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Chart vs palm of Swami Vivekanandaji

A) Palm of Swamiji

Above is a palm photo of Swami Vivekanandaji (12 January 1863 – 4 July 1902) taken on April 6, 1895, around seven years before him attaining moksha /liberation at the age of 39 years and in his Jupiter mahadasha.

It denotes:

  • A well-defined life line.
  • An excellent fate line right from his birth. At the age of 32 years there is an additional fate line starting from his head line, depicting he would use his mind or intelligence to shape his fate.
  • Head line shows his emotional nature and worrying towards the suffering.
  • Heart line is well-developed, showing compassion and sympathy for one and all.
  • A prominent Sun is seen representing fame, popularity and leadership at a vey early age.
  • Foreign travel lines are also seen.
  • A support life line is also seen, depicting the presence of a guru who would change his life. He would be greatly attached to his guru.

  • This palm picture was taken when Swamiji was 32 years old. It shows growing deep spiritual inclination and resultant mental turmoil due to the suffering that he sees around him through his third eye of intuition – the hallmark of a Yogi.
  • Deep set lines show great will power that would help him achieve his goals in life and an attitude of going against the common held belief if he felt he was morally right.
  • A lot of lines have started to develop in the palm depicting mental turbulence. It can be seen that he has started his eventual journey towards mahasamadhi /moksha/liberation – but it cannot be said at what age (red circled area).
  • An overall excellent hand representing a person of powerful will power, drive, spirituality, fame, foreign travel, attachment to his guru who was like his ‘suraksha kavach’ (defensive shield), wealthy family, strong background from birth. It is also a hand which shows he would get name and fame due to his own mind, attaining liberation.

B) Lagna Chart of Swamiji


12/1/1863, 0620 Hours, Calcutta, India

Attained Moksha

4 July 1902 (aged 39); Belur Math, West Bengal, India



ASC Sagittarius 28-38-57 has Sun 29-26-26 – Excellent for courage intelligence and leadership. I wish for more people with excellent sun in their charts to be able to come forward in the civilian sphere and the military sphere of life in this country.

2nd house of Capricorn has Mercury 11-47-56 and Venus 07-07-42 – Excellent and came from wealthy family; very educated; polished; very good looking or physically attractive and a magnetic personality.

5th house of Aries has Mars 06-20-25 (Lord House) – Refined, polite to a fault, spiritually inclined, could take people along with him, a leader’s leader and not afraid at all.

6th house of Taurus has Ketu ( R )  22-14-46 – His Ketu means that such is the high level of spirituality in the person that he is indifferent to feelings of jealousy; lust; anger either from inside him or even if it’s coming from outside; he’s just indifferent to it; will just continue in his own path which is determined by his strong lagna house influences that had a deep impression on his mind; when he was growing up. His lagna house gives him a strong moral footing.

10th house of Virgo has Moon 17-33-08 and Saturn 13-34-20 – Excellent potential for earning wealth; driven; active; mentally strong; a true karma-yogi; who by his own choice did not want to live or be a part of the world; where he saw so much suffering.

11th house of Libra has Jupiter 04-00-59 (Enemy) – Education, name, fame, power and prestige; everything was within his reach but he was indifferent to it.

12th house of Scorpion has Rahu (R )22-14-46 – House of Moksha and this also ensured that his name would live much beyond his lifetime.

Dashas in his lifetime

  • From birth till 1874 (Moon and Mars mahadashas): life lived in comfort, gifted with great inborn leadership skills, strong willed and magnificent character strength, born in a wealthy family, mentally very strong, and would renounce father’s/family’s money and do something using his own mind.
  • Rahu mahadsha from 13/ 5/74 – 13/ 5/92: the defining period in his life where, due to his 12th house Rahu, he was totally drawn into spirituality and became a wandering monk. He also spread his message about Hinduism and our ancient culture.
  • Jupiter mahadasha from 13/ 5/92 – 13/ 5/08: time when he made his name internationally and came to be known as a force to be reckoned with. Despite an enemy-positioned Jupiter, he made this time excellent for himself. Hence, in his auspicious JUP – VEN period, he attained mahasamadhi/moksha/libaration at the age of 39 years.

C) Palm vs Chart

Though astrologically his 12th house Rahu was an extremely challenging time as per his chart, he rose above his chart and made the most of this time by deeply immersing himself into spirituality and his Guru guided his towards moksha/liberation/mahasamadhi – the preparation for which was made during this Rahu period. Hence, he was not impacted by the negative effect of his Rahu as can be seen from the strong life line, excellent head and heart line and double fate – all deep set in his palm. Finally, he used his 11th house enemy-positioned Jupiter to be known throughout the world as a spiritual force.

Moksha or liberation at the age of 39 years cannot be predicted by his chart. But the palm photo taken seven years prior shows there was turbulence in his life and he decided to take it head-on by deep spirituality and by traveling around the world spreading the message of Hinduism. It shows he was going towards eventual moksha. But at this level of deep meditative existence, the person can control when he or she would leave their body and hence the exact time of attaining liberation cannot be known. They can leave their body at will.

Hence, his palm is much better than his chart, but both the palm and chart say the same about his personality.

Caution: After reading this, please do not engage in self-palmistry. This is the excellent palm of a yogi and such people are rare.

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