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Birth Details (Publicly available)

13/4/1956, 1200 Hours, Mahendragarh – Haryaya

Passed Away
9th March 2023
Lagna Chart

ASC Cancer 01-55-55 has Jupiter [R]28-15-51 (Exalted)
5th house of Scorpion has Saturn [R] 08-43-34 and Rahu [R] 17-22-27 – Tricky due to retrograde Saturn and Kaal Sarpa Dosha (KSD)
7th house of Capricorn has Mars 05-41-09 (Exalted)
10th house of Aries has Sun 00-03-52 (Exalted), Moon 27-55-32 and Mercury 07-55-20
11th house of Taurus has Venus 15-45-21 (Lord House) and Ketu [R] Taurus 17-22-27

Dasha at time of death

SAT from 20/ 9/12 till 20/ 9/31
SAT – SUN till 23/ 8/23


He had a wonderful chart and he enjoyed his life but at the same time due KSD and Saturn retrograde and in Scorpion which is a water sign like Pisces; hence since 2012; his health was a matter of concern; but since Saturn is in the auspicious 5th house; gave him name and fame; despite the stress.

His planets are such that right from his birth till his death he has enjoyed his life and he has gone away without any pain. He has struggled in his life but been able to overcome it.

So if we see the bigger astrological picture than Saturn entered Pisces on 8th March and since then its position has been a little strained; as previously it was in its Lord house, Aquarius and I had guessed that Satish would have been a victim of Saturn – in Pisces phenomenon and to a great extent he was a victim of his Shani mahadasha that was going on and at this age when shani mahadasha comes it takes you and also due to Saturn in Cancer, he becomes more prone to emotional stress.

Again; in this case; the proof is in the pudding; that is 5th house planets that made him go away without sufferings; because he has left an 11-year-old daughter and 5th house is the house of gen next.

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