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In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter represents higher knowledge, spirituality, priests, temples, and teacher. It is an extremely benefic planet and bestows good luck and fortune if well placed in a chart. But if ill placed, it brings a lot of misfortune with regards to family of birth and the subsequent events in one’s life. When it is debilitated, it brings bring nothing but misfortune. These include legal issues, marriage trouble, progeny issues, and also break in one’s education. It can be a cocktail for disaster for the native involved; more so in the Jupiter mahadasha. Remedies have been found to be an effective counter for cushioning against even the worst form of Jupiter.

The 2 case studies below explain the devastating impact of a debilitated Jupiter.

Case Study 1

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput was a fine young man from a good background who always gave his best. He was selected to the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering but left it to pursue a career in filmdom – in which also he rose very fast – only to lose it all. I was shocked at his untimely demise, and deduced that debilitated Jupiter was afflicted in his chart.

Birth details

  • 21/1/1986, 1015 Hours, Patna (birth time determined by me)

Lagna chart

  • ASC Pisces 15-25-38 – Excellent, emotional, ultrasensitive, and genuine human being
  • 2nd house of Aries has Rahu [R] 11-05-18 – Excellent, but sometimes tricky relations with family and a modest childhood
  • 3rd house of Taurus has Moon 12-31-50 (Exalted) – Excellent for calm and collected mature temperament. However, owing to Kaal Sarpa Dosha, its full impact would not be realized. Very close to mother who would be his lucky charm
  • 8th house of Libra has Mars 29-10-02 and Ketu [R] 11-05-18 – Challenging, and would be prone to lifestyle and stress-related issues. Ketu only spoils the health further and would not be able to tolerate illness
  • 9th house of Scorpion has Saturn 13-26-42 (Enemy) – Excellent for career and material progress. Hard work would yield good results but at a cost a of great hard work and unimaginable stress
  • 11th house of Capricorn has Sun 07-11-47 (Enemy), Mercury 00-06-35 (Weak), Jupiter 29-08-10 (Debilitated and slip-on effect to the 12th house is an extremely serious issue), and Venus 07-34-01 – This is the life-defining house for him. While this house gave him immense success, and fame beyond his wildest expectations, its planets also made him unable to handle it. His enemy-positioned Sun would make him prone to anger bouts and negativity, which he would not able to express. His weak Mercury gave him wealth and luxury, but at the same time made him a misfit in that luxurious environment. His Venus made him successful in the film world and popular among the opposite sex. Last but not the least, his debilitated Jupiter, whose mahadasha had begun last year, made him over-optimistic and unable to realize his situation properly. Hence, he took on more than he could cope with physically and emotionally. Also, it made him involved with issues that would overextend him on all fronts and he would not realize it. Jupiter also lends itself to legal issues. Additionally, its slip-on impact to the 12th house meant he would be so frustrated by his environment and locked in his golden cage that he would be desperate to run away from it towards freedom or moksha.


  • JUPITER mahadasha for 16 years from 28/ 2/19 till 28/ 2/35 – Extremely tough time. His debilitated Jupiter mahasdasha in the 12th house owing to its slip-on effect liberated him as he must have felt locked in his golden cage-type of situation.
    • JUP – JUP till 16/ 4/21 – He could not even pass his Jupiter – Jupiter period

Additional Analysis

  • Astrologically there are multiple reasons for this incident
    • The major reason or the root cause of his sudden death is his debilitated Jupiter mahadasha that started from February 2019. Owing to its advanced degree, it had a slip-on effect to his 12th house, which is the house of all things related to moksha and liberation. It would have made him overextend on all fronts and not analyze the seriousness of his situation – physically, mentally and emotionally
    • The other major reason is Kaal Sarpa Dosha in his chart, which made him extremely close to his late mother at the cost of all relationships
    • Additionally, him being an ASC Pisces made him extremely emotional; being thin-skinned is a contributing cause
    • His 8th house planets also made him prone to lifestyle illnesses and at the same time not able to bear them
    • His enemy-positioned Sun made him a pessimist and his enemy-positioned Saturn gave him success at a very high price of tremendous stress; these are also contributing causes

Case Study 2

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan origin actress who has had a lucky run in Bollywood. But behind the scenes, there is a lot of turmoil. This has all come out in the open with her relationship with a person of questionable character. As you will see, her debilitated Jupiter and its mahadasha going on right now have cast a shadow over her complete life – personal and professional.

