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I was in my 10th grade in Delhi and my board exams were going on (March 1986). Tihar jail came on the bus route from my home to the examination center/school. I remember what big news it was when Charles Sobhraj escaped from Tihar and was finally caught in Goa.

How can a person who has committed such heinous crimes be so charming that he can escape from person, live with full luxuries in prison, and have so many people going crazy over him, and also have books and a film on his life?


There have to be benefic planets that help him despite all notoriety. Hence, I decided to study his chart.

Birth details

  • 6/4/1944, 2200 Hours, Siagon, Vietnam (Birth time determined by self)

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Scorpion 20-09-56 – Emotional and manipulative by temperament.
  • 3rd house of Capricorn has Ketu [R] 09-59-27 – No help from any relative or sibling.
  • 5th house of Pisces has Sun 23-37-01 and Venus 02-09-52 (Exalted) – Would have multiple healthy children, would be intelligent and would enjoy all the good things in life, including women. Would have many romantic liaisons.
  • 6th house of Aries has Mercury 11-33-17 – Would have many enemies and would live like a vagabond all his life with no permanent place and in uncomfortable circumstances.
  • 7th house of Taurus has Saturn 28-29-36 – Would involve his wife, romantic partners in his profession or line of work and would exploit them for monetary or business gains. Could use them as a shield for his activities.
  • 8th house of Gemini has Mars 11-37-29 (Enemy) – Would be best when working alone and would keep his secret or plans very close to his chest and would also suffer from health issues due to stress.
  • 9th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R] 24-01-57 (Exalted)and Rahu [R] 09-59-27 – Retrograde but exalted Jupiter makes him have children but be estranged from them for the most part. He would be lucky in legal matters and would get away with a lot of his crimes but would eventually get caught. Once can call him a lucky criminal – if there is such a word. He would make a lot of money but lose it too.
  • 11th house of Virgo has Moon 00-14-31 – Mentally strong and emotionally stable and would be crisscrossing the world. Makes him infamous or known throughout the world as a criminal with books and films on him

Dasha periods in his life

  • SUN from 6/ 4/44 till 27/ 8/48 – Initial days were tough due to lack of parents’ influence. They set the tone for the rest of his life of not trusting anyone
  • MON from 27/ 8/48 till 27/ 8/58 – Started with small tricks by fooling people
  • MAR from 27/ 8/58 till 27/ 8/65 – Despite having two exalted planets and being intelligent and emotionally strong, went on the wrong side of the law and used his intelligence in illegal affairs due to a combination of Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter
  • RAH from 27/ 8/65 till 27/ 8/83 – Initiated his criminal enterprise and started to go full out and earned lots of money by devious means
  • JUP from 27/ 8/83 till 27/ 8/99- Cat and mouse game with law enforcement started in true earnest. Due to his exalted by retrograde Jupiter he would have been successful in legal matters and even making money but would have ended up losing all of it. This placement along with his exalted Venus made live in luxury in jails and get the help of women in his crime and legal matters by his natural prowess as a ladies man and a charmer.
  • SAT from 27/ 8/99 till 27/ 8/18 – Saturn strikes and things become difficult for him and his tricks do not have the usual impact any more. He is caught, charged and jailed, released and gain caught. He also would have a decline in his health affairs due to his Saturn.
  • MER from 27/ 8/18 till 27/ 8/35 – Land in jail for good and would be living in difficult circumstances. Health would not be with him; so this is a bad time for him and marks the end of his criminal life.

Additional Comments

  • His chart is all about a life gone wrong due to early trouble in his life, wrong influences and overconfidence, despite having two exalted planets. But these ensured that he was manipulative and lucky in legal matters and able to use and charm women for his crimes and also live in luxury.


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