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UP chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was born Ajay Mohan Bisht. He is a mathematics graduate. Though it becomes difficult to make astrological predictions for people who have taken sanyas and have risen above their charts, let me still try and see what is going to happen in the UP elections. There are many unknowns in this, their respective birth times and details being the most critical one.

Shri Akhilesh Yadav, ex-CM of UP, on the other hand comes from a totally different background. He is the son of Mulayam Singh Yadav and has been blessed with being born to a father who would scale the heights of political success in India. He himself is highly educated and has developed into a sharp politician in his own right.

Let us see what their individual charts have in store for them.

Yogi Adityanath

Birth Details

5/6/1972; 1200 Hours, Pauri Garhwal (Unconfirmed)

Lagna Chart

ASC Leo 19-08-47 – Excellent

5th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter [R] 12-23-14 (Lord House) – Very Good though tricky

6th house of Capricorn has Rahu [R] 04-52-46 – Challenging

7th house of Aquarius has Moon 26-04-31 – Excellent

10th house of Taurus has Sun 21-13-08 (Enemy), Mercury 21-42-11 and Saturn 17-08-53 – & start House

11th house of Gemini has Mars 21-40-29 (Enemy) and Venus [R] 09-36-55 – Excellent

12th house of Cancer Ketu [R] 04-52-46 Tricky


KET – SAT from 15/ 1/22 till 24/ 2/23 – Tricky time though his hard work and help from Modi ji will matter.

VEN from 21/ 2/24 till 21/ 2/44 – His golden period and he will stay long in Indian politics

Akhilesh Yadav

Birth Details

1/7/1973, 1200 Hours, Saifai – UP

Lagna Chart

ASC Virgo 09-14-53 – Excellent

4th house of Sagittarius has Rahu [R] 14-09-34Very Good

5th house of Capricorn has Jupiter [R] 17-08-42 (Debilitated) – Challenging

7th house of Pisces has Mars 13-13-04 – Excellent

10th house of Gemini has Sun 15-47-51, Moon 26-53-21, Saturn 02-41-09 and Ketu [R]14-09-34 – 7 start house

11th house of Cancer has Mercury 08-43-16 (Enemy) and Venus 07-37-04 (Enemy) – Very Good though caution required


KET – JUP till 19/ 2/22

KET – SAT till 28/ 3/23

VEN from 25/ 3/24 till 25/ 3/44


Both have powerful charts and both are going through their respective Ketu mahadasha. After this, they both will have their auspicious Venus mahadasha. During that time of 20 years, both will shine bright on the national level too and may become arch rivals in national politics.

The trouble with Akhilesh ji’s chart, despite the power he has, is that his Jupiter is debilitated. Hence, he would feel that at the last minute, luck has not been with him. Though both their Jupiters are placed in their 5th house, luck will favour Yogi ji more as compared with Akhilesh ji.

They both are of the same age, with a year’s difference, and their charts also have the same planetary layout in general. That is why, despite the difference in their family backgrounds, they have reached similar levels today. Hence, the fire power of Yogi ji’s chart is more as compared with Akhilesh ji, when we consider their respective starting positions. This is mainly due to the debilitation of Jupiter in Akhilesh ji’s chart.

It cannot be ignored that right now, Akhilesh ji’s KET-JUP phase has ended in the last week of February 2022 and his tricky but favourable KET-SAT period had started. This would enable him  to give Yogi ji a run for his money. But given that Yogi ji’s initiation into sanyas, which makes him rise above his chart , and due to Akhilesh ji’s debilitated Jupiter and tricky 11th house, I think that Yogi would win the election. The prognosis for him to join the Indian political landscape is also very bright. The luck factor is with him. Moreover, with the active presence of PM Modi, the fire power in Yogi ji’s chart gets multiplied.

But this, in no way, undermines Akhilesh ji chart. If he has been doing the remedies for his Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, then who knows…

But from this distance, it is a win for Yogi ji, though with reduced margin as Akhilesh ji would give him a good fight.

Hence, their charts bear out what the political pundits have been saying for some time. There is no element of shock or surprise.


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