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Bad planets or a bad mahadasha has the power to totally ruin a persons life. They can even  result in a king becoming a pauper and we have heard of many such cases via the media or the social media. Bad planets in ones chart makes one become his or her own worst enemy and then the person does not need anything else. One common aspect that I have seen in people self ruining their lives to various degrees, is the presence of debilitated  Saturn, as it does not let one do well in his or her own career. It is to be mentioned that in severe cases, it is mostly the combination of multiple debilitated planets along with their challenging mahadasha. There is never a one size fits all prognosis in astrology and it depends on the individuals complete chart. Challenging times and testing time would come to most of us, but whether one would be able to deal with them depends on ones charts. This is turn is based on ones karma of the past birth. There are always remedial measure available that can cushion the cosmic blow.

When a person belonging to a wealthy and well-known family makes it to news bulletins not due to her work or work abilities but due to some unsavoury reasons, then the fault may lie in her chart. Whether Ananya Pandey is guilty or not, whether she is connected with this drugs episode or not would be proven in a court of law. But this is definitely a sign of a negative planetary configuration which leads to one making bad choices in life.

 Birth Details

30/10/1998, 1200 Hours, Mumbai (time unverified)

Lagna Chart

ASC Sagittarius 25-16-24 – Makes her active, courageous and adventurous. She would generally do well in all spheres of her life due to her courage and active temperament. She would be very active and fit despite having a debilitated Saturn in her fifth house, which generally makes people lazy. She would not do well in her profession despite her own hard work; that will be the only ill-impact that her Saturn has on her due to her auspicious lagna house.

3rd house of Aquarius has Moon 04-44-35, Jupiter (R) 24-41-32 and Ketu(R)03-52-34 – Mother is very auspicious for her, as are her siblings and cousins. Relations with siblings could have ups and downs, but they will have an active role in her life. She would not appreciate the value of her immediate relatives but they would help immensely. Retrograde Jupiter would cause her issues in her married life as well as legal issues. She is having her retrograde Jupiter mahadasha till 2033; so she could be entangled in legal cases due to her own carelessness and casual temperament towards life. But again her family would come to her rescue.

5th house of Aries has Saturn (R) – Debilitated – Debilitated Saturn in the 5th house means that she could have progeny-related issues or she would be unable to unable to have children of her own. Also, she would not do well in her career due to her own hard work. Stress and strain would take its toll on her. In addition to her debilitated Sun in her 11th house, she would have the propensity to be attracted towards psychotropic substances or alcohol or drugs for relief from stress. This would be a grave miscalculation that she would make in her life and it would cause her a long-term career and health losses. She would also not be smart in choosing her friends.

9th house of Leo has Mars 19-53-15 and Rahu(R)03-52-34 – She would be courageous, take people along with her, be a team player, be very popular with friends, travel the world, be very lucky due to the presence of Mars and Rahu in her 9th house, and would have the prominent presence of a father figure. This is despite her Sun being debilitated in her 11th house; Mars and Rahu in her 9th house show that she would be lucky and be born in a wealthy family.

11th house of Libra has Sun 12-48-03 (Debilitated) and Venus (C)12-49-42
(Lord House) – This is not a good placement. Though she has Venus in this house, being its lord house, but it is combust. This means she would be good looking and she could be famous by virtue of being born in a good family, but would not be able to exploit it to her advantage. That is, she would not do so well in her career; but still would do something related to the film or the fashion world and its allied industries and do be average in that. Additionally, the debilitated Sun in this house means there is always propensity of getting a bad name due to wrong decisions or wrongly reading situations, for which she would have to pay a heavy price in her life. This, along with her debilitated Saturn, means her career would not take off as per her expectations and there would be more controversy in her life than accolades.

12th house of Scorpion has Mercury 02-57-21 – Her Mercury is not good. This means she could be aggressive and also prone to act in haste when she is upset, causing her losses in her personal and professional life. She would not be able to establish her own home and she would be traveling throughout the world living out of suitcases and never be able to settle down. Also, when provoked she could have the propensity to explode and her words would come to haunt her. She could have a loose tongue.

Vimshottari Dasha

Jupiter from  4/11/17 to 4/11/33 – Her present Jupiter mahadasha, with Jupiter retrograde in the 3rd house, means there could be legal trouble for her. She could be doing well in her profession due to her family and specially her mother, but she could get entangled in legal issues if she is not careful. These could hurt her career and bring a bad name to herself and her family. More so, her next Saturn mahadasha and the one after that (Mercury), are not well-placed and hence troubling. Saturn is debilitated in her 5th house and Mercury is in her 12th house. So, the wrong long-term prognosis for her is not good. She has to seriously do the remedies for Saturn and Mercury, otherwise I do not see a future for her in Bollywood or anywhere else for that matter. Gradually her career will start to fade and she will just operate at the fringes and maybe enjoy life based on the money that her family has. Her present legal issues will not recede till after July 2022 (JUP – SAT till 4/ 7/22) and then after that by October 2024 she will just disappear from the scene (JUP -MER till 10/10/24).

Additional Analysis

Due to her auspicious and powerful lagna house, she would keep on trying her best but that would not be enough for her.

In astrology the focus is always on the remedies and trust is on God and the astrologer, who is doing the divine duty.

May she be guided by a learned astrologer and get comfort in her life, if not already.





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