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My analysis of Veer Savarkar’s chart is based on a purely astrological standpoint. I am no historian. However, I do believe that anyone who has done even a little bit for India’s freedom struggle is a freedom fighter. And Savarkar did a lot. Do read about his contribution.

He was a controversial figure. I will not go into the history and politics of the same. However, I hope my chart analysis explains what made him who he was and why his actions ended up being controversial to some.

This is my homage to him.


28/5/1883, 1230 Hours (Determined), Nashik – MH


26/2/1966, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Leo 13-54-60

3rd house of Libra has Rahu [R] 17-55-05

6th house of Capricorn has Moon 27-37-01

9th house of Aries has Mars 06-20-40 (Lord House), Venus 13-56-33 and Ketu [R]17-55-05

10th house of Taurus has Sun 14-21-03 (Enemy), Mercury [R] 29-02-25 and Saturn 08-15-18

11th house of Gemini has Jupiter 12-29-31 (Enemy)

Dasha at the time of death

KET from 1/ 3/58 till 1/ 3/65

VEN from 1/ 3/65 till 1/ 3/85

Brief Analysis

Veer Savarkar had an excellent and powerful chart. The placement of one planet, the Moon, turned him into a revolutionary, instead of what he would have been otherwise – a high-level officer.

He was ascendant Leo; hence, at the core, he was stable, reliable and fearless. His 3rd house had Rahu. Therefore, relations with a sibling seem to be dominant in his life.

His 6th house, falling between his 3rd house Rahu and 9th house Ketu, had Moon. This made him emotionally sensitive. In astrology, Moon in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or debilitated is viewed as a negative since it takes away from a person’s EQ. This means that such people find it difficult to do a regular job or business since they are out-of-the-box and sensitive people.

In the case of Veer Savarkar, he would have done what his heart commanded and become a rebel. When such people are hurt by something, and if they have a positive chart, they set out to make a difference to their society and the world around them. Seeing his chart, and his sensitivity, my guess is that Savarkar did not like the British occupation of India. In his own way, he set out to make sure that the occupiers were sent back.

The other planets making his chart powerful are placed in his 9th house, where Mars in its Lord house and Venus are excellently placed along with Ketu. As a result, he would do very well. He would be able to get along with people. Courage was there, and so was a slightly cavalier attitude towards one’s profession. But no harm would have come to him because Venus and Mars more than covered up for it.

Moreover, luck was on his side with 10th house enemy Sun and Mercury retrograde along with an excellent Saturn position. There was authority in his chart as a result of his own hard work. But he would have become angry and lashed out when he got upset. When such people are angry, they don’t look left or right. They just keep doing what they have to do – in his case he did what he had to so to help India get freedom.

His 11th house of Gemini had Jupiter in enemy position. This is excellent for education, especially in a land far away from his place of birth. He qualified was a lawyer from UK, but Jupiter being in enemy position meant controversy would follow him despite having a name. We know that even though his role in India’s was major in its own way, history did not give him the accolades he deserved. In such a powerful chart, the person gives no importance to personal life or married life or does not have time for married life.

He lived for more than 80 years. When he passed he was to enter his wonderful Venus mahadasha. It is said that he stopped eating food. So, during one of the best times of his life, astrologically speaking, he stopped taking food and died. Eventually, he took samadhi in my humble opinion.

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