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Rani Mukherji

Birth Details

21/3/1978, 1200 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Gemini 04-03-27 has Jupiter 03-50-39(Enemy)

2nd house of Cancer has Moon 26-24-12 (Lord House) and Mars 00-43-42 (Debilitated) – Non Manglik

3rd house of Leo has Saturn [R] 01-12-48 (Enemy)

4th house of Virgo has Rahu [R] 12-48-04

10th house of Pisces has Sun 06-44-47, Mercury 24-43-22 (Debilitated), Venus 20-51-38 (Exalted) and Ketu [R] 12-48-04


MON from 22/10/15 till 22/10/25

  • MON – KET till 22/ 8/23
  • MON – VEN till 22/ 4/25
  • MON – SUN till 22/10/25

MAR from 22/10/25 till 22/10/32

Aditya Chopra

Birth Details

21/5/1971, 1200 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Cancer 27-51-34 has Ketu [R] 25-04-10

5th house of Scorpion has Jupiter [R] 08-25-57

7th house of Capricorn has Mars 15-03-08 (Exalted) and Rahu [R] 25-04-10 – Manglik

9th house of Pisces has Moon 21-52-38

10th house of Aries has Mercury 10-49-58 and Venus 09-51-38

11th house of Taurus has Sun 06-06-53 (Enemy) and Saturn 03-01-00 


MON from 30/ 9/14 till 30/ 9/24

  • MON – VEN till 30/ 3/24
  • MON – SUN till 30/ 9/24

MAR from 30/ 9/24 till 30/ 9/31

Brief Analysis

An analysis of both charts reveals that Aditya Chopra is a very good catch for Rani Mukherjee. Aditya Chopra’s chart is very good; all his planets are placed in auspicious houses and are of good quality. However, Jupiter is retrograde in the 5th house. This means some legal problem related to his marriage but he will always be married or in a relationship since his 7th house is strong with Mars exalted and Rahu.

He is blessed with powerful 9th, 10th and 11th houses. Hence, he will enjoy much wealth, both due to his family and his own hard work. Professional success, wealth, name, and fame will not leave him. Venus well-placed means he could be linked to the show business.

Sun enemy-positioned in the 11th house means that he is a little shy; he is a private person. He does not appreciate name and fame so much — but regardless it is there in his chart. Please keep in mind that many celebrities cannot handle name and fame. After they get, it invades their privacy so much that they are not able to deal with it. After all, everything comes with a price.

Therefore, his is a very good chart. He is a sensible, loyal, and emotional kind of person. He will protect the interest of his loved ones. At the same time, he can be bindas or cool too.

Rani’s chart is not that good — in fact, it is afflicted because there is trouble in her lagna house itself. Though she is an ASC Gemini, Jupiter is enemy-positioned. Hence, there can be trouble in all spheres of her life and more so her married life. She would have had many romantic affairs and they would all have been disastrous — not at all helpful to her. She would also have had to endure breakups, some nasty breakups in fact. Her chart proves that money is not everything in one’s life; the one thing that is lacking in her life is happiness.

She has a very calm mind because Moon is in its Lord house in the 2nd; hence there is wealth. However, Mars is debilitated in the same house. So, there is problem in the family life also – that is her parents and marriage. She has 3rd house Saturn retrograde; hence there is a professional stress and stress with parents related to inheritance. While money is there, inheritance trouble is also there. Her 10th house is powerful but blemished. Sun, Venus exalted and Ketu but Mercury is debilitated. Hence, her life is 2 steps forward and one step backward.

Right now, she is going through a very good time. In fact, it is one of the best times in her life. It is her Lord house Moon mahadasha, which will continue till end-2025. After that her debilitated Mars mahadasha starts and there could be some trouble in the union or marriage. Though we would not see or hear about it in the news ! What makes news is all filtered information.

Seeing Aditya Chopra’s chart it could be possible, in fact very much possible, that he may have another relationship. He is a rich person; 7th house of dominating; there may be strain in their relationship after 2025. So this is not a marriage in which the couple lived happily ever after. There are strains and other women seen in Aditya’s chart.

Rani has some challenging placements but again all her planets are in friendly houses. So basically, she is a nice person — does not wish bad for anyone. But her planets are making her life tough; they have made her professional life tough despite the fact that she comes from a good family, and they will make her married life also challenging. Things will be great from 2015 to 2025; they will continue to be very good for her family life, children, name and fame. But after that, she will go through 7 years of debilitated Mars where she will be very irritable. So, there is some rough weather on the horizon.

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