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Sonakshi Sinha calls herself ‘Asli Sona’ (Real Gold) on her twitter profile and that is indeed true. Born to wealthy and influential parents she is born with a golden spoon in her mouth but let her see is she would be able to sustain the benefic impact of her parents fortune.

Birth Details

  • 2/6/1984, 1200 Hours, Patna – Bihar

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Leo 21-31-22 – Excellent leadership
  • 3rd house of Libra has Mars [R] 20-10-19 and Saturn [R] 17-22-28 – Excellent as Saturn exalted
  • 4th house of Scorpion has Ketu [R] 12-46-26 – Mother auspicious
  • 5th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter [R] 17-40-14 – Excellent as Jupiter in own house
  • 9th house of Aries has Mercury 27-14-44 – Excellent for Career
  • 10th house of Taurus has Sun 18-16-28, Venus 14-33-34 and Rahu [R]12-46-26 – Excellent for wealth as Venus in own house
  • 11th house of Gemini has Moon 20-19-13 – Excellent for fame

Dasha Periods since Birth

  • Jupiter for 16 Years from 2/ 6/84 till 14/ 1/00 – Born and lived in luxury
  • Saturn for 19 Years from 14/ 1/00 till 14/ 1/19 – Excellent time growing up and success in the film world.
  • Mercury for 17 Years from 14/ 1/19 till 14/ 1/36 – She would shine i her profession and fame and fortune would be at her feet.

Additional Analysis

  • This is the chart of a queen who would not only do exceedingly well in her profession but live a life of luxury and be famous.
  • You would not believe this but her good time has only started.
  • So not only is she ‘asli sona’ (real gold) but asli heera (but real diamond)!
  • Some people are plain and simple lucky

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