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Though I had not heard of this young man till the news about his sudden demise, it prompted me to study his chart since death, as a subject, has intrigued me since my early days when my death was falsely predicted in 1989.

Through my research into palmistry and astrology, I have seen that death cannot be predicted; though people with a very strong sixth sense or God-given powers may sometime gauge it. But it is something not to be misused by making predictions – that too for commercial purposes. It it can backfire on the person.

As an example, I was working as an engineer in a company dealing in central HVAC in the early 1990s. One senior engineers whom I admired due to his technical skills used to always have a cigarette in his hand. As was my habit, I saw his palm one day and I did not get a good feeling. I soon left the job and moved overseas and life carried on. After decades, I returned to India to work in the same company and saw all my ex-colleagues from back in the 1990s in very senior positions. But I noticed that particular engineer was missing. I asked one of his friends and was informed that he passed away nearly a decade back due to a heart attack. He was very young. Why did I particularly ask about that person? I myself do not know.

 Let me first pay homage to young Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja and analyze his chart. I read in the media article that he just got married in 2018. When someone dies so early after marriage, it intrigues me more from the astrological point of view.

Birth details

  • 17/10/1980, 0748 Hours, Bengaluru (determined by self)

Lagna chart

  • ASC Libra 22-46-41 has Sun 00-17-29 (debilitated) and Mercury 24-18-28 – Life of luxury due to excellent Mercury but serious concerns due to his debilitated Sun giving him depression, anxiety and pessimism. Though his lagna house would also make him emotionally balanced but it is difficult to counter a debilitated Sun in the lagna house without remedies.
  • 2nd house of Scorpion has Mars 09-53-42 (lord house) – Excellent and he had money or wealth and blessings from his parents. Also makes him a non-manglik as should be his wife.
  • 3rd house of Sagittarius has Moon 29-32-24 – Excellent as would be emotionally strong and close to mother
  • 4th house of Capricorn has Ketu [R] 22-56-41 – Good belief in spirituality, especially during his present Rahu mahadasha
  • 10th house of Cancer has Rahu [R] 22-56-41 – Excellent for money, success and fame but also would cause him agony in personal life due to Kaal Sarpa Dosha in his chart.
  • 11th house of Leo has Venus 20-32-23 (enemy) – Romantic liaison and attraction or in his case also marriage to a woman from a powerful and well-known family. But it could be the cause of stress for him if he did not get married with careful chart analysis, also could resort to intoxicants for relief from stress.
  • 12th house of Virgo has Jupiter 04-19-41(enemy) and Saturn 09-33-55 – Will be more famous in his death than he was in his life time as he would always feel that he was in the wrong profession.


Dasha periods (at the time of death)

  • RAH – MAR till 2/ 7/20 – Professionally good time and would be making very good money but would be troubled as well
  • JUPITER for 16 years from 2/ 7/20 till 2/ 7/36 – Start of a very tough time and he passed away a month before its start.

Additional Analysis

  • Married or family life difficult as he had Kaal Sarpa Dosha in his chart – as all planets after his 4th house Ketu till his 10th house Rahu empty.
  • Additionally Venus is in enemy position in the 11th house – meaning he could be attracted to a girl from a very well-to-do family but he has to extremely cautious in his marriage affairs.
  • Additionally, Jupiter is in the 12th house and in enemy position. Hence, he would feel he has not realized his potential despite his hard work.
  • Sun in debilitation in the lagna house is also a cause of major concern.
  • Additionally, his present Rahu mahadasha (RAH – MAR) was at its fag end and this would have been a very tough time for him on a personal level. Especially given the fact that he was married just recently in 2018.
  • After July 2020 his enemy-placed Jupiter mahadasha in the 12th house would have started and he passed away just before the start of this testing period.
  • As is clear from his chart, he would get in his death the name and fame that eluded him when he was alive due to his 12th house Saturn.
  • Om Shanti and may his soul rest in peace.


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  1. Niveditha B H

    Sir….His real DOB is 17/10/1984…..he is just 35 years …..some…say that he was having some kuja Dosha…..

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comments. I Have taken his age from the Deccan Herald article attached.

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