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Birth Details

  • Date of Birth 9/10/1973, 0745 Hours, Guwahati

Note – Birth Time determined by self.

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Libra 23-26-22 has Mercury 14-59-22 – Super Excellent placement, extremely balanced person, emotionally very strong, polite by nature and liked by his near and dear ones; his present mahadasha; no stopping him
  • 2nd house of Scorpion has Venus 06-13-60 – Money and enjoyments along with good married life, excellent support from family
  • 3rd house of Sagittarius has Rahu [R] 08-52-11 – Good moral support of sibling
  • 4th house of Capricorn has Jupiter 08-59-47 (Debilitated) – Not able to work under someone, would be self made and would feel that his parents not able to excel as much as others around them and this would light the fire in him – sometime too much – leading brushes with the law
  • 5th house of Aquarius has Moon 14-24-25 – Excellent placement and would live close to the water and excel, would have intelligent children
  • 7th house of Aries has Mars [R] 13-06-09 (lord house) – Retrograde Mars in lord house makes him a manglik and very focused in his thoughts and be supportive of his spouse, also makes him a person who can have a controlled explosion when he wants – but some times he can get carried away due to his retrograde Mars and 12th house Sun – only to check himself due to his lagna house Mercury and strong Libra ASC
  • 9th house of Gemini has Saturn 11-11-39 Ketu [R] 08-52-11 – Excellence in profession through hard work and would get rewarded much more than expected in his profession due to him not taking his work or himself too seriously but would feel the reverse and work harder
  • 12th house of Virgo has Sun 22-09-51 – This makes him angry and attack people but his lagna house and 7th house retrograde Mars ensures that it is done in the confines of TV studios; though he could also be burnt a little by these outbursts from time to time – nothing that he cannot handle


  • MERCURY for 17 years from 28/ 4/16 till 28/ 4/33 – Excellent time and he would by his own hard work reach the pinnacle of success and achieve his dream in life.

Present Period

  • MER – VEN till 22/ 7/22 – He is untouchable now and would only become wealthier (as a result of this and any other controversy) and due to his present lagna Mercury mahadasha he would be untouchable – everything he is touching right now is turning into Gold

Analysis and Answer

  • He could be troubled a little due to legal issues but they would not impact him financially or professionally.
  • Infact he would end up making 5 times what he spends

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