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Birth Details

22/11/1972, 1032 Hours, Guwahati

Lagna House

  • ASC Capricorn 13-06-59 – Highly strung, suspicious, worrying, planning type of person
  • 5th house of Taurus has Moon 24-17-18 (Exalted) and Saturn [R] 24-58-20 – Would have healthy children, would be close to mother and would earn a lot of money but would have a complicated and strained relationship with children beret of love and only one of convenience, lots of stress in relation to children and the relationship would be strained. This stressful relationship with children who could also be dependent on her for work, money and her overconfidence would cause her Saturn’s wrath. Hence Moon makes her supremely confident and rich and Saturn takes it all away due to bad karma related to her children.
  • 6th house of Gemini has Ketu [R] 25-52-27 – Would have hidden enemies working against her interest all the time behind her back and would cause her health issues.
  • 10th house of Libra has Mars 10-42-00 and Venus 03-38-38 (Lord House) – This is the house of money and though she would have the propensity of taking people along with her but Venus would make her have multiple relationships and live a life of luxury and wealth but use her relationships for financial gains. She would be an ace at manipulating her romantic partners and would have a handful of them ever to help her.
  • 11th house of Scorpion has Sun 06-31-40 and Mercury [R] 15-35-05 – This is a decisive house and would make her bold and have leadership ability but she would use it to her disadvantage and also gain infamy due to it. Also due to her Mercury she would become infamous and live most of her life in extremely uncomfortable circumstances and in lots of difficulties (life prison) and would gain notoriety due to it.
  • 12th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter 15-32-09 (Lord House) and Rahu [R] 25-52-27 – Again a decisive and critical house that played a major part in her downfall as she took all wrong minded decisions due to her over confidence and it was related to foreign people and foreign lands, she could have even stayed overseas but her Rahu ensured that it was all counterproductive. This dasha period fell in the period when she was young at a very early age things stated going wrong for her both in her personal and professional life that ultimately led to her downfall. Additionally, the nail on her karmic coffin was the 12th house Jupiter due to which bad luck, legal conflicts and her children were the reason for her miseries. She manipulated them and took wrong minded decisions which would come to hound and write her off from leading a nor mal life.


  • Mars from 22/11/72 till 22/ 5/79 – This was a good period in her life and the only good period where she was living a normal life and was born into a good family. After this time despite having an overall good chart, challenging dasha periods for an elongated period of life made her do bad karma.


  • Rahu from 22/ 5/79 till 22/ 5/97 – With her 12th house Rahu, it was the start of her decline with first her personal life going for a toss with multiple failed relationships and marriages and children out of tem with whom she had a very complicated relationship and also got into contact with wrong kind of people who manipulated her and vice versa and that set the ball rolling for her eventual downfall. She faced sudden and unexpected traps in her personal life out of which she could not come out mainly due to the over confidence give to her by her Moon.


  • Jupiter from 22/ 5/97 till 22/ 5/13- This period was the final nail in her coffin where she used her children as a means to her financial end and also had a strained and complicated relationship with them and that is what set the option for her to get into legal trouble out of which it would be next to impossible for her to get out due to this placement and it would land her in serious legal soup due to bad karma related to her children.


  • Saturn from 22/ 5/13 till 22/ 5/32 – The malefic and testing Saturn was when her karmic rubber hit the road in terms of punishment for her devious deeds and her crimes were committed during this time and they would also come out to light during this time and these would be related to her children dye to Saturn in the house and give her lots of stress and trouble in her life and this is her payback time.


  • SAT – SAT till 25/ 5/16 – Got exposed and involved in serious criminal trouble due to killing of her own daughter Sheena Bora.


  • SAT – MER till 4/ 2/19 – Languishing in jail but always trying some trick or the other to remain in the limelight due to her lucky planets but karma always has the final say.


Additional Analysis 

  • Clear case of a life gone horribly wrong despite ad good chart due to malefic dashas and overconfidence from her exalted and lord house planets that led her to do horrific karma thinking that she would never get caught but she would and all her life she was living in delusion and digging her own grave.
  • Shows the importance of karma and Saturn the planet of ones Karma
  • We would keep on hearing of her antics from prison as she has the good planets to not get down but she did not get proper guidance and ran after wrong things in her life and misused her good planets and the rest of the work was done by her 12th house Rahu and Jupiter.
  • Her children would be the reason for her down fall – whether in life or death.


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