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There are frankly no fixed planetary placements that determine a career as an actor. In my experience the charts can be all over the place from mediocre to excellent ones and that determines the amount of time the person will be in the limelight; their craft; wealth, name-fame potential and many a times these people also have tragic endings when the name-fame, friends and admirers go away. So stability in handling name – fame along with the craft matters.

Some have Venus well placed while others have Venus debilitated meaning that to become a superb actor excellent looks are not essential.

So let me try to explain this by way of the case of the chart of superstar and current hearth-throb Kiara Advani.

Happy Readings !

Birth Details

31/7/1992, 1245 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Libra 14-21-56

3rd house of Sagittarius has Rahu [R] 04-48-09

4th house of Capricorn has Saturn [R] 21-53-26 (Lord House)

8th house of Taurus has Mars 09-17-09 – Manglik

9th house of Gemini has Ketu [R] 04-48-09

10th house of Cancer has Sun 14-34-52, Mercury [R] 18-57-41 (Enemy) and Venus 27-41-17 (Enemy)

11th house of Leo has Moon 05-45-06 and Jupiter 21-13-06


MON from 24/ 7/22 – 24/ 7/32

  • MON – MON till 24/ 5/23


Her 4th, 10th and 11th house planets are responsible for her money, name and fame in the Hindi film industry.

Her Ketu in the 9th house means that she will not take her filmy career and fame too seriously and will not allow it to go to her head and has hence opted to marry Siddhartha Malhotra.

Wishing her the best.

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