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Ace investor, business magnate and philanthropist Rakesh Jhunjhunwala ruled the Indian stock market with his Midas touch. His recent death sent shockwaves through the country. Is there something in his chart which explains his magic in the market and his untimely demise at the age of 62 years?

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Birth Details

5/7/1960; 1215 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna House

ASC Virgo 13-41-05 – Excellent

3rd house of Scorpion has Moon 00-01-16(Debilitated) – Tricky; emotional; out of the box and unorthodox

4th house of Sagittarius has Saturn [R] 21-57-10 and Jupiter [R] 03-33-33 (Lord House) – Educated, wealthy, would earn lots of wealth and landed property himself and would come from good back ground but stress will take a toll on his health; more so as he os very emotional due to Moon being debilitated

6th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 25-33-13 –Bad for sudden health related illness, sudden adverse event, going against the will of the general consensus and being a rebel

8th house of Aries has Mars 17-27-15 (Lord House) – Extremely good to talk to, can be polite but shrewd, money wise, makes him a manglik or gives him mangal dosha and chronic health issues, so he would have everything but not peace mind and health

10th house of Gemini has Sun 19-56-12 and Venus 23-24-49 – Excellent for wealth, authority, power, prestige, auspicious father who was very lucky for him, made him courageous, intelligent, happily married, and one who enjoyed life and it is to be noted that in is present Venus mahadasha hat had started from 2007 is when Raes came to the limelight and his net worth multiplied many times and he also recently invested in an airline but at the end of the day due to retrograde (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury), debilitated (Moon) and evil house placed planets (Ketu, Mars and Rahu), his body could not take the stress.

11th house of Cancer has Mercury [R] 06-49-29 (Enemy)- Very good though would give him name and fame but there wold be controversies too and he would belong to a good family but he would not be known to be diplomatic and would speak his mind and heal tut.

12th house of Leo has Rahu [R] 25-33-13- Challenging and would take him away suddenly and there would have been losses with relating to foreign countries and foreign people, s it is god that he settled in India.


  • JUP from 5/ 7/60 till 26/ 6/6
  • SAT from 26/ 6/64 till 26/ 6/83
  • MER from 26/ 6/83 till 26/ 6/00
  • KET from 26/ 6/00 till 26/ 6/07
  • VEN from 26/ 6/07 till 26/ 6/27
    • VEN – SAT from 26/4/20 till 26/ 6/23


This is the chart of a person who would have name and fame at his feet due to his 10th house Sun and Venus – whose mahadasha was going on right now and at the time of his death, this was since 2007; after which India and the world came to know of him; as he must have multiplied his wealth manifolds; his lord house Jupiter, in the 4th house and lord house Mars in the 8th house always helping him; as did his 11th house Mercury; but multiple planets being retrograde and/or enemy positioned (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury) and Rahu and Ketu being ill paced in his 12th and 6th houses respectively along with his debilitated Moon; meant that wealth came at the cost of his health (which he neglected) and later his life.  

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