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Rajni Sir is one of the best example of a superstar who is self made and has gone through a lot of struggles in his life that we do not know about. He is very humble and down to earth person and also very fine human being.

There were different birth times of Rajini Sir floating around and I humbly do not agree that those reflect his life and hence are accurate. In reality the birth details of any celebrity can never be confirmed till they themselves give it to you and that is in most cases impossible.

Now let me take a look at his chart.

Birth Details (determined by birth time rectification method by self)

  • 12/12/1950, 0703 Hours, Bangalore

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Sagittarius 02-31–33 has Mercury 16-15-42 and Venus 03-09-34 –Excellent for achieving success in the film world by his own hard work and toil and also extremely soft spoken and polite to a fault as a person. Also very stable marriage to a beautiful and smart life partner.
  • 2nd house of Capricorn has Moon 03-46-53 and Mars 04-15-49 (Exalted) –Fearless and real life hero and also mentally very strong with laser like focus. Commands respect from all.
  • 3rd house of Aquarius has Jupiter 08-12-32 – Excellent for luck as well as having intelligent children who would be a source of his joy.
  • 4th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 00-40-00 – Religious and spiritual due to his mother.
  • 10th Virgo has Saturn 08-19-36 and Ketu [R] 00-40-00- Career success and would achieve wealth beyond his wildest imagination but would also give away a lot in charity.
  • 12th house of Scorpion has Sun 26-17-40 – Makes him shy and not comfortable with the media and also publicity shy and reserved by nature. Also he thinks a lot before taking action.

Dasha Periods since birth

  • SUN from 12/12/50 till 30/ 9/53 – Tough early childhood.
  • MOON from 30/ 9/53 till 30/ 9/63 – Stabilized after 3 years of age and he rapidly gained confidence.
  • MARS from 30/ 9/63 till 30/ 9/70 – Life changing moment where he met the right people at the right time due to his exalted Mars and it set the ball rolling in his future success as an actor.
  • RAHU from 30/ 9/70 till 30/ 9/88 – Deep faith in spirituality and religion due to his mother who he was close to and had an everlasting impact on him.
  • JUPITER from 30/ 9/88 till 30/ 9/04 – Excellent time where he went from strength to strength due to his auspicious Jupiter.
  • SATURN from 30/ 9/04 till 30/ 9/23 – This is the stupendous period that he is undergoing right now and it would help propel him to international status as an artiste and also give him lots of money – though there may be health setbacks. He has to be very cautious of his health and if he is then he can achieve anything that he dreams of, including entering in politics. The hurdle is health as Saturn even when well placed gives stress.
  • MERCURY from 30/ 9/23 till 30/ 9/40 – One of the best periods of his life and I see him at the very least as the CM of Tamil Nadu, provided he can keep his health intact. 

Additional Analysis

  • His suffering due to poverty during his early days is due to no planets after his 4th house Rahu and his 10th house Ketu and hence he has Kaal Sarp Dosha, but I am sure he does the remedies for it.
  • His is an excellent chart with his 12th house Sun mahadasha over at birth.
  • Truly a self made man and he still has much to achieve in politics specially in his Mercury mahadasha but has to be cautious of his health.


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