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Birth Details

10/9/1978, 1030 Hours (Determined based on publicly available information), Nagercoil – TN

Lagna Chart

ASC Libra 27-28-55 has Mars 00-01-59 and Venus 09-05-01 (Lord House)

2nd house of Scorpion has Moon 24-29-04 (Debilitated)

6th house of Pisces has Ketu [R] 03-38-12

10th house of Cancer has Jupiter 07-19-29 (Exalted)

11th house of Leo has Sun 23-35-20(Lord House), Mercury 07-02-35 and Saturn 12-10-03(Enemy)

12th house of Virgo has Rahu [R] 03-38-12  


MON from 22/ 9/18 till 22/ 9/28 – Tough Time

MAR from 22/ 9/28 till 22/ 9/35 – Excellent Time


She has super excellent chart. Lord house Venus and Mars in the lagna house of ascendant Cancer. So, she is a very empathetic person, having empathy towards her loved ones and all the people close to her; she is emotional by nature. Mars in this house means that she has leadership skills; she is a courageous woman and of course Venus in its Lord house means that she is very good looking; beautiful; enjoys all the privileges of material wealth and luxuries of life; additionally she would do very well in the film industry due to her excellent looks and acting skills. She would do very well in the art field.

Now the trouble to certain extent in her chart is that her Moon is debilitated in the second house; if you see it from a positive point of view; then this means that though she is emotionally very vulnerable but she is in a field where she can express her emotions via a movie or via her skills or via her art that is acting; so it’s a it’s a positive way to vent her emotions but on the negative side; it means she is ultra sensitive and such peoples personal lives are generally little bit shaky and that is why her marriage has broken down.

Now the point of concern is that she is going through her Moon mahadasha right now till 2028 and hence he would be little under the weather; though she has enough powerful planets in her chart to ensure that she does well but right now she would be emotionally vulnerable; she would be very sensitive and suffering a little bit.

Her 6th house has Ketu; this means that sometimes she can have a propensity; when she is angry and she can get very angry; she lashes out at people and makes people get upset with her and become her secret enemies.

Her 10th house has Jupiter exalted this is excellent for health, authority, power, everything that a powerful person needs; so, she is very powerful and influential and she is also very lucky and blessed. This planet and this placement also mean that she would be mother to multiple healthy children; who would be the source of her happiness.

Her 11th house is excellent. Sun Lord housed; Mercury well placed but Saturn enemy positioned; this means again she is a no nonsense person and a go getter; if she wants to achieve anything she will go and achieve it; also she is very well mannered; polite; sophisticated and will live a life of luxury and Saturn enemy positioned means that yes there is some stress that comes to her via her profession or high profile profession and that causes her some health issues; stress related health issues but all these planets in the 11th house give her name, fame, money.

Her 12th house has Rahu and this means that she has to be careful of sudden health related events.

Overall she has a very good chart and after 2028 she will be happily settled again and doing much better in her career also as compared to right now.

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