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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was one of the charismatic freedom fighters in India’s struggle for independence. Let’s see what his charts says about him. Though sadly he never got the recognition he deserved in India’s freedom struggle, he continues to live in our hearts forever.

Birth Details

Death Details


Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Aries 25-22-11 – Active and action oriented.
  • 2nd house of Taurus has Mars 19-25-50 – Excellent leadership skills due to Mars and born in a good family with parents auspicious for him.
  • 4th house of Cancer has Ketu [R] 23-32-27 – Mother very religious by nature.
  • 5th house of Leo has Jupiter [R] 16-30-22 – Blessed with intelligent children due to Jupiter in the 5th house but would not be able to spend time with them due to retrograde Jupiter, a true and well read leader due to his Jupiter, who would have the courage to take on all odds. It is also the mahadasha during which he passed away suddenly.
  • 6th house of Virgo has Moon 07-31-25 – Rebellious but sensitive by nature and would not tolerate injustice at any cost.
  • 8th house of Scorpion has Saturn 06-38-41 – The path of freedom struggle for India that he choose for himself as his life’s mission would be the cause of lots of stress and hard work for him and there would be major setbacks too due to his 8th house Saturn.
  • 10th house of Capricorn has Sun 11-10-11, Mercury [R] 09-36-04 and Rahu [R] 23-32-27 – Born into a rich family and would have no shortage of money but would be indifferent to it, also would like to live a life of a person always on the move and would get unexpected support in his endeavours due to his Rahu..
  • 11th house of Aquarius has Venus 26-19-52 – Excellent for marriage to a reliable partner and his Venus in this house would also make him famous the world over; he would have a magnetic personality.

Dasha Periods in his life and its interpretation

  • Sun for 6 years from 23/ 1/97 till 5/ 3/98 – Born into a good family.
  • Moon for 10 years from 5/ 3/98 till 5/ 3/08 – Good formative years but early on got influenced by the freedom struggle due to sensitive nature.
  • Mars for 7 years from 5/ 3/08 till 5/ 3/15 – Excellent time where he showed his leadership skills and made his family proud.
  • Rahu for 18 years from 5/ 3/15 till 5/ 3/33 – Transformative but excellent time where he when from strength to strength in his pursuit for freedom of India and though he faced many a tricky situations due to his Rahu but in his 10th house he was able to handle the task at hand successfully, despite the challenges.
  • Jupiter for 16 years from 5/ 3/33 till 5/ 3/49 –This was an overall good period for him when he was able to achieve a lot in his professional and well as personal life, including the birth of a child but due to retrograde Jupiter he would not be present in his child’s life and also there would be challenges as his plans could go awry due to ill luck. He would gain a lot of practical experience and learning in the methods that he would finally adopt for his freedom struggle for India. He passed away during one of the toughest phases of his retrograde Jupiter and 6th house Moon sub periods.
  • JUP – MON from 5/ 7/44 till 5/11/45 – Sub period when he passed away. He was at his rebellious best and despite some setbacks and backstabbing in his revolutionary life, there was no stopping him as he was so much driven by his emotions to get India freed.

Additional Analysis

  • I do not see any indication of his passing away at the time he did but sudden deaths cannot be predicted in my experience.

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