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Phoolan Devi was born Phoolan Mallah on 10th August 1963 in Jalaun district, Uttar Pradesh, India

She was a Human rights activist, Dacoit and Politician. She was assassinated on 25 July 2001 (aged 37) in New Delhi, Delhi, India. Her spouses were Umed Singh, Vikram Mallah and Putti Lal. Her parents  were Devi Din (father) and Moola Devi (mother).

During her short but eventful life; one thing that never left her was fame or infamy; whatever you may call it. A movie was made on her titled Bandit Queen.


I had to think about whether to put her chart in the famous or the infamous section. Since she rose to infamy due to her dacoity days in the ravines of Chambal. I have put it on this space. I was a very young impressionable boy in Kolkata and she was all over the printed media those days; that the police were hunting for her; a woman dacoit who made people tremble. If my memory serves me right she surrendered to the then chief minister of Madhya Pradesh late Sri Arjun Singh ji in 1983 and was jailed and later granted amnesty in 1994.  One of the conditions for her surrender to the Government in 1983 was that she would surrender at a Devi temple, in Bhind, Morena, Madhya Pradesh or the ravines of the Chambal.

I remember in the early 80s people going by road from Delhi to Gwalior (after Agra the Chambal area used to start); used to be advised to cross the Chambal area before dark; such was the fear of her and her gang. I have done this journey with my family once in 1982 by road and many times on train.

During those days; in the rural part of India, women who had left her husband was socially shunned; Phoolan Devi was an out of box character; right from the start and did not care for social taboos. She lived life on her own terms and I think died on her terms.

Her initial life was pretty harsh and I think that’s why the Government of India finally granted her amnesty. Post 1994 and till her death she was a federal member of parliament from the Samajwadi party in India.

Birth Details

10/8 /1963, 1245 Hours, Jalaun – UP

Lagna House

ASC Libra 26-15-34 – Excellent. – This is a good house and tells me that she was not a crazy person; she was a balanced person and she was a victim of circumstances; she wanted to lead a good life but was born poor and made the best of what was available to her or what life handed her; she was not the one to spoil relations; she was in fact very good at balancing relations and this house played a major role in she herself having negotiations with Government of India; government of UP; government of Madhya Pradesh for surrender and subsequently becoming a member of parliament (MP).

3rd house of Sagittarius has Ketu [R] 25-37-07 – Good. – This shows lack of presence of any particular family; any protective person or any protective male figure or anybody close to her; there is total lack of that and even there is no presence of any younger sibling; there is a presence of an elder siblings, elders in her life – like paramours; but no younger siblings and the family is absent.

4th house of Capricorn has Saturn [R] 26-37-15 (Lord House) – Good. This house with Saturn in its Lord house but being retrograde in the 4th house means that there is stress in her life; basically, her relation with the mother very stressed; she would have been close to the mother but there would have been a love hate relationship; she would have been very rebellious kind of person; not listening to the mother or anyone. But Saturn being in its Lord house means that she would do something in her career/work life; but at great cost to herself; so whatever she did – the dacoity era or the human rights advocate era or later the member of parliament (MP) era; it was never easy for her; but still she was able to achieve a lot due to her own effort. Though the credit for great success goes to her 9th ,10th and 11 houses. Without that she could not have risen above the threshold of a normal everyday person and make a name for herself; make immense amount of money – legitimate money and also name fame and infamy. Hence her later houses/ planets show more of name and fame; though she would always be recognized as a dacoit; but still that level of infamy is not there or I would say her character is seen as strong. Again she is just a victim of circumstances in a very stressful; though outwardly shining life (later on), which was cut short.

6th house of Pisces has Jupiter [R] 26-09-24 (Lord House) and Moon 27-30-30 – Challenging. This house makes her extremely rebellious and luck would not favor her with regards to education/ knowledge; jail or prison time, grave legal matters; no next Gen or no children; but Jupiter in in its Lord house but retrograde ensures that despite everything or despite the immense struggle, she somehow even with a lot of pain and suffering, would be able to carve some profession for herself. I don’t know if you can call dacoity a profession but human rights advocate and later a member of parliament is definitely a profession; but it came at a very great cost and of no stable family life and constantly swimming against the tide. Additionally, Moon in this house makes her extremely emotional; rebellious; not one to keep quiet if she is pushed the wrong way; such people do not keep quiet; they lash out; are out of the box characters; they can lash out with full fury without caring about their good or bad and this gives him lot of enemies and opposition all their life, as was the case with her. So, this is actually a troubling placement and she died in her Moon mahadasha; she was assassinated because due to this placement, she made lot of powerful enemies. The 6th houses is the house of enemies; moreso behind the back enemies plotting against you and she did not reach her Moon-Jupiter antardasha; she died just before that. It is explained later. So extremely emotional and not able to handle the pressures and just blow off.

