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India and China are locked in a border stand-off. Not only have the two countries gone to war, but after that, they have also been involved in several border skirmishes.

 While China its expanding its economic and military might across the world, India is no longer the small player it was in 1962. It is staring into China’s eyes and challenging its dominance.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping is a central figures in India’s equation with China, and our other neighbours.

 Given this state of affairs, I thought it would be interesting to analyse the Chinese Premier’s birth chart.

 Birth Details

  • 15/6/1953, 1430 Hours, Beijing

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Virgo 28-25-49 has Saturn [R] 27-23-14 – Hard work all his life and bears lots of stress to achieve what he has. He would need to do the remedies for his Saturn, especially right now, since he is taking critical decisions with regards to India which could backfire.
  • 5th house of Capricorn has Rahu [R] Capricorn 12-06-54 – Excellent for children and happiness from them.
  • 8th house of Aries has Venus 5-09-11 – Multiple marriages and trouble or stress from women, should be careful of his health.
  • 9th house of Taurus has Jupiter (Enemy)15-20-34 – Would do well in his profession but from time to time his decisions would be counter-productive and make him and unpopular among his near and dear ones, as well as his children.
  • 10th house of Gemini has Sun 00-39-12, Mars 07-32-32 (Enemy) and Mercury 22-19-06 (lord house) – Would be prone to taking wrong and uninformed decisions, may be popular among people, would be liked by only his immediate party colleagues due to his ‘my way or the highway attitude’. He would live a life of luxury and be soft spoken, and would be wealthy.
  • 11th house of Cancer has Moon 14-02-06 (lord house) and Ketu [R] 12-06-54 – Mentally stable and strong, and famous


  • MARS for 7 years from 16/ 3/17 till  16/ 3/24 – This is the start of a tricky phase where he would be prone to taking wrong decisions that would only make him unpopular among his people and with the world at large. This would impact his health adversely.


  • MAR – JUP till 7/ 8/19 – Starting from September 2018 and till August 2019, he would be prone to making wrong and ill-informed decisions that would mar his popularity and also make him prone to legal scrutiny.


  • MAR – SAT till 16/ 9/20 – This is the time from August 2019 right till September 2020 when he would be under the maximum stress and his career would be marred. He would pay a heavy political price for the wrong decisions that he has made for some time – since 2017. If he it to stand for re-election by September 2020 the chances of him winning are bleak but they get only a shade better till 2024.

Additional Analysis

  • His present MAR – SAT time is when he is facing the pressure from the world and even his country for the Covid-19 pandemic and even his misadventure in Ladakh, India. This would continue till September 2020. After that, its ripple impact would be with him for the duration of his Mars period till 2024.
  • It’s a tough time for him and his health would suffer because of stress-related ailments and his mis-adventure with India would backfire.

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