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As per Vedic astrology Jupiter or Guru is the planet directly connected with your children or the generation next. People with excellently placed Jupiter often have children who are the source of great joy for them, while people with Jupiter placed in their 6th, 8th or 12th houses or Jupiter debilitated, retrograde or in an enemy position can have severe progeny issues, including delay, difficulty or inability to bear a healthy child.

People with Jupiter in its lord house of Pisces or exalted in Cancer get immense happiness via their children who become to be the source of their strength and wealth and fortune. As soon as such a child is born the parents life changes for the good. While the opposite is also true, people is Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn or Jupiter in their 6th, 8th, and 12th house have trouble conceiving. This impact is more pronounced when Jupiter is in the 8th house as that indicated ill luck as well as some medical issues due to which the person cannot be blessed with a child, sometimes even if the Jupiter is of good quality, but it being placed in the 8th house could make the native uninterested in having a child, either not have children or have children who have sever medical issues or become the source of misfortune.

Additionally, your 5th house is the house connected with children and if it has auspicious planets then you would have children and healthy ones and if it is empty or has ill-placed planets then you could have children but the relations may be strained or they may stay away from you of they could have severe disability or you could lose them.

There could be hundreds of permutations or combinations of Jupiter and/or  the 5th house as well and hence, as is the case in astrology, it is always good to explain this with case studies as every chart if different and has to be analysed in detail.

Case Study 1 – Case of no child


Let me elaborate on this by giving an example of Rekha ji as a case study.

 Birth Details

 10/10/1954, 1100 Hours, Chennai

 Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Sagittarius 02-26–21 has Mars 29-40-12 and Rahu [R] 16-34-30 – Excellent

3rd house of Aquarius has Moon 25-24-02 – Mentally tough

7th house of Gemini has Ketu [R] 16-34-30 – Marriage affairs tricky / complicated

8th house of Cancer has Jupiter 04-28-03 (Exalted) – Tough for next generation (children) matters.

10th house of Virgo has Sun 23-09-27 – Enormous wealth due to courage and strong will power

11th house of Libra has Mercury 18-05-26 and Saturn 15-49-06 (Exalted) – Career related fame, glory and a life of luxury, with sophisticated manners

12th house of Scorpion has Venus 02-39-57 – Spouse or romantic partner suffers and a controversial romantic life

Case Study 2 – Extreme case of trouble or enmity with children

Indrani Mukherji – killer of her daughter Sheena Bora

Birth Details

22/11/1972, 1032 Hours, Guwahati

Lagna House

ASC Capricorn 13-06-59 – Highly strung, suspicious type of person

5th house of Taurus has Moon 24-17-18 (Exalted) and Saturn [R] 24-58-20 – Would have multiple healthy children, but would have a complicated relationship with children beret of love and only one of convenience, lots of stress in relation to children and the relationship would be strained. This stressful relationship with children who could also be dependent on her for work, money. Saturn causes bad karma and related misery related to her children.

6th house of Gemini has Ketu [R] 25-52-27 – Would have hidden enemies working against her interest all the time behind her back and would cause her health issues.

10th house of Libra has Mars 10-42-00 and Venus 03-38-38 (Lord House) – This is the house of money and though she would have the propensity of taking people along with her but Venus would make her have multiple relationships and live a life of luxury and wealth but use her relationships for financial gains. She would be an ace at manipulating her romantic partners and would have a handful of them ever to help her.

11th house of Scorpion has Sun 06-31-40 and Mercury [R] 15-35-05 – This would make her bold and have leadership ability but she would use it to her disadvantage and also gain infamy due to it. Also due to her Mercury she would become infamous and live most of her life in extremely uncomfortable circumstances and in lots of difficulties (life prison) and would gain notoriety due to it.

12th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter 15-32-09 (Lord House) and Rahu [R] 25-52-27 – Again a decisive and critical house that played a major part in her downfall as she took all wrong minded decisions due to her over confidence and it was related to foreign people and foreign lands. Additionally, the nail on her karmic coffin was the 12th house Jupiter due to which bad luck, legal conflicts with her children were the reason for her miseries. She manipulated them and took wrong minded decisions which would come to hound and write her off from leading a normal life.

Note – Simliar is impact of Jupiter on men.

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