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As homage to late Shri Rishi Raj Kapoor, below is my analysis of his chart.

I pray to God to grant his soul peace and give his loved ones the courage to bear with their irreparable loss.

 Birth Details (Birth time determined)

  • 4/9/1952, 1330 Hours, Mumbai

Passed away 

  • 30/4/2020, 0845 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Scorpion 25-36-02 has Mars 11-24-18 (Lord house) – Super Excellent for wealth, fame, no nonsense attitude, born with a silver spoon due to father and paternal side of family (Sun also in the lord house in the 10th house), strong will power, powerful personality, loyal and genuine person
  • 3rd house of Capricorn has Rahu [R] 27-09-41 – Excellent for unexpected gains in all aspects of life, sometimes tricky as well
  • 4th house of Aquarius has Moon 21-15-43 – Excellent for mental strength and doggedness
  • 6th house of Aries has Jupiter 27-43-54 – Tough house but a friendly placed Jupiter at 27 plus degrees, which gives it a slip on effect to the 7th house and gives a very happy married life but he would have enemies behind his back, would make him rebellious and unorthodox in his ways
  • 9th house of Cancer has Ketu [R] 27-09-41 – Excellent for career though sometimes would take risks with his career but no harm to his career from it – infact there would be gains
  • 10th house of Leo has Sun 18-31-46 (Lord house) and Mercury 01-45-20 – Super excellent house and would be living in wealth and luxury for life, father would be auspicious for him, he would be a very decent and non nonsense person and would not think twice before expressing his displeasure at situations, a true friend who would speak the brutal truth
  • 11th house of Virgo has Venus 08-02-01 (debilitated) and Saturn 20-22-13 – Tricky house as Venus is debilitated and hence would be an unorthodox actor who would rise due to his hard work and labor, also his health would suffer due to work , stress and lifestyle issues

Present Mahadasha 

  • Venus mahadasha from 1/ 3/10 – 1/ 3/30 – Tough time on the personal front though would remain in the news and be popular as Venus in the 11th house along with his Saturn. Would try to resume his acting career but due to lifestyle issues would suffer solely due to debilitation of his Venus.

Antardasha Dash period at time of death

  • VEN – MAR till 29/ 4/17 – As Mars well placed hence after his Venus-Mars period was diagnosed with leukemia ( late 2017 – early 2018).
  • VEN – RAH till 29/ 4/20 – Just completed this roller coaster period though marred by ill health due to debilitated Venus and tricky Rahu.
  • VEN – JUP from 30/4/2020 – Onset of this period took him away instantly due to debilitated Venus and 6th house placed Jupiter at 27 plus degrees.

Additional Comments and note for all

  • We are beginning to feel the heat of retrograde planets from May 10th 2020 onwards till September – October 2020 and this is what explains one after the other demise of two of Hindi films famous personalities within 24 hours.
  • I have mentioned the planets and the approximate dates below along with some simple remedies, rest it always depends on your individual chart
    • May 11-12, 2020 – Saturn Retrograde – Chant the Hanuman Chalisa for relief
    • May 13 – 14, 2020 – Venus Retrograde – Take fluids on Friday (health permitting)
    • May 14, 2020 – Jupiter Retrograde – Wear Gold
  • If you asked me yesterday, I would have told you that he is going through a rough time in his otherwise excellent life, but would not have been able to predict his death. I think he himself did not believe that he would go so soon (if you asked him 24 hours back) – his chart has a lot of positivity and courage

Hari Om Tat Sat

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