9th house of Gemini has Rahu [R]25-37-07 – Excellent. This is an excellent house; not everybody in this country with such a huge population becomes a member of parliament of federal government in Delhi. Her 9th house Rahu meant that luck favoured her with all of a sudden gifts and rewards in her controversial profession – be it in a dacoity; she was able to become a leader of her pack of dacoits; later on, she became a human rights advocate and lastly, she died as a member of parliament. That is a respectable position of being elected as a representative of the people. This house helps her a lot; much beyond her wildest imagination; when she was born she would have never imagined that she would reach this by her own hard work; though there is no role or support or a happy family here.

10th house of Cancer has Sun 23-36-48 and Venus 18-11-53 (Enemy) – Excellent. This is a very good house; makes her extremely courageous person; would be very wealthy despite coming from humble background; no nonsense type; but Venus enemy positioned means that relations with the opposite sex would have its fair share of twist and turns; she would enjoy the company of the opposite sex but there would always be trouble; still she would be popular with the opposite sex and she could be charming and she would be attracted to powerful man who hold authority.

11th house of Leo has Mercury 17-18-04 – Super Excellent. This is the house that gave us Pholan Devi, the member of parliament; otherwise, she would have just died in some jail in India. Mercury in the 11th house becomes excellently placed and I hope she knew how lucky she was to have this placement; because when I see this placement with the rest of her chart; it means that when she wants she can be very polite and nice to talk to; uses her words carefully; though she can lose it, when she is emotional, her 6th house is always there causing trouble and making her a trouble maker but this balances out and also she would live a life of luxury, name, fame, wealth and a jet set life; flying all over the country/world. This placement gives her a high profile life that took her from being born into a very humble or poor family in one of the not so developed parts of Uttar Pradesh to a member of parliament.

12th house of Virgo has Mars 15-19-44 – Challenging and mangal dosha. This is the house like made her manglik and hence there was always trouble to her via her marriage matters and also anger issues. She would not like to be surrounded by too many people; she would just like to be close to a handful of people and just she would not be good at talking to a lot of people or leading a lot of people. Though she has planets in the 9th ,10th and 11th houses and many bureaucrats, spiritual leaders, top business people, politicians also have that; but there is a difference here. Her 12th house along with her 6th house planets, what they do is that they will make her unable to maintain good relations beyond a certain point where she would just blow up. She would keep quiet, even be polite to a certain extent but after that just blow up and that creates struggle for her; as well as her mangal dosh does not let her settle down in marriage. But the bottom line is she did become a successful politician.

Dasha at the time of her death

MON from 14/10/99 till 14/10/09 – Her 6th house Moon mahadasha started and due to her powerful 9th, 10th and 11th houses, she became a member of parliament; she may have gotten elected because she had powerful momentum in her chart; but the clock was ticking of imminent danger; because her enemies from the past would reappear and start take revenge; this does not say with clarity that she would die; but it says that enemies would harm.

  • MON – MAR till 14/ 3/01 – In the Moon-Mars period ; she would have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, when in a foul mood and she would have gathered a lot of enemies from the past; she might have taken some action that made them angry. As it is her past, there was big trouble.
  • MON – RAH till 14/ 9/02 – This is the time when she died; though she was assassinated but since she died in the Moon-Rahu period; she got sympathy after her death because Rahu is in the 9th house and Rahu is the planet that has helped her, even though she was assassinated and killed, which cannot be predicted. Emotionally she must have been raw and must have said things which created trouble and Jupiter placed in this house means that there could be some personal issues also related with men or related with family. All sorts of trouble are possible that her 6th house can gave her.
  • MON – JUP till 14/ 1/04 – She did not reach this devastating 6th house Moon and Jupiter antardasha.

Additional Comments

She was a victim of circumstances and initially her life was not in her control.

Lot of trouble with her immediate family and in her relationships; failed marriages; failed romantic liasons.

Stress from work; nothing came easy for her; but her rise from humble roots to a member of parliament in the federal government requires a very strong chart and she does have powerful houses and planets.

She was an out of the box personality out and normal domestic life and normal course of work was not for her.

She was too strong and had a care a damn attitude about caring about the rules of the world and what other people said.

She lived on her own terms.

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