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Dr. Navjot Simi, IPS (Bihar) – UPSC 735 (2018) – Source – IPS Navjot Simi Biography: A Journey to get Inspired and a Path to be Followed

I had not heard her name; but I am always more than happy to analyse the chart of a successful UPSC candidate. I did a Google search on her and she got selected into the IPS in 2018 with 735 rank in UPSC. I know what a chart of a successful UPSC aspirant looked likes, but getting selected is just a start. The job of an IPS officer is very very tough; they work in very tough situations; so one needs a very powerful chart and I was happy to note that she has it. So she would be very successful and I have also answered your question as to why she is famous, it’s all in the stars !

Lagna Chart

ASC Pisces 28-13-34 has Jupiter 26-08-42 (Lord House) and Rahu [R] 04-02-23 – Excellent and powerful lagna house and makes her a very compassionate and a nice human being; she is also very emotional and a total non controversial kind of person. Jupiter being in its lord house in her lagna house makes her a highly educated person in search of knowledge and Rahu in the lagna house makes her a very dominating personality and she knows how to manoeuvre through the corridors of power. So she is basically is a force to reckon with and I’m sure would fare very well in her career. Also there are no planets between her lagna house Rahu and the 7th house Ketu; that makes her a total workaholic and this also gives her Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD); due to which her personal life would suffer or be neglected at the cost of her professional life.

7th house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 04-02-23 – As mentioned Ketu in the 7th house means not much time for marriage or partner. Total workaholic. Work comes first and that is why she has risen from a middle class family to becoming an IPS officer and she would do very well in her job. She would rise very high. So it’s just not getting selected into the IPS; that’s just the start for her. Career laurels are yet to come.

8th house of Libra has Mars 24-11-49 – Being are very innocent/emotional kind of a person, non controversial type and highly educated, intellectual minded would makes her prone to stress/health issues. This placement gives her stress related ailments like stomach issues, digestive issues.

10th house of Sagittarius has Sun 05-13-44, Moon 13-02-34, Mercury 04-06-30 and Saturn 00-32-15 – This is the power packed house and this is why she is famous. Her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn well placed in the 10th house means that power, prestige, authority, and money will be at her beck and calling. She is a bold and courageous person and mentally very strong, would live in luxury and excel in her profession. So this is what makes her famous and she will be a authoritative/non nonsense person. This is what is her destiny or her karma.

11th house of Capricorn has Venus 05-10-00 – Life of luxury, enjoyments, name and fame along with good physical looks due to her Venus in this 11th house. But at the same time this is a woman who is beautiful inside out; she’s also very nice human being and totally dedicated to her profession. You asked me why she is famous – 10th and 11th house and auspicious planets in them.


MON – KET till 16/12/21 – She is going through an excellent time right and since her birth and this will continue till 2024-2025. After that the next six or seven years of Mars, would be a little troubling for her from her career point of view. She could get a tough assignment or some minor controversies that would impact her health too. But she should be able to overcome though it could also lead to some personal issues because she would be too much into her job.

Additional Analysis

When somebody from a middle class family rises to the top; gets selected in UPSC/IPS then the planets have a great role.

In her case she will become a force to reckon with in our countries administration. Surely it has to do with very auspicious and powerful 10th and 11th houses. In addition to that she also has a very powerful lagna house. She will do very well in her profession she will be of workaholic at the cost of her personal life.

This chart is of a person who can single handidly lift the quality of life of her community; let alone her family.

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