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Death by suicide is very disturbing, for most of us cannot comprehend what it is that makes someone want to kill themselves. But seen purely intellectually, suicide is very intriguing from the psychological and sociological, and even the astrological points of view. Actors in India and the West have been committing suicide, much like people from other industries. However, their being in the public eye makes their mode of death much more visible. It makes us ask: Is there something in their chart which makes them turn to suicide? As far as Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death is concerned, it is for the authorities to decide the cause of death. But charts can shows some form of distress and the inability of a person to cope with the same. Of course, not everyone who is unable to cope with life issues turn to suicide. Thank God for that. But the inability can manifest in many ways – such as personal or professional problems. Can their chart show why this happens?

Birth details 

  • May 3, 1976 / DELHI / 1600 Hours(UNCONFIRMED) – Auspicious Mars Mahadasha at birth
  • Till 5th August 2020 – Tricky and tough Saturn mahadasha and Venus antardasha

Lagna Chart Analysis

  • ASC Virgo 11-53-58 – Very intelligent and not the worrying sort.
  • 2nd house of Libra has Rahu 19-11-52 – Belonged to a very good family background; but not on good terms with family or had a tricky relationship with them.
  • 8th house of Aries has Sun 19-35-24 (Exalted), Jupiter 15-27-31, Venus 07-20-13 and Ketu 19-11-52 – Ill-placed Jupiter, Venus and Ketu. No marriage/family or happiness of children. Possibility of sudden adverse events or loss of interest in life.
  • 9th house of Taurus has Mercury 08-45-50 – Excellent for life of comforts, soft spoken and excelled on the professional front.
  • 10th house of Gemini has Moon 04-11-25 and Mars 29-18-46 – Excellent for wealth and fame due to slip-on effect of Mars into the 11th house; close to mother; would do well in a place close to the water.
  • 11th house of Cancer has Saturn has 03-47-36 (Enemy) – Very good for profession. But Saturn would hinder his rise to fame and his hard work would not give the desired results, especially in his present Saturn mahadasha. This mahadasha would also affect his usual nature of not worrying too much.


  • Mahadasha of Saturn in 11th house from August 2011 till August 2030 – Gave him much in terms of career but no satisfaction. Since he was a decent person, he was unable to fit in and compromise. Also had trouble due to women or relationships.
  • SAT – VEN period at the time of death  means career stagnation and frustration coupled with failure of emotional relationship/s.

Additional analysis  

  • Present SAT – VEN period tough from both the professional and personal points of view.
  • 8th house troubling and made him unable to adjust; plus health issues possible.
  • Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (due to no planet after his 3rd house Rahu till his 8th house Ketu) in chart. Hence, it makes him fail in personal life/relationships and not have anyone to turn to in time of need. 9th, 10th and 11th houses excellent. Hence, good career and money. However, not much name since his 11th house Saturn was in enemy position – hard work would not give him the fame he required.
  • Basically, a person of good moral values who found himself stuck due to destiny in maya nagri and could not stoop to the levels expected for success.
  • Om Shanti

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