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Tom Cruise full name Thomas Cruise Mapother IV has been a Hollywood sensation for decades and famous all over the world. His movie Top Gun made him a household name globally. Lets see what makes him tick.

Birth Details : 3/7/1962,1506 Hours, Syracuse – NY – USA

Lagna Chart

ASC Libra 08-51-17 – Balanced personality

4th house of Capricorn has Saturn [R] 16-39-38 (Lord House) and Ketu [R] 16-56-53 – Mother a huge influence in his personal and professional life.

5th house of Aquarius has Jupiter [R] 19-23-37 – Lucky with his children but due to retrograde – the relation could be strained.

8th house of Taurus has Mars 02-51-48 and Mercury 26-34-01 – Easy to anger and also arguments. Turmoil in his personal life.

9th house of Gemini has Sun 18-01-55 – Excellent for profession.

10th house of Cancer has Moon 09-22-53 (Lord House) , Venus 26-06-43 and Rahu [R]16-56-53 – Super excellent for wealth, and his mother would play a great role again in his life maybe as his lifelong wealth advisor, she would be auspicious for him. He would also be earning his wealth via show business and due to his Rahu his income would exceed his expectations.

Dasha Periods

Saturn from 3/ 7/62 till 21/11/72 – Excellent early years and born in a good family

Mercury from 21/11/72 till 21/11/89 – Rebellious years but under the guidance of his mother his professional life was shaped during this time, though he had to struggle and work a lot for it.

Ketu from 21/11/89 till 21/11/96 – Again shows influence of mother that made him religious and spiritual.

Venus from 21/11/96 till 21/11/16 – Terrific period of career success and money via the show business and also multiple affairs and marriages to the best looking women of the world.

Sun from 21/11/16 till 21/11/22 – This is his present period and it shows him doing very well in his profession and also earning a lot of money and making his popularity soar even higher.

Moon from 21/11/22 till 21/11/32 – This would one the nest period in his life and he would make more moves, earn a lot more money and also for the first time in his life have a LIFE PARTNER.

Additional Analysis

  • His is a mama’s boy at the core.
  • His 8th house planets have caused his personal setbacks leading to financial losses due to alimony but he has the ability to jump back stronger.
  • He is emotionally very stable person.
  • After 2022 he could find his True Life partner who would take over some of the responsibilities of his professional affairs from his mother.

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