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AI in today’s time

I have taken this question on this forum because I was also thinking of addressing this issue of artificial intelligence AI which is developing at leaps and bounds and within the next decade it will interface or interfere in our personal and professional lives in a big way. This is as per experts in this field.

I have listened to some videos and seen some material by top AI folks on what the top artificial intelligent or AI companies in America and UK are doing.

It seems that AI code or software has a component of behaving by itself – that is sometimes it can respond or act as if it has a mind of its own and this is also known as the “black box effect’. Due to this effect even the top AI scientists of the world at present are not sure of the benefit and/or the harm that AI will do for the human race; as if the software has a capability of acting on its own; then it can act negatively also.

Hence as per experts AI is being rolled out very cautiously by these companies most of which are based in the developed Western nations. As of now things seem to be in control and the impact of AI seems to be in assisting people positively. As an example even on this Quora platform or website; AI seems to be be used. Maybe by way of the questions that are auto generated by Quora bots; for moderation activities and eventually after 3 or 4 years it may even be used for answering questions and putting content on Quora. AI can provide good answers for almost any type of content in seconds; that would otherwise take a human being decades and decades to learn.

AI and astrology

AI will interfere in all areas of our life and jobs will need to be redesignated or retrenched – engineering, medical, all high tech areas, software programming and astrology also cannot be left behind. Hence, it will also cover astrology but you have to remember that machines cannot feel even with the black box effect. They do not have emotions and I am not sure if AI would have the 6th sense that is needed to accurately make predictions.

Hence I feel that in astrology regarding the theoretical aspects of it, AI would be able to answer in these areas eventually. My guess is in maximum 5 years you should expect pretty good looking and sounding astrological reports but for accurate astrological predictions that require a strong 6th sense/ESP; AI would not be able to accurately predict the future or do the job.

Even at present there are computer generated reports which are generated in seconds and they may be having some minor component of automation or AI in them and you can gauge their accuracy by your own experience; hence with time the quality or the accuracy of these reports will improve to a certain extent as this tool develops and it will be able to match most of the quasi astrologers and sadly like all other professions even make some of them jobless or they would have to redesignate their jobs but I think as is the case with experts in every field, and in astrology; the genuine experts would remain indispensable and unreplaceable.

So any area where human feelings; human emotions are involved or the human 6th sense or gut is involved; AI cannot match a human mind.

As I have said astrology has 2 components. One is the science part that is astronomy and even astrology has a certain theoretical part but after that once you have drawn out the chart by using science; interpreting or deciphering that chart to accuracy is an art and when it comes to art forms – AI will find it very difficult to compete with humans.

For example AI cannot create a Picasso level quality painting, which requires the human mind and the human emotions as well.

But who knows how technology progresses and in a decade or two I could be proven wrong. So for example medical science is saying that till date they do not understand the human mind totally and there has been some research that says that at best we use 25% of our minds capacity. So hypothetically let’s say if due to the black box effect one of these notorious programs starts using even 70 or 75% of the human mind (in terms of firing of neurons) then it could easily beat humans – but that would be very dangerous because mischievous human minds can act negatively and adversely impact the whole of humanity. That is the danger of AI as per experts -from the rogue machines.

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