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This is a spiritual question. The benefits are dependent on you and your faith in God. This is critical.

I have to tell you a story first. My story. I realize I am deviating from the main question that you have asked, but please bear with me. At the end of my story, you will understand why.

My deep dive into spirituality happened by accident (as have most things in my life), when I took the Yoga-Vedanta course offered at the Divine Life Society at Rishikesh in 2012. My learning was done sitting at the feet of highly realized masters, the truly genuine ones you find but rarely in today’s world.

In religion and spiritual matters, real progress is gained when you do not think of the benefits. Then, religion, mantra, tantra, and astrology grows on you. It becomes who you are. Then you adopt it full time and that is the only way you see. There is no effort – all paths lead you to that direction. You may be trying to become someone else in your life but life happens. As it did in 2012.

You do not think of benefits while doing spiritual ceremonies, that would mean lack of devotion for you are putting material gains from sacred ceremonies as your expectation. One should have no expectation of one’s karma is what the Gita says. If you do the same, the results would be disappointing, I can assure you. You do it as you have a childlike faith in God and want to surrender to his will. As long as you have even an iota of control that you want over your life, then these ceremonies will yield little or no result. You do them and surrender to the will of God.

It is who you are as an individual. In my case, the spiritual immersion was noticed when I was very young; around 10 years of age, in Kolkata. I asked my mother as to why poor children did not celebrate their birthdays. My mother told me as their parents did not have money. I said OK, I will also not celebrate my birthday. I have not celebrated my birthday, new year, etc., ever since then. I celebrate this life and everyday is my birthday and every new day is a new day, month or year.

With time, the belief grows stronger. In my case, I developed a childlike faith in Durga. All the time, my father did astrology as a hobby, and used to visit many astrologers, priests and tantriks all over Kolkata and Delhi. I used to see how devout he was. But alas, the predictions and the rituals did not get him the desired results. Maybe that was his karma. There were predictions made about me too that did not turn out to be correct. Till that time I was solely involved with my compassionate behaviour towards the poor and my deep faith in Durga. That was what Hinduism was to me or by watching my pious mother do her prayers at home as a faithful Hindu wife and mother. That was her religion, that was her highest mantra. She did not care about herself. Getting into Astrology/Palmistry or theoretical Hinduism and reading the texts did not enter my mind. The pressure was to become an engineer and earn money.

But the turning point came in 1989 when I went to an astrologer/palmist during my college days. His prediction was that I would die by way of a road accident by the age of 24 years or in a few years. My world fell apart. I thought then what is the use of doing engineering – I am not going to work or get married. I also felt angry and asked Devi why this was hapenning to me. But this was all her divine plan for me.

I saw this as a message from Goddess Durga to investigate. Hence, along with my engineering, I started to discover about astrology and palmistry. I wanted to find out how such a sweeping statement could be made by another human being. By the time I passed out with my engineering degree, I was also an astrologer and palmist in training and was already seeing a lot of palms and charts. I did quickly discover that sudden deaths cannot be predicted and that there is a link between your thoughts and the lines of your palm. These would follow your birth chart; though by way of your will power, you may deviate 5 percent up or down. I also made it my mantra to not bother about death. In fact I overcame its fear and started to enjoy my day-to-day life. I decided to die that time itself and not want more life. It was much later that I realized that this was also in line with the holy Hindu scriptures.

2012 was the year which was transformational for me as I took a deep dive into Hinduism, via this course that is offered with a lot of love. It was three-month course in Yoga – Vedanta at Divine Life Society or Sivananda Ashram. It was fee of cost.

After that, what i had learnt took so much hold over me that I felt that the purpose of this life had been revealed to me by way of the Hindu scriptures. This included initiation into mantras and tantras. As a result, I stopped worrying about my life or palm or chart. I had become above my chart or palm in the sense that I had surrendered to the will of Devi Ma and hence did not worry about my life. I started doing consultation in astrology and palmistry full time.

I took mantra deeksha in in 2015. As destiny would have planned it, the next years I started consulting.

It is not something that is planned.

Now, coming to your question. Rudrabhishek is a powerful ritual in which yogurt (dahi), milk, honey, tulsi (Indian holy basil), and ghee is offered to Lord Shiva along with powerful mantras to bring happiness into your life. In today’s times, it is being taken as a go-to mantra to remove all of one’s ills and bestow happiness. But is it that easy? Is everyone happy? That is because when you take part in it, you have to first of all understand the mantras that are being chanted and also take part with a clean heart. As it is said, you can lie to everyone, but not to yourself and God, So God is always watching. Though the auspicious impact of the ceremony is there, it is not lasting if the native goes back to his or her old habits. Remember, God cannot be bribed and buttered.

For Him, all of us are His children on whom He has equal love. He understands that the poor cannot do these ceremonies. That is why you will see that the poor are generally satisfied with the simple things in life while the rich can suffer from all sorts of ailments despite doing all sorts of powerful ceremonies to God.

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