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The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is in turmoil, and the charts of the dramatis personae may have had a role to play. Let’s take a look at the birth charts of Mahinda Rajapaksa (Prime Minister till May), Gotabaya Rajapaksa (President who just fled the country), and Ramil Wickremesinghe (PM and now acting President).

(A) Mahinda Rajapaksa (was PM till May) and the puppet master

Birth Details

18/11/1945, 0345 Hours, Weeraketiya – Sri Lanka

Lagna Chart

ASC Virgo 28-32-13 has Jupiter 24-41-13 (Enemy) – Tricky. Extremely controversial character and destiny’s unlucky child. He would be a very dominating person and would not think twice about breaking the law or moulding it to suit his requirements. He would get into deep legal trouble. He would not be a good choice to lead a country into prosperity.

2nd house of Libra has Venus 13-57-27 (Lord House) – Excellent. Lot of wealth from family and spouse. Has a life of material enjoyments, a jet-setting life with luxuries that satiate the senses.

3rd house of Scorpion has Sun 02-07-33 and Mercury 24-23-29 – Excellent. Auspicious support of siblings, especially younger siblings, and father. They would be the source of his success and who would be his partners in politics, and in the future of Sri Lanka. Perhaps, I can say, in spoiling the future of Sri Lanka, because they have kept rule within the family.

4th house of Sagittarius has Ketu [R] 08-42-34 – Good – Good thing is that there is so much wealth in the chart that he can become oblivious to wealth. His relation with mother is a very tight bond; but not a healthy bond. He would not listen to the mother and would not be the mother’s favorite child.

8th house of Aries has Moon 07-49-12 – Challenging – This is a challenging placement. He should not head any country because this moon placement means his health would suffer from lifestyle-related illnesses, giving him heart problems and blood pressure. He would also be very insensitive, to the extent of being vindictive. Only somebody who is thick-skinned can do this job; his lagna house gives him the ‘come what may I will achieve my goal attitude’, which may lead to him doing bad things. His siblings play a vital role in his success, including in the present scenario. His younger brother was designated the president and one can see that there is nothing in his chart except being a stooge of the elder brother.

10th house of Gemini has Rahu [R] 08-42-34 – Very Good the Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD) Shows sudden inflow of wealth, but not the right kind of wealth. He would be very rich, but money would be coming from unknown sources. Wealth would be kept far away from his place of birth and that could land him in a lot of trouble as well.

11th house of Cancer has Mars 08-18-01 (Debilitated)and Saturn [R] 01-40-31 – Tricky This house means he would get a bad name from his karma and would not be regarded as a good person. Since his Saturn is retrograde, there would be lot of obstacles in his way. With time and his attitude, and help from family, he would somehow achieve what he wants. However, his temperament would be such that he would spoil relations at the slightest provocation and that would bring him a very bad name. His 11th house has given him everything but has taken his reputation; credibility gets taken away due to 11th house planets.


JUP from 11/10/09 till 11/10/25– From 2009, he has been going through his lagna house Jupiter mahadasha after his excellent Rahu mahadasha when he ruled Sri Lanka. But Jupiter being enemy-placed would have made his position untenable. He would have been waging a war every day just to remain in power. This mahadasha will go on till 2025. After which, his Saturn mahadasha will come, when his health would severely decline. Hence, I think he would retire somewhere safe after 2025. We would not hear from him because his health would severely decline, and so would his reputation. I guess due to his money he can lead a high-flying life, but the reputation is over.

  • JUP – MON till 11/ 6/22 – He is facing an especially challenging time right now. This is why I say that he has either escaped or he cannot be found and his younger brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa has escaped because his Jupiter is enemy positioned and Moon in the 8th house, which means that he would not be in good health right now. It’s not only his reputation that is at stake or that is being hampered; it’s also his health that is being hampered and his whole life is being adversely impacted right now and he till June 2022; would still have been somewhat active due to some manipulations but after that during his next Jupiter- Mars antardasha; he would have be totally written off, politically.
  • JUP – MAR till 17/ 5/23 – This is a very devastating time for him and if he doesn’t do the remedies then his political career is over for good. As it is, after 2025, his Saturn mahadasha starts and Saturn is placed in the 11th house with Mars. There is no scope for him to hold such a critical position. With his next Saturn mahadasha, and with debilitated Mars in the same house as his retrograde Saturn, his health will decline. If he does not retire, he will be forced to do so by cosmic forces.

(B) President Gotabaya Rajapaksa (escaped) – the puppet

Birth Details

20/6/1949, 1745 Hours, Palatuwa – Sri Lanka (Birth time determined by self)

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 27-45-40 – Excellent – Makes him emotional, and someone who is very vindictively emotional does not forget his enemies.