Birth Details

11/8/1985, 0915 Hours, Manama – Bahrain (Birth time determined by self)

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Virgo 18-52-43 – Excellent – Realistic and practical person; there is little emotion in and think with the mind.
  • 2nd house of Libra has Saturn 28-02-46 (Exalted) and Ketu [R] 19-43-22 – Very Good – Belongs to a good family; very hard working; worked her way up in life. She will earn a lot of money. She will do very well in her profession, which will be the source of a life of luxury.
  • 5th house of Capricorn has Jupiter [R]17-32-10 (Debilitated) – Challenging – This is the problem. More so, its mahadasha is going on right now until 2027. This is a very disappointing time, since despite an otherwise good chart and some magnificent planetary placements, this time is going to test her. There will be legal and personal trouble, and this will drag on until 2027, when this mahadasha ends. It will extract its pound of flesh. It will bring her a very bad name. She may or may not go to prison but she can handle this emotionally despite being battered and bruised. Major relationships debacle.
  • 8th house of Aries has Rahu [R] 19-43-22 – Challenging – There will be some health-related issues. Though outwardly she would look confident and attractive, but there will be some health-related issues that she will get all of a sudden.
  • 9th house of Taurus has Moon 22-17-40 (Exalted) – Excellent – Gives her confidence and luck, which she sometimes take for granted. It also makes her very lucky and emotionally strong and this is what is saving her right now.
  • 10th house of Gemini has Venus 16-33-55 – Excellent – Pretty looks, lives a very high quality of life; will be wealthy but be prone to be addicted to the material enjoyments that life offers. That is why, due to a conjunction of malefic planets in her 5th and 11th houses, she got attracted to the wrong person and is in deep trouble.
  • 11th house of Cancer has Sun 24-52-51, Mars 17-21-27 (Debilitated) and Mercury [R] 24-16-51 (Enemy) – Roller coaster brush with fame – Reason for ‘brush with fame’; but Mars is debilitated and Mercury retrograde. What this does is that on her way up, she would have used and crushed many people. Now they and her karma is out with daggers. It could not have come at a worse time given her present debilitated Jupiter mahadasha until 2027. The chances of her living uncomfortably is always there – living out of a suitcase, prison included, when the time is bad, as it is right now. She is jailed in a way as her passport has been impounded and her wings clipped. Hence, even though she would be used to leading a jet-set life, there is no settlement in her life. Due to her 11th house, she will never feel settled. Her brush with fame will bring infamy because she has Mars debilitated in the same 11th house. She will not be able to see through the other person’s intention since she gets blinded by the bling – shiny material objects.


  • JUP from 22/ 5/11 until 22/ 5/27 – Challenging time and a cocktail for disaster. This was in her karma but her benevolent planets are saving her even now.
    • JUP – MON till 22/ 1/24 – I do not think she is foolish and naïve because exalted Saturn and exalted Moon in the chart does not represent somebody who is foolish. This is a very smart and intelligent person.
  • SAT from 22/ 5/27 until 22/ 5/46 – Much better time after May 2027. Hopefully, she would have learnt her lesson and paid her karmic debts. After that, the time is better. She may not be placed in India but she will not settle here. She could spend some time in India and start travelling or roaming the world in search of money and a career again; sometime here and there. Wandering soul!

Additional Analysis

  • Sha has an overall good chart but her life will be controversial.
  • Will have houses in many places but will never feel settled. Will have many romantic liaisons or boyfriends; some of them of questionable character.
  • There is immense wealth.
  • Mentally or emotionally, she will be able to soldier on but legal trouble is there in her chart due to the dangerous cocktail of material enjoyments to which she is addicted or attracted.
  • Additionally, there is a longing to settle down in life. And there is some bad karma from her past.
  • This has entangled her in a cosmic web and she will be in it for at least 2 or 3 years more till 2027.
  • The authorities would have some strong evidence against her and they will go after her. Eventually, after 2027, she may come to a legal deal or plea bargain.
  • She will keep on being associated with the film world/show business all life but there is a shift in the place after 2027 for the better.
  • However, the scars of whatever is happening right now will remain with her for the rest of her life.

Common elements in both the charts that led to rise and fall

Rise – Exalted Moon

Fall – Debilitated Jupiter and its mahadasha

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