kiara Advani, who has a wonderful chart, worked with him in the film Sheesha. He, in his headstong manner, went after her.

Sidharth has some troubling placements. As mentioned, his Moon is debilitated. Moreover, his Mercury is ill-placed in the 8th house, Jupiter is debilitated in the 9th house which also has the Sun.

His Venus and Mars are well-placed in the 10th house; so, he is making a good amount of money. But we are not talking about money here – we are analysing what lies ahead in the marriage.

Sidharth is going through his 7th house Ketu mahadasha, and this has helped him get married. But this marriage will have many ups and downs. Sidharth will face heat from his career as well as due to his emotions; he will not be able to keep his wandering eye fixed on one woman. It is highly possible that there will be severe distress in the marriage. What comes out in the public domain may be a different story because these are famous people who have a PR machinery working for them.

Apart from this, I think in this case Sidharth and his powerful friends have had to talk to Kiara with a child-like request to get married.

Kiara is much more stable and practical person by nature. She has a very good chart. She has mangaldosh. Professionally, she would do much better than Sidharth. She is much more stable; but she can get very angry and she cannot be fooled. Right now, she is going through her auspicious Moon mahadasha. There is lot of name and fame in her chart. So, in a way, they are compatible for each other.

Right now Kiara’s time is very good due to her due to her excellent Moon-Moon mahadasha. This has just started. Hence, she is on the top of the world professionally and personally.

But I am concerned that in her next Mars mahadasha there will be severe trouble in this marriage. Though I wish them all the very best for their married life, I give the marriage 10 years – if they last that long, then it will be an achievement for both of them. As I said, many couples in Bollywood do live together but the marriage is only on paper. So in reality, we would not know what has happened.

I would also add that since Sidharth’s Jupiter is debilitated, it is highly possible that they get a child by IVF or by alternate means. It is also possible that Sidharth may have a roving eye for women who will be the source of his downfall. Even if he is very careful and if both of them do their remedies, I give them maximum 10 years of togetherness. I think this is a marriage done in haste and I just hope and wish for the best for them.

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