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(1) Shinzo Abe is a Japanese politician who served as Prime Minister of Japan and President of the Liberal Democratic Party from 2006 to 2007 and again from 2012 to 2020. He was the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history.

(1) Courtesy Wikipedia.

Birth Details

21/9/1954, 1300 Hours (Determined by self), Yamaguchi-Shi Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Assassinated on July 8th, 2022, Nara City, Japan

Lagna Chart

ASC Sagittarius 01-11-58 has Mars 18-45-35 and Rahu [R]17-35-07 – Excellent placement and makes him a born leader with excellent leadership skills; a team player who would take people along with him; also slightly emotional when it comes to people close to his heart or the Japanese people in this case; and a very dominating personality; this placement also gives him mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD); that means that all his life would be dedicated in public service or towards his work and he would have very little time for his family and basically he would even to the extent not being interested in much except his politics; he would be a total workaholic and such people actually die working; as he did; he was campaigning for upcoming elections in Japan.

7th house of Gemini has Moon 25-45-12 and Ketu [R]17-35-07 – Very Good. On one hand; this placement gives him a lot of mental strength; his mother becomes auspicious for him; auspicious but strict but on the other hand what it does is; that it gives him very little time for his marriage and most of his time is spent away from his spouse or family and also to a certain extent; family time is so scarce in his hand; that he has scant anytime for family or with his wife; but this placement makes him a very emotional person; now emotional in a brave way; that is that he can get impacted by people suffering and work for their alleviation also this means multiple marriages are possible but since he has other excellent planets; hence there is enough cosmic coverage in his chart.

8th house of Cancer has Jupiter 01-54-27 (Exalted) – Excellent and huge cosmic save as Jupiter even though in the evil 8th house is exalted. This is a huge cosmic save as Jupiter is exalted in the 8th house, this makes him educated but not an intellectual kind of a person; makes him lucky; have healthy children; but at the same time it gives him health trouble due to stress and lifestyle; that is hectic lifestyle and during his just past Venus- Jupiter antardasha; that was between 2018 and 2019; he would have faced severe health issues due to which he would have had to curtail back on his activities; but since Jupiter is exalted; hence he has more than the required resources to take care of his health issues and also he could get into legal trouble.

10th house of Virgo has Sun 04-25-04 and Mercury 26-15-54 (Exalted) – Excellent. This is again an excellent house is makes him a courageous leader; very very courageous human being; prompt at taking action; belongs from a very wealthy family; father very auspicious for him and would be living in luxury; a life of luxury; right from his birth; would be wealthy beyond words. Would be very sophisticated and polite in his habits and also would be a person who would try and want to help those in need; he would in the real sense be a public servant or a public personality who would go out of his way to help those in need despite having everything at his disposal and this is truly the chart of a Prince or it’s equivalent to that of a Prince born in a very rich family; so wealth is at his feet; as is charity.

11th house of Libra has Venus 19-33-56 (Lord House) and Saturn 13-45-05 (Exalted) – Excellent. – Again a super excellent house; means that he would be enjoying his life; he would be good looking; enjoying his life enjoying with all the modern amenities and enjoyments sense enjoyments that life provides; leading a jet set life; traveling all over the world with name, fame, power and prestige and also he would be very rich due to his own hard work; also so one he would be born in a very rich and famous family and additionally he would be very rich due to his own hard work also; this as Venus in his lord house; makes him very handsome; actually very good looking and charming and have a very loyal partner for life and Saturn exalted makes him very hard working and a person who would and did work till his last breath.

Present mahadasha and antardashas

VENUS mahadasha from 26/10/06 till 26/10/26 – Now from 2006 onwards; he was going through his excellent lord house Venus mahadasha; he has an outstanding chart; the only dark spot(s) in the chart; if that maybe called so; are that his Jupiter is even though it is exalted; it’s in the 8th house; so some health issues are there, stress related health issues; and he has MKSD; so that means that he would scant have anytime for anything other than work; he is a person who has worked all his life; maybe from the age of 18 till the day he died, aged 67 years all of a sudden.

  • VEN – JUP antardasha till 26/ 8/19 – Now this is the time when though he would be enjoying life; living a very high flying life; but there would be some health issues; stress related health issues but he would have more than enough resources to take care of them; again there may be some legal issues or some dispute that he has with people in his political party; some setbacks are seen during this time; which would adversely impact his health and what happens is – this is when karma starts its play, as his Rahu is always in the Lagna house and he has MKSD; so he’s always prone he’s always prone to sudden excellent events or incidents taking place in his life; that would have helped him right from the time of his birth; in a very good/aristocratic family; taken him to the level of Prime Minister of Japan and the world statesman; but at the same time; it would also give him the propensity of sudden and adverse events happening all of a sudden and without notice; this is what MKSD does and this will happen when he is not without his family; his MKSD removes him from his family; so that is why he died so tragically and in the next sub-period during which he died is his Venus-Saturn; one of the good periods in his life; where he was all set for a comeback; political comeback; but tragically he went away and I will explain you why.
  • VEN – SAT antardasha from 28/8/19 till 26/10/22 – Now this is otherwise an excellent time. Given his superlative chart he would have been doing very well to come back into active politics; and this was till October 2022 or three more months; but destiny had other plans for him; though it is no way possible to predict that he would have been assassinated during this antradasha; but hindsight is always 20/20 and now when looking back and analysing what happened; I can say that as Saturn is retrograde right now October for everyone and it is in the 12th house being its lord house, and then from July 29th Jupiter goes retrograde till November. Hence the retrograde motion of Saturn would have given him a lot of stress in his life related to his political career and when this is seen in conjunction with his 8th house Jupiter and MKSD; what has happened is due to pressure from work and him going through his Venus-Saturn antardasha with his Saturn being well placed; but Saturn generally is retrograde right now in the 12th house for everybody and 12th house means moksha; that is why you see so many people dying suddenly these days; so many natural disasters; so he became a victim of that; sadly and accidentally but there would have not been a no astrologer would have been able to predict this but had he survived three more months then his auspicious Venus-Mercury antardasha would have started and he would have come out of cosmic danger; which would have passed away and hence I also advise everybody to be very careful for the next four months; that is (July) August, September, October, and November of this year; because right now Saturn and then Saturn and Jupiter both are retrograde; there could be lot of trouble in everyone’s life; don’t invite more trouble than there already is; due to the retrograde motion of Saturn and Jupiter for all.

Additional Comments

  • RIP great friend of India and this analysis is my Hommage to him.
  • This is a superlative chart that he has.
  • But even a well-placed Saturn can bite, especially with MKSD and Rahu in the lagna house. Remedies are a must
  • Everyone should be careful till November 2022.

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