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Satya Nadella was an unknown person to the world till about 2014, before he assumed the top role at Microsoft. Since then he has not only become well known in India but many young professionals dream to emulate his success in a foriegn land.


First of all two places where credit is due must be given – one is to Satya himself as he must have worked very hard all his life to achieve what he has done in his professional and personal life and second to the Americans who promote and support merit.

Let us now analyze Satya’s chart.

Birth Details 

  • 19/8/1967, 0350 Hours, Hyderabad – India (determined)

Lagna Chart

ASC Cancer 01-38-32 has Mercury 25-53-32 and Jupiter 24-20-36 (Exalted) – Excellent for fame fortune, children and education due to exalted Jupiter and friendly Mercury. Would live like a prince all his life and would have sophistication and drive.

2nd house of Leo has Sun 01-52-38 (Lord House) and Venus [R] 18-24-25 – Excellent as Sun is in its lord house and hence very good support from father who has had a major role to play in his life. Some struggles in married life possible.

4th house of Libra has Mars 22-46-29 and Ketu [R] 07-44-23 – Excellent for support for mother and wealth due to her but he would really be disinterested in landed property and wealth and make his own fortune.

7th house of Capricorn has Moon 18-00-46 – Excellent for support from spouse and to a great degree helps him counter his retrograde Venus in the 2nd house.

9th house of Pisces has Saturn [R] 18-31-01 – Very Good for career but he would have a stressful job which would give him a lot of good returns due to his retrograde Saturn being in the 9th house but extract it pound of flesh. His lagna house would help his counter this to a great degree.

10th house of Aries has Rahu [R] 07-44-23 – Excellently placed Rahu would make him very wealthy.

Dasha Periods since birth

MOON from 19/ 8/67 till 16/ 8/71 – Born into an excellent family

MARS from 16/ 8/71 till 16/ 8/78 – Excellent childhood and role of mother prominent.

RAHU from 16/ 8/78 till 16/ 8/96 – Excellently placed Rahu helped him in his studies (school and higher studies) and set him up for being very wealthy.

JUPITER from 16/ 8/96 till 16/ 8/12 – 7-star period which helped him progress rapidly in his career and placed at the top of his league.

SATURN from 16/ 8/12 till 16/ 8/31 – Got him the Microsoft top job but with that would come huge responsibilities and high level of stress as well.

SAT – VEN till 7/ 8/22 – Right now Satya would be working very hard on some new venture/s and he would hardly be having any time for other pursuits till August 2022.

MERCURY from 16/ 8/31 till 16/ 8/48 – Excellent period for him and would achieve even more name and fame and retire a very rich man.

Additional Analysis

Satya is blessed to have no planets in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses; though he has retrograde Saturn (but in the 9th house) and retrograde Venus (which is in the 2nd house) plus a very auspicious 7th house.

His lagna house of power packed and shows that by his hard work and will power he has achieved a great deal in his professional life.

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