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Birth Details

5 /10/1952, 1230 Hours, Lahore – Punjab Province – Pakistan

Lagna Chart

ASC Sagittarius 11-44-29 has Mars 01-57-04 – Excellent – Immense leadership skills, team-leading abilities, courage, fortitude, and a never-say-die attitude.

2nd house of Capricorn has Rahu [R] 25-31-11 – Coming from a good family that would be the constant source of wealth and fortune for him, much beyond his expectations; but he would create a lot of wealth himself.

5th house of Aries has Moon 12-56-42 and Jupiter [R] 26-42-06 – Mentally very strong, courageous, able to handle the pressures of leadership and a high-profile life due to mental strength and stability. Jupiter retrograde in the house means he would be the father of healthy and intelligent children, who would be the source of joy for him but again there is legal trouble in his life and this could include estrangement from children or he would not be able to be to stay with the children all the time; hence that means trouble in his married life.

8th house of Cancer has Ketu [R] 25-31-11 – 8th house Ketu means; he would have some minor health issues but would able to take care of them and they would not destroy or disturb / come in the way of his life or his life dreams. But he could have some nagging health issues and he would also not give too much importance to it.

10th house of Virgo has Sun 18-48-36, Mercury 26-47-11 (Exalted) and Saturn 24-00-29 – this is a power-packed house. This is the house that has made him Imran Khan – a wealthy person, super courageous leader belonging to a very good family, and also having immense leadership schools. Fearless, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, extremely lucky, sophisticated in his mannerisms, and very popular. He would do exceedingly well in his profession, be it sports or business or even politics. It would be the source of immense wealth, authority, and power from him. He will be a very powerful person in a powerful personality. At the same time we would very charming and persuasive.

11th house of Libra has Venus 16-07-03 (Lord House) – Again this is an exceedingly good placement for him. This placement is found in the charts of very wealthy politicians and film stars who are adored by the public. This placement makes him very good looking, having the looks suitable for a film star. He would be famous; fame would be at his feet; he would be roaming all over the world in luxury and enjoy his life. He would be very popular with the ladies and also he would like the company of ladies. This placement also means he would always have multiple women vying for him all his life; so there is no shortage of romance in his life or romantic partners.


JUP from 19/12/13 till 19/12/29 – Even though his Jupiter is placed in the auspicious 5th house, it is retrograde. Hence, this would be a tricky phase for him where there could be legal trouble and some health issues also but it is not a time that would dislodge him. He would able to make a comeback because the 5th house is very auspicious one. He would be having a stable family life relatively; though it is always chequered or there is controversy there. He’s a courageous person who is always ready to fight back.

  • JUP – VEN till 1/ 7/24 – During this time, there would be controversy around him due to his retrograde Jupiter. But it being in the 5th house means he would be able to fight back and also his present wife is a spiritual or a religious person. I’m sure she’d be doing remedies for him. During this time, he became PM and was able escape the assassination attempt on him. His popularity would soar. So if he does the remedies for his Jupiter then he could become the Prime Minister again because he has a never-say-die spirit and he is extremely courageous and popular amongst people. However, Jupiter retrograde always create some bottlenecks and problems. Hence it can’t be said for sure if he would become PM again. However, it does mean he would never give up. Fame and fortune is always in his chart and all depends on how effectively he does the remedies for his Jupiter.
  • JUP – SUN till 19/ 4/25 – During this time, he will give his political rivals a run for their money. He will be a formidable opponent and it will be very difficult to keep him away from public life. This is a person who cannot be pinned down because planets are helping him all the time with courage and fortitude. He is a very courageous person and he speaks his mind. He is not scared but still legal trouble could get him into some trouble. He has to be careful because he will have his Saturn mahadasha when he is 80 years old – this is tricky, even though his Saturn is well placed. There can be a decline in his health; so he has to be careful of nagging health issues that may crop up during his Jupiter period and that may worsen in his Shani mahadasha from 2029 onwards.

SAT from 19/12/29 till 19/12/48- This is the start of his Saturn/Shani mahadasha and he has to be very careful of health. If he takes care of his health, then he has a long life and he would be doing something professionally. He would not be sitting quiet; he would be involved in politics all his life. The chances of him becoming Prime Minister again are always there. This is the chart of such a high ego person that he would not accept any other role other than top leadership. He was the cricket captain; he was the Prime Minister and he’ll not be happy remaining the leader of opposition. So he will try his best to become Prime Minister in his present Jupiter mahadasha. Health permitting in his next Saturn too. He is not the type of person who could fade away.

Additional Comments

He’s a very courageous and bold leader; he would definitely not fade away from the political scene in Pakistan.

He would be challenging the establishment and till they don’t give him the top post again he is not the sort of person to sit quietly.

Right now if he does the remedies for his Jupiter he could be successful also in his fight with the Pakistani establishment – the army and intelligence.

His planets are so auspicious that till his last breath (and he could have a long life); he will not sit quietly and apart from is Jupiter retrograde; right now this assassination attempt on him will only increase his popularity. It will not harm him politically because even though Jupiter retrograde, it is in the 5th and his next mahadasha is the 10th house Saturn mahadasha. So there is no way that this person is going to fade away.

In fact his popularity will be on the rise and this assassination attempt on him only increases his popularity.

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