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Let me analyze her chart first as studying the chart of a celebrity whose life is public is always a learning experience for me.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan needs no introduction. She is a famous bollywood actress who is married to the Abhishek Bachchan, son of the Amitabh Bachchan – the king of the Hindi film industry.

Coming from a middle class family and having been Miss World as well and being a famous hindi film actress and getting married to one of the most renowned famed in India she must have an excellent chart.

Infact hers should be the chart of a princess !

Birth Details

  • 1/11/1973, 0720 Hours, Mangalore – Karnataka

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Libra 27-14-33 has Sun 15-00-55 – Excellent for leadership, positivity and courage
  • 2nd house of Scorpion has Mercury [R] 02-55-05 – A person not all that interested in riches and luxury but on whom it has been imposed by destiny; she would have been equally happy leading a simple life, like her parents.
  • 3rd house of Sagittarius has Moon 21-10-57, Venus 01-39-35 and Rahu [R]07-39-06 – Excellent placement especially for Rahu, close to her family and siblings, infact treasures her privacy and family life above everything. Mentally tough too.
  • 4th house of Capricorn has Jupiter 10-36-17 – Close to mother who has a very major role to play in her life and is like her best friend.
  • 7th house of Aries has Mars [R] 05-48-58 – Makes her a strong manglik and though Mars is retrograde but still being in the lord house it makes her a dominating partner. Also this placement at 180 degrees to her lagna house Sun adds 1000% firepower to her chart and makes it very powerful (see how delicate astrology is).
  • 9th house of Gemini has Saturn [R] 11-02-53 and Ketu [R] 07-39-06 – Even though she has Saturn retrograde but her lagna and 7th house would ensure that she is very well placed in her life but retrograde Saturn’s impact can never be ignored so she would witness that despite her best efforts her professional graph would slide downwards and she would be disappointed with the same and there would also be professional obstacles which would require her to use the full force of her personality. She has to be a bit careful of her health during her Saturn mahadasha later in her life. She should do the remedies for Saturn otherwise it is seen that with time she would lose interest in her career and focus on family issues. No major financial or personal harm though as her Saturn is in the auspicious 9th house but her fans would be seeing less and less or her with time.

Dashas in her life

  • VEN -20 Years 1/11/73 – 23/ 1/82 – Very Good upbringing and from a good family.
  • SUN -6 Years 23/ 1/82 – 23/ 1/88 – Best time of her life when she shone like the Sun and was noticed by the world.
  • MON -10 Years 23/ 1/88 – 23/ 1/98 – Very Good time for professional achievements.
  • MAR -7 Years 23/ 1/98 – 23/ 1/05 – Excellent time and focus would be on her marriage and family.
  • RAH -18 Years 23/ 1/05 – 23/ 1/23 – Her present dasha and she would be dividing her time between her family and professional ventures. There would be sudden gains from her Rahu and she could be involved in some family ventures.

Additional Analysis

  • If you notice that her chart has NO planets in any enemy house and that shows a clean and uncomplicated life though her retrograde planets would land her in some mostly unnecessary controversies which she would be able to handle due to her lagna as well as 7th house planets.
  • She would have the personality of a tough, reserved and demanding person, but a very warm and compassionate human being at heart; especially with the people closest to her.
  • People who do not know her personally could mistake this as her arrogance.

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