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It is true that success comes at a very heavy cost and one should always think carefully about what their dreams are – for they might come true, but extract their pound of flesh!

Nawaz bhai has been in the news recently, first due to his relocation to his native place tweet in Muzaffarnagar district in UP to the divorce and maintenance claim filed by his wife.

Today is also Nawazuddin’s birthday.




Let me take a look at his chart and see why his wife has given him this sickening legal notice as a birthday gift which must be very disturbing for him on a personal level.

Birth Details

  • 19/5/1974, 1400 Hours (unconfirmed), Budhana (UP)

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Leo 29-07-46 – Excellent, for leadership, aggression, dominance
  • 4th house of Scorpion has Rahu [R] 27-05-30 – Spiritual temperament due to mother
  • 7th house of Aquarius has Jupiter 20-42-37 – Excellent for marriage / relationships, children and luck
  • 8th house of Pisces has Venus 22-48-26 (Exalted) – Complications in romantic relations and marriage, due to high expectations from partners, would have multiple liaisons and popular with the opposite sex but this would also cause him some harm, but a huge cosmic save as Venus exalted would ensure that he does well in the films industry
  • 9th house of Aries has Moon 02-10-45 – Excellent for wealth and comforts of home and a life of luxury, along with professional success, though it would be delayed due to somewhat weak Moon, also mentally strong but can be moody
  • 10th house of Taurus has Sun 04-29-34 (Enemy), Mercury 20-42-04 and Ketu [R] 27-05-30 – Wealthy but there would be outflow of money due to bad personal decisions
  • 11th house of Gemini has Mars 23-55-28 (Enemy) and Saturn 09-34-26 – Name and fame due to profession but enemy positioned Mars would also give him bad publicity or negative press from time to time.


  • MAR – KET till 22/ 2/21- Enemy positioned Mars would cause continued rift in his personal space and during this time he would be distracted from personal issues. Tough time and start to his personal issues.
  • MAR – VEN till 22/ 4/22 – Stress in personal life
  • MAR – SUN till 28/ 8/22 – Increased stress in personal life and would get a bad name or publicity


  • Trouble to his personal life and health seen due to woman, be it wife or relationships
  • His 7th house would ensure that he is always in either a relationship or marriage.
  • Hence multiple marriages seen.
  • Should wear a diamond and a coral as that would make him take the right decision in his relationships and smoothen his personal life in the future – which right now is in for a toss till August 2022.

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