3rd house of Capricorn has Jupiter [R] 07-35-04 (Debilitated) – Challenging – This position is most unlike the chart of a head of state. In India, at least, people whose Jupiter is debilitated do not reach the top. He has shot himself in the foot, solely due to his siblings. That will cost him a lot of losses. He was just a flash-in-the-pan political person. There is no way he could have lasted in that position, because from December 2020 his debilitated Jupiter mahadasha had started. He has been wiped off the political scenario for good. So bad is his time that he has been forced to escape.

5th house of Pisces has Moon 27-17-35 and Rahu [R] 29-15-32 – Very Good – He has to have some good planets. His moon is excellently placed, which means he’s very wealthy, as are his children. They are doing well; they are already placed in comfortable positions with a lot of money. Right now, he will just be living with his extended family doing nothing. His health will decline and so will the fortunes of his siblings including elder brother Mahendra; because of the natives 3rd house debilitated Jupiter and its mahadasha. Basically, the whole family will decline now. This house is good; it shows though there may be some tension, generally they will be wealthy and support him. His mother would also be very auspicious for him and he will be a very strong person emotionally. He has to take care of his health right now.

7th house of Taurus has Mars 14-17-24 and Mercury 16-18-18 – Excellent. This is a very good house. It shows that his spouse is extremely auspicious for him and they are very close. She is his best adviser and she may be the one who must have been forcing him to get out of this mess that he has got into due to siblings. But of course he could not have listened because the siblings are shown to play a very important role. This makes him a manglik or have mangal dosh. He listens to his siblings or to his wife; he will be a follower. That is why he cannot become the president of Sri Lanka on his own. He has been placed there as a puppet for his elder brother. But the brothers have caused him irreparable harm; and it could not have been worse right now than in his Jupiter mahadasha, which is going on.

8th house of Gemini has Sun 05-40-43 and Venus 22-51-03 – Challenging. Again this is a placement that tells me this person has been placed in a position for which he does not have the chart. He does not have the sharpest of minds; he cannot read situations very accurately. He will have scandals related to know enjoyments and that may mar his health. He has escaped mainly to take care of his health, which is not good right now. There is deep distress and I would not be surprised if we hear some very bad news regarding his health after his escape. I do not think he will return to Sri Lanka.

10th house of Leo has Saturn 08-14-31 – Very Good. This may be one of the planets responsible for taking him to the top post despite him not being fit for that job. This shows he was nudged forward by his siblings. He would make a lot of money, either by legal or illegal means. That is for the Sri Lankan people to find out once they restore their democratic process. But Saturn will extract its pound of flesh; hence, he will just be able to earn money from the post, and not much else.

11th house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 29-15-32 – Very Good. This is another important placement that shows he was not interested in the position he was put in. He was just a stooge acting for his ambitious elder brother. As soon as time permitted and health issues appeared, he was the first to run away. He is not only fit for the post; he is also not interested in it.


JUP from 3/12/20 till 3/12/36 – One of the worst periods in his life has started, during which he would be facing the severest of challenges in all aspects of his life. I do not expect him to come back to Sri Lanka and his health to ever recover; and his reputation will be permanently tarnished.

  • JUP – JUP till 21/ 1/23 – So bad is the time that even he could not clear Jupiter-Jupiter. Just at the start of his debilitated Jupiter mahadasha, he desperately ran away from Sri Lanka. He will never come back now because his bad time has started. As mentioned, it will impact all spheres of his life adversely. The only thing I see in common in both the brothers’ charts is money. There’s no reputation, there’s nothing there that will ensure they leave a good name in the history of Sri Lanka.

(C) Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe – Best out of the three

Birth Details

24/3/1949, 0500 Hours, Colombo – Sri Lanka

Lagna Chart

ASC Aquarius 17-55-41 has Mercury 21-40-16 – Excellent. He is the present Prime Minister. He is an adventurous and practical person. Right now, he is going through his good time. That is why, despite all the turmoil, he has come back as the Prime Minister. But he is facing a lot of revolts. He is a polite and sophisticated person; not a ‘street-fighter’ kind of person. Hence, I think he can survive till end of July or August. After that, his chances of survival keep reducing. The Sri Lankan people will have to find somebody with a better chart and more stability if they want prosperity in their country and freedom from corruption. Still, out of the three charts I am analysing, his is the best. This is what nature does: it places the right person at the right place for the right amount of time. But now his time has come. He will not be there forever; he will go in a year at best; perhaps next April maximum will be PM.

2nd house of Pisces has Sun 09-51-59, Mars 08-27-56 and Venus 03-44-15 (Exalted) – Excellent. Extremely auspicious house. His family would be the source of his wealth, and he would be a very wealthy person. He would be a courageous person. He would like to work with people and be relatively popular. He would have very fine taste. There is no greed in him. He is the best out of the lot to take Sri Lanka out of this mess. However, he has some planets that will not let him remain there for long. However, right now, he is the best stop-gap arrangement.

