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Parineeti Chopra

Birth Details

22/10/1988, 1500 Hours, Ambala, Haryana

Lagna Chart

ASC Aquarius 08-09-54 has Moon 26-43-48 and Rahu [R]17-49-15

2nd house of Pisces has Mars [R] 06-23-55

4th house of Taurus has Jupiter [R] 11-08-31(Enemy)

7th house of Leo has Venus 27-14-11(Enemy) and Ketu [R] 17-49-15

8th house of Virgo has Mercury 18-22-39 (Exalted)

9th house of Libra has Sun 05-30-31 (Debilitated)

11th house of Sagittarius has Saturn 04-25-25


MER from 25/ 9/15 till 25/ 9/32

  • MER – MON till 25/ 3/24
  • MER – MAR till 22/ 3/25

Raghav Chadha

Birth Details

11/11/1988, 0930 Hours, New Delhi

Lagna Chart

ASC Sagittarius 00-53-30 has Saturn 06-11-08

3rd house of Aquarius has Rahu [R] 16-46-23

4th house of Pisces has Mars 07-24-45

6th house of Taurus has Jupiter [R] 08-56-03 (Enemy)

9th house of Leo has Ketu [R]16-46-23

10th house of Virgo has Venus 21-05-53 (Debilitated)

11th house of Libra has Sun 25-17-31 (Debilitated) and Mercury 13-31-34

12th house of Scorpion has Moon 13-45-42 (Debilitated)


VEN from 2/ 1/17 till 2/ 1/37

  • VEN – MAR till 2/ 3/24
  • VEN – RAH till 2/ 3/27
  • VEN – JUP till 2/11/29

Short Summary

I have seen the beautiful photographs of the engagement ceremony between Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha. But after analysing their charts, this union seems to be a case of all that glitters not being gold, with trouble ahead in their married life.

I think both have just taken the material aspect into consideration when deciding to tie the knot — money, prestige, power, and position, and not taken an in-depth decision.

Raghav Chadha seems to be in deep legal trouble and that will impact him a lot. Jupiter is enemy-positioned and Sun and Moon are both debilitated. As a result, he has the tendency of making wrong decisions.

On top of this, his Venus is debilitated and, importantly, his Venus mahadasha is going on right now. Hence, this decision he has taken will affect him for the rest of his life. This is because Parineeti Chopra also has some troubling placements.

However, her chart is of a much higher level than Raghav Chadha’s and she is going through a relatively good time. She is going through her Mercury mahadasha. Her Mercury is exalted but in the 8th house. Hence, I think this union will not last for a long time. I get the feel that they have got married without chart matching and without getting to know each other.

There are severe legal headwinds for Chadha and his political future is also very challenging. There will be name, fame and money — but also negative publicity via his profession of politics.

The good thing in both their charts is that both their lagna houses are very powerful. Hence, they will keep on putting up a brave face and try their best to deal with these twists and turns that life will give them.

This is again proof that it is very easy to earn money but it is very difficult in this world to earn respect. I wish them the best but they should, if not already, meet with an astrologer of their choice and do the remedies. Otherwise, there is trouble, at least for Raghav Chadha. It is staring him in the face.

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