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The father of the Indian space programme, Dr Vikram Sarabhai, was not only the chairman and founder of ISRO but also helped develop nuclear power in India.

He was born into one of the most influential Gujarati families in the country of that time; his family continues to have deep and influential roots in not only Gujarat but all over India.

Dr Sarabhai’s father was a rich mill owner, but the son charted his own path by becoming one of the top scientists in India along with Dr Homi J Bhaba. He also worked with Nobel Laureate Dr. C.V. Raman at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. 

His contribution to Indian space and nuclear technology when India became a free country can never be underscored enough.

Dr Sarabhai died in 1971, at a young age of 52 years from a cardiac arrest while sleeping at night in the ISRO Centre in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Birth Details

12/8/1919, 1325 Hours (Determined by self), Ahmedabad – GJ


30/12/1971, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 02-14-05 has Rahu [R] 07-08-52: Highly emotional by nature and a dominating person who cannot work under anybody. That is why he was not able to work even under his father. Emotions drove him towards his destiny –  space science and nuclear technology.

4th house of Aquarius has Moon 03-15-42: Born into a very wealthy family. Lot of wealth, landed property and conveyances. There would be no shortage of anything but would be disinterested in inheritances. He would be totally oblivious or unconcerned about the life of luxury that he was born into this as he has Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD) and Moon is falling between his Rahu and Ketu; diminishing its quality and making him prone to worrying. Hence this worrying temperament will play a major role in his early demise as I will explain later.

7th house of Taurus has Ketu [R] 07-08-52: This means no time for married life or disinterest in domestic life. There were chances of multiple marriages. This was the chart of a workaholic who had no time for anything but his work and the holder of a magnetic personality due to his lagna house.

9th house of Cancer has Sun 25-49-20, Mars 00-12-12 (Debilitated) and Jupiter 09-26-18 (Exalted): His 9th house is very interesting. It gave him immense courage. His father was very lucky for him. He was bold, intelligent, extremely well-read, lucky, educated, and interested in deep knowledge. But he would be unable to get along with people or work with people he did not like. So he was a rebel from inside. As his Mars is debilitated in the 9th house, it has a carry-in effect to the 8th house. It makes him a manglik and also gives him stress-related health issues due to work. His debilitated Mars is at the core of his sudden and early demise due to hidden or chronic undetected reasons.

10th house of Leo has Mercury [R] 01-34-34 and Saturn 07-16-07 (Enemy): This is the chart of a person who has held a position of authority but the amount of hard work that has been put in by this person has burnt him out because Saturn is enemy. Moreover, Mercury being retrograde suggests a man with a temper – if he did not like someone or their work, then he could be very strict. At the same time, he would be sensitive by nature due to Moon falling between Rahu and Ketu and unable to handle pressure. It is to be noted that he died during his 10th house Saturn Mahadasha. When Saturn comes, even if it is well-placed, it surely extracts its pound of flesh. In Dr. Sarabhai ‘s case, his Jupiter Mahadasha, which preceded his Saturn, made him a star in the field of science in India. His subsequent Saturn Mahadasha with Saturn in the 10th house made him slog to develop India’s space and nuclear programme. There were many frustrations and the stress of it all, along with debilitated Mars in the 8th house, 4th house Moon, MKSD was a perfect cocktail for an early demise. It is said that if one’s planetary alignments are weak or are of a particular placement, like his; then if a Saturn Mahadasha comes in or after the 5th decade of one’s life, it takes you. It is to be noted that he died just before the start of his retrograde Mercury Mahadasha which would have been more controversial for him. So this was a man who was born rich but he lived an independent life. He did not sit free for one minute for the full 52 years of his existence and it is due to that that his name is etched in the annals of Indian history and will never go away.

11th house of Virgo has Venus 02-30-29 (Debilitated): This means that his wife would have been from a very good and renowned family. But he had no time for marriage or the opposite sex. Hence, married life could have been strained or he could have been indifferent to his partner. Though born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his life was one of only work for the development of India’s space and nuclear technology. Also this means a hard-working person dis-interested in fame; in fact shy of fame.


SAT from 26/ 5/55 till 26/ 5/74: This was the period during which he worked very hard and established himself and a decent space programme. But there were many frustrations along the way. There were lot of stress involved, and his Moon falling between Rahu and Ketu made him the worrying sort. If your Moon is not well placed, then Saturn will not leave you. If you are not thick skinned, Saturn will not let you sit still. He dies in the last antardasha of his Saturn Mahadasha. He could not live till his next retrograde Mercury Mahadasha, which would have been an equally stressful time

  • SAT – JUP till 26/ 5/74: The only solace is that good souls who live for the benefit of other people or for the benefit of the nation, die during their best time. He died during one of the best professional times in his life. Saturn in the 10th house and Jupiter exalted, when name and fame were at his feet. He died in his sleep and it is said that good people are taken away early and without pain. That is what happened to Dr Sarabhai. He was not destined to bask in the glory of his name fame as that is not what he liked but due to him; his family will always have a good name. Also exalted Jupiter meant that he became father to healthy children; who would not let his name down.

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