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The Godman at the centre of the recent stampede that tragically took the lives of hundreds of his innocent devotees who were just simply instructed to gather the dust from the wheels of his car, shows that blind faith can lead to immense tragedy and even loss of life. I have in my travels around this country seen that people are very sharp, intelligent, wise but at the same time at the core very innocent and can be manipulated by scheming religious gurus. Religion is a very sensitive issue for all of us and in this case too; tragically it is the poor who have lost their life to someone who sold hope. All that this Baba was doing was giving them hope in their otherwise tough and hopeless life. Most of these self-styled Baba’s are very intelligent, they have good charts because they understand the psychology of a human being and manipulate it to satisfy their ego and material cravings but as is the case with this Baba when Saturn comes; it shows one their ground reality based on one’s individual karma.

Birth Details

14/7/1965; 1200 Hours (estimated); Kasganj – UP – India

Lagna Chart

ASC Virgo 22-36-50 has Mars 14-36-55(Enemy)

3rd house of Scorpion has Ketu [R] 18-18-49

5th house of Capricorn has Moon 04-20-36

6th house of Aquarius has Saturn [R] 23-37-07(Lord Housed)

9th house of Taurus has Jupiter 25-27-25 (Enemy)and Rahu 22-53-23(Enemy)

10th house of Gemini has Sun 28-14-23

11th house of Cancer has Mercury 24-31-28 (Enemy) and Venus 18-18-49


SAT from 1/ 2/19 till 1/ 2/38

  • SAT – MER till 13/10/24

Brief Analysis

The first thing that comes to my mind is that this is not the chart of a police constable level of person; so he may have started his life as a police constable but he has risen high; lot of money, name, fame, position of authority and power is there in this chart and actually the level of authority that this chart has is equal to that if not more of an IPS officer or a politician. So that is what the native has achieved in his life after taking retirement from his police service. That is what he has achieved but it was all very controversial and somewhere along the line despite his intelligence, he lost the moral compass which is important for religious/spiritual people. Then when his 6th house lord housed Saturn mahadasha from 2019 came, it consumed him and specially at the age that it came; it will not leave him; there will be lot of stress and due to whatever he has done; his own karma; he will face a rough time but will be out of this controversy.

So the native is ascendant Virgo with Mars enemy in the Lagna House; he is very intelligent, practical, realistic and money minded person; Mars enemy means that he is a Manglik and also, he can be very irritable and very angry and dominating person; he is not a foolish person; he has a huge amount of control in him but his mind works in the negative way.

3rd houses Ketu; this tells me that he has broken off relations with all his near and dear ones.

5th house has Moon. This means lot of wealth is there; wealth, position of authority, money, material luxuries are seen but along with controversies.  

This as Saturn is in the 6th House, Lord Housed and retrograde; this means that he is very active, professionally he will do well; no wonder he was in government service from which he retired because he must have been intelligent enough to realise that his capabilities are far beyond just a police constable job; but he got that job because his Saturn is Lord Housed even though it’s in the 6th house; so his karma caught up with him in its mahadasha; though he must have been a controversial person since the beginning at his job. But this is good enough to get a constable job in the state police as a start.

This as the 9th house has Jupiter and Rahu. Jupiter is enemy; again job is there; money via job is also there but tricky scenarios due to job are there; so there could have been some complications; some legal issues in his job and he could have been asked to leave or he could have you know been sacked due to insubordination.

He has mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MSD) in his chart and Saturn and Moon are coming right in between his Rahu and Ketu; this means that he has a fiery temper; is very egoistic and till now since his retirement from police he was enjoying his life basically because chart is basically good.

This as his 10th house is very powerful and this is not the chart of a police constable; he is very courageous, prompt, brave, intelligent, has money, a lot of money is seen in his chart; which is much beyond that level of a police constable and it is now in the reports (Link provided) and it is coming out how much he has amassed a lot due to his intelligence; so this has all been planned and luck has helped him.

His 11th house has Mercury and Venus enemy. So what this tells me is that name, fame is there; but beyond a level it will come to infamy or bad name; eventually he will have a bad name and that is what has happened; he will be a crude and rustic fellow; he can talk very rudely and also relations with women; high profile women are there; controversial relation with high profile women.

I am surprised to see his good chart; all planets are in good houses but when his 6th house even though Lord House but retrograde Saturn mahadasha came; it consumed him; now his enemies will be out with daggers to harm and Saturn has just consumed him or consumed his so-called profession of being a Godman. So this is a professional Godman. Other than that multiple planets being retrograde and enemy means that the intention of the person is not good; luck has helped him but right from the start his intentions have not been good.


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