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Robin McLaurin Williams was one of the best known comedians in the world with roles that have enthralled movie buffs. He took on challenging and out of the box roles and was rebellious as an artist and actor. He died suddenly in August 2014 by killing himself.

Let us see what his chart says about him.

Birth Details

  • 21/7/1951, 1334 Hours, Chicago


  • 11/8/2014 (aged 63 – KET-SAT period) California

Lagna Chart

  • Asc Libra 07-43-48 – Balanced person.
  • 5th house of Aquarius has Moon 15-45-47 and Rahu(R)18-55-05 – Excellent for mental strength, support from mother and happiness from children.
  • 6th house of Pisces has Jupiter 20-42-07 (Lord House) – Excellent for fortune, happiness from children and good education/training
  • 9th house of Gemini has Mars 18-43-26 (Enemy) – Very Good for profession, though sometime it gave him issues (anger frustration).
  • 10th house of Cancer has Sun 05-00-17 and Mercury 28-53-10 (Enemy) – Excellent family and father and also he lived in luxury all his life but spent a lot of money on fruitless enjoyments.
  • 11th house of Leo has Venus 17-00-38 (Enemy) and Ketu (R)18-55-05 – Fame came at a heavy cost to him – his personal life was unsuccessful and Ketu in this house made him detest his fame. Additionally Venus in the nemey house made him unsuccessful related to his marriage and also led to uncontrolled indulgences and enjoyments in his life that would be counterproductive.
  • 12th house of Virgo has Saturn 04-40-02 – Trouble due to career related stress and strain, illnesses. But at the same time due to his career he would be never be forgotten and he would continue to earn money in his name even after his death.

Dasha Periods

  • Rahu from 21/7/51 to 11/4/57 – Born in an excellent family.
  • Jupiter from 11/4/57 to 11/4/73 – Excellent period and rebelled with his professional choice but luck was with him and he made money and was successful.
  • Saturn from 11/4/73 to 11/4/92 – This was a tough period where he paid the price of his professional success due to failed relationships/marriages and though his career grew from strength to strength but inside he became more and more unhappy and wanted out as he was not able to handle to the pressure. This period left an adverse and life long impact on him with addition to drinks/drugs and also mental health issues which would only deteriorate with time.
  • Mercury from 11/4/92 to 11/4/09 -Money and success along with name and fame came but he was dejected by the failure of his personal life and was practically living out of suitcases, working and looking for a reliable partner with whom he could settle down. His family(children) were the only source of happiness for this lonely soul.
  • Ketu from 11/4/09 to 11/4/16 – This was an excellent period for him where he would be famous and everything that he touched professionally would turn into gold but as his Ketu was in the 11th house – hence he was disinterested by his name and fame and in fact felt cursed due to it. Venus being in the same house in an enemy position also means that he felt that he had to pay a heavy price in terms of his relationship/s failure due to his name and fame.
  • Ketu – Saturn (From 5/ 3/14 till 14/ 4/15) – Unexpectedly but in his 11th house Ketu mahadasha and 12th house Saturn antardasha- this tortured soul – who made the world happy could not take his person suffering any more and committed suicide.

Additional Analysis

  • He detested name and fame and believed that it led to the failure of his personal life.
  • All his planets are well placed, except his Saturn in the 12th house and hence he was a decent and straightforward and simple person at heart who could not fit into the complicated and artificial world of show business.
  • Additionally his chart is disbalanced as anti clockwise all his house after his 11th house Ketu (with Venus) till his 5th house Rahu (with Moon) being empty – except his 12th house Saturn.
  • Hence his profession caused him great personal turmoil and as he was under the influence of Mild Kaal Sarp Dosha(MKSD).
  • He would have needed to do the remedies for his 12th house Saturn and MKSD.
  • As it happens in most sudden deaths/suicides – I would not have been able to predict it from his chart.

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