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This shows what is required for an ordinary small town Punjabi ‘kudi’ from Ludhiana to become a superstar in Mumbai BUT she has to be careful lest she loose some of it 

Tapsee Pannu has done well, from being an unknown person to having fame at such a young age is indeed a dream come true. How has she done it and will it sustain ?

Though her birth details are available online but, to me, they do not seem to be accurate. Hence, I would, by an iterative process, determine her astrologically accurate birth details and discuss her chart here.

This process is followed when the exact TOB (time of birth) of a celebrity — or for that matter anyone — is not known. You draw multiple charts for him/her for the birth day and year and then see which one suits him he best, based on the information available in the public domain about the person.

For any other individual, this information has to be either supplied by him or his family. Once you get to an approximate time that suits the person (if you have his palm photo it only helps) it is fine-tuned to determine a TOB to a point where astrologically or prediction-wise it wouldn’t make a difference. Or the predictions would fit his profile till that point in his/her life and then you can predict his/her future too.

So after studying 6 iterations of charts of the day of her birth, I now have determined his astrological birth time as below.

Birth Details (Birth Time determined)

  • 1/8/1987, 1844 Hours, Ludhiana

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Capricorn 05-17-35 – Excellent and makes her serious minded regarding her life
  • 3rd house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 11-33-11 – Very lucky and gives sudden stardom at a very early age
  • 4th house of Aries has Jupiter 05-30-30 – Education good and so is her luck as well as relationship with mother
  • 6th house of Gemini has Mercury 27-14-30 – Huge cosmic save as Mercury at an advanced degree has a slip-on effect to the 7th house and hence becomes auspicious but still she has to be cautious f rubbing people the wrong way with her words
  • 7th house of Cancer has Sun 15-05-19, Mars 22-47-49 (Debilitated) and Venus 09-07-08 – Excellent house would be bold, courageous, very very good looking as well as live in luxury, but would have trouble in finding a soul mate in her life due to her debilitated Mars and would also waste her energy in fruitless pursuits and be misunderstood, caution required in matters of marriage
  • 9th house of Virgo has Moon 29-54-48 and Ketu [R] 11-33-11 – Excellent for her profession, would do well by the water and also would be mentally very strong and tough minded
  • 11th house of Scorpion has Saturn [R] 21-06-17 – Would not like to be famous and would have a fleeting relation with fame but with remedies for Saturn would be well known and do very well in her profession. Without the remedies could also be known for the wrong reasons

Dasha periods since birth

  • MAR from 1/ 8/87 till 18/ 2/91 – Troubled formative years but presence of parents helped who gave her a good upbringing despite a lot of struggle
  • RAH from 18/ 2/91 till 18/ 2/09 – Her 3rd house Rahu made her come into her own and turn into a beautiful young woman as well as an engineer who would soon do modelling and then movies
  • JUP from 18/ 2/09 till 18/ 2/25 – 4th house Jupiter catapulted her to fame but all the while she never lost touch of reality and preferred meaningful cinema
  • SAT from 18/ 2/25 till 18/ 2/44 – This will be a period of intense hard work by her where she would be known globally as an acclaimed actress and she would also involve herself in charity and be known as a wonderful human being with a golden heart but there would be controversies too !

Additional Analysis

  • She is an excellent artist but should be careful as otherwise she would rub powerful people the wrong way leading to getting her a bad name a fruitless waste of her energy

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