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India has had many accidental prime ministers and Rajiv Gandhi is definitely one of them.

When I saw his chart for the first time, it surprised me – it did not seem to me the chart of a person who would be in politics or would become the prime minister of India but for the five planets in his lagna house. Those would define the family in which he was born and his complete life.

Below is his chart analysis – his time of birth on the internet seemed to be inaccurate. I did a birth time rectification for his chart and the time 0905 hours seemed to be the astrologically accurate time for him.

The twist in destiny with regards his becoming an accidental prime minister comes out in his chart. It is not that he lacked the caliber or the ability. But his dasha table is such that his time from 1981 till the time of his passing in 1991 (and up to 1999) was his challenging Rahu mahadasha. The only way he would have survived that was if he had been far away from his birth place – which could not have been the case if he is the PM of his birth country. His becoming the PM of India was also preceded by destiny, rather than his will – that of the tragic passing of Sanjay and later Indira Gandhi.

As I have always said, deaths, especially sudden deaths, can never be predicted. Similar is the case with Rajiv Gandhi. But there are indications of tough times for him from 1981 till his death. They are tough because his destiny was going against his desire. He never wanted to become Prime Minister. But family was his destiny, to such a great extent that it catapulted him into becoming Prime Minister of India. Also his Navamsa chart shows a most auspicious presence of a spouse. and one he should have always listened to.  Rest you decide.

Birth Details

  • 20/8/1944, 0905 Hours, Mumbai



Lagna Chart

  • ASC Leo 27-22-26 has Sun 03-52-12 (Lord house), Moon Leo 17-36-05, Mercury 28-35-35, Jupiter 12-13-41 and Venus 18-43-09 (Enemy) – Father and mother extremely lucky and had a major role in his life, was sophisticated and polished by temperament, a born and refined leader, lucky in family matters (wife and children)
  • 2nd house of Virgo has Mars 01-14-29 (Enemy) – Indifferent to money and riches and would not need to worry about wealth and money matters
  • 6th house of Capricorn has Ketu [R] 02-48-41 – Would try things his own way and would have enemies due to no fault of his and would be indifferent or unimpacted by enemies or adversaries. But his life would be impacted by sudden and adverse events
  • 11th house of Gemini has Saturn 14-12-47 – Fame, career honors would come via grandparents
  • 12th house of Cancer has Rahu [R] 02-48-41 – Remaining away from country of birth would benefit him. Alternately his Rahu would trouble him and events would unfold (including losses and tragedy) that would take his life out of his control.

Dasha at the time of death

  • Rahu for 18 years from 26/ 3/81 till 26/ 3/99 – It is destiny that he had his tough Rahu mahadaha in the prime of his life. It would lead to sudden and unexpected adverse events in his life despite having such a powerful and auspicious lagna and 11th house – which would take him to the heights of fame and material success

Sub period at the time of sudden death

  • RAH – MER till 26/ 9/91

Additional Comments

  • His chart also has Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha and that, combined with his 12th house Rahu mahadasha, would make for a deadly combination.
  • This can be predicted in hindsight.
  • He was a lovely and cheerfully positive human being and had a good life from birth. Just take a look at the five planets in his lagna house. But things started to go awry with the start of his Rahu mahadsha in 1981.
  • The cosmos sent a strong signal regarding this even prior to the start of his Rahu mahadasha, with the sudden and most unexpected passing of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi in June 1980 and in his 12th house Rahu. Were it not for his brother’s death, his mother would probably have never introduced him to politics, a game which went so against his nature. Destiny again played its cards with the sudden and unexpected demise of his mother and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in October 1984, leading to his becoming an accidental prime minister.
  • His assassination also took place in this tumultuous period. Destiny won.




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