3rd house of Aries has Rahu [R] 03-57-01 – Excellent. The good thing is that there is no sibling or friend who is directly or indirectly involved in any illegality. He is a lone warrior, and he will take tough decisions to try to stabilise Sri Lanka. Either till this July-end, or at best till next July, he will stay in the position he is in. Stability in Sri Lanka will come only in steps. By the end of October, it will come back to normalcy because it has suffered great loss. First, they have to find a good leader. It will be a new person given some mild Kaal sarpa Dosha (MKSD) this placement gives the native and makes him unable to hold any responsible position. Also, his relation with his spouse or domestic life would be strained since he is overly involved in the strife. As mentioned, the only reason he has come to that position is as he is going through one of the best times in his life. If anyone can come out unscathed from this, it is he. But he will not remain in this position for long; there will be a replacement. He will remain only till some amount of stability comes, maximum for a year. Sri Lankans will not accept him long term.

7th house of Leo has Saturn [R] 07-22-31 (Enemy) – Tricky. Again, this is a very tricky house. It makes him face a lot of stress due to his work. He is not interested in money per se. He has a lot of money but he will face a lot of obstacles due to his bold, no-nonsense stance. If he has come to this position as a stopgap arrangement, it is only because the the rest of the political dispensation in Sri Lanka believe he is the right person, who at the cost of his family and health and safety, can take care of the country at present.

9th house of Libra has Ketu [R] 03-57-01Very Good. Again, this shows he would do well in his life. But he would be indifferent to it. He would not be the sort of person who would cling to power for the sake of it. He can leave it also. As far as he is there, he will do or try to do the best. But he is facing a great challenge. Moreover, there is threat to his life.

12th house of Capricorn has Moon 08-02-34 and Jupiter 04-13-31(Debilitated) – Challenging. This person becomes highly emotional and this is love of his land. Basically he would feel he has not got what he wants in terms of his political or career ambitions. Due to his debilitated Jupiter, he has suffered a lot. He has worked hard and has come to this position after a lot of strife. A particular family has ruled Sri Lanka with an iron fist and now he has to do the cleaning-up job. That will not be easy. He has to be very careful of his health and well-being and keep his security level very high. If he does that right now, the time is good but he will work for the good of the country at the cost of his health and that of his family.


MER from 12/ 2/20 till 12/ 2/37 – This is one of the best times in his life, i.e., his lagna house Mercury mahadasha. That is why, despite all the chaos, he has become the Prime Minister again. He will remain till his Mercury period ends. The Rajapaksa family were always setting themselves up for failure and the native’s chart showed he was the natural one or cosmically the one who would have fit into the empty political chair. He has done that for now till his Mercury-Mercury period. After that, his position will become a little weak and he may himself be disinterested in that job. He may himself find someone to take over.

  • MER – MER till 9/ 7/22 This is one of the best times in his life. That is why, despite the chaos, he has become the leader of the country right now. This will go on until end of July or August; after that, his position will weaken politically or there could be some disinterest with regard to occupying that position.
  • MER – KET till 6/ 7/23 This is the one year from now where at the best he could remain the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. I would not place a bet on him remaining there till July 2023. But given his present Mercury mahadasha, it is possible. But he would basically not be interested in it. He would just be doing it for the sake of his country and at the cost of his health and wealth.

Additional Analysis

After analyzing the charts of the three important players, I can say that Mahinda Rajapaksha is the puppet master. He is the one who is acting behind the scenes. However, he is also facing a very tough time right now. He will try his best, as he always does, to fend it off. But now, and after 2025 (especially his next Saturn mahadasha), he will not be able to stick it in Sri Lanka’s political scenario. He would bring himself a lot of disrepute. He could lose health and even wealth. He could be jailed as well. This is a tough time for the brothers.

Similar is the case for his brother who was the president. He escaped because he has his debilitated Jupiter mahadasha. His health is in distress; his whole life has been in distress. We will not hear from Gotabaya Rajapaksa again because he was not fit for such a position. He got there only due to his brother, Mahinda. Now, at the first instance of trouble, he has run away.

The present Prime Minister will remain there until July or August at the best; then he would ask people to find a replacement for him. Comparatively he is a courageous person and a gentleman and he would be disinterested. But he may be forced by the political players or the influential players in Sri Lanka to stick on for another year. After that, the people of Sri Lanka will have to find somebody with a much better chart to lead their country. The Rajapaksa family has hollowed out Sri Lanka. The beautiful island nation is suffering again.

Things may start limping back to normalcy by late October-November. By next year, we will have a new person leading Sri Lanka. Till then, the best possible scenario is that Ranil Wickremesinghe could be the one.

What will happen to Sri Lanka after a year will be decided by the chart of the person who becomes its Prime Minister and the President.

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