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Everyone knows about Shri Ratan Tata, one of the most respected industrialists of India. His family has helped India achieve many milestones across industries and contributed to its development. But when Ratan Tata’s chart first popped up in front on my eyes, my first reaction was “no married life and no children of his own”. Find out why.

Birth Details

  • 28/12/1937, 0630 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Sagittarius 02-44-28 has Sun 12-54-04, Mercury [R] 17-45-55 and Venus 03-46-58 – Strong will power, a born leader and genuine human being. Would enjoy a life of luxury and comfort with all the material enjoyments that it brings, would have strong relationships and would be a lifelong friend. Can get very angry and lash out, a no-nonsense person. Would be living a life on the go – a frugal lifestyle without too many possessions
  • 2nd house of Capricorn has Jupiter 08-46-34 (Debilitated) – Would keep no money for himself, have no huge personal bank balance, family life impacted
  • 3rd house of Aquarius has Mars 11-46-17 – Excellent again for being a consensus builder and a team player
  • 4th house of Pisces has Saturn 05-57-47 – Close to mother and father from whom he inculcated his strong work ethic
  • 6th house of Taurus has Ketu [R] 11-25-37 – Would be indifferent to enemies or people opposing his out-of-the-box views, be it in his work or personal life
  • 11th house of Libra has Moon 21-37-33 – Excellent for name; fame and a life of privilege; also makes him strong-minded
  • 12th house of Scorpion has Rahu [R] 11-25-37 – His name would live on much beyond his life, would dedicate his life to charitable causes – even at the cost of ignoring his personal life


  • MOON mahadasha from 16/ 1/21 till 16/ 1/31- This is the time when his name would be more popular than anytime in his life.

Additional Analysis

  • Very nice and positive human being
  • A strong personality and leadership skills
  • Extremely intelligent and emotionally mature
  • Name, fame and life of privilege due partly due to extreme fortune and his own hard work
  • Excellent ability for helping others and identifying with the downtrodden
  • How come he is a non non-sense industry leader?
    • Lagna house Sun and Venus
    • 11th house Moon
    • Also helping are his 3rd and 4th house planets; Mars and Saturn
  • Why no personal life of his own (marriage and children)
    • His own domestic life is in doubt due to his debilitated Jupiter in his 2nd house, retrograde Mercury in the lagna house and all houses in his chart – from his 6th house Ketu till his 12th house Rahu (except his 11th house Moon) empty. This is called Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Because of this combination one’s domestic life does not get on track, and one does not have children. Given his strong lagna house, this choice is something he is comfortable with and has saved him from potential personal and legal mess.
    • In fact, he has used the power of his chart and his 12th house Rahu positively and towards charity and helping others. In that way, he has made the large Tata Sons family his own, both in letter and in spirit.

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