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I was asked by a client to analyse the chart of Sidhu Moose-wala. To be very frank, since I am not so conversant with the current trends of rap music, I had not heard his name. But then I read about him and I came to know that in a short span of 28 years, he had become controversial and achieved a lot of fame in music by the time he was killed. I was intrigued and I wanted to study his chart with the point of view of seeing if there were any indications of his sudden demise.

Birth Details

11/6/1993, 0200 Hours, Mansa (Birth time determined via information publicly available)

Lagna House

ASC Pisces 23-36-20 – This house makes him a very innocent human being; emotional, creative and one would be a friend’s friend. This placement makes him extremely emotional and avoid any kind of confrontation; but on the other hand when I see this in combination with his debilitated Mars in the 5th house; enemy positions Sun and ketu in the 3rd house; enemy position Jupiter in the 7th house; Rahu in his 8th house; and most importantly ill placed Moon in the 12th house and Saturn retrograde even, though it is in its lord house; but being the 12th house; it makes for a very dangerous cocktail for a decent innocent person who can be drawn into controversy by emotional exploitation. That is once somebody makes him emotional or emotionally charged then he would due to his innocence and nativity, not have the ability to see through situations and fall into deep trouble and in enmity, due to unnecessary arguments leading nowhere. Also his ill place Sun makes him have a propensity of not listening to his father; having anger in his temperament; 12th house Moon is never good for emotional stability, his mother would be his weakness and more so when one sees this in conjunction with his ascendant Pisces, it makes him very naïve and innocent kind of person; unable to determine what is right and what is wrong for him; but one thing he would always have; money, wealth would always be there for him.

2nd house of Aries has Venus 10-25-47 – This makes him rich via his family; his parents would be the source of wealth for him; he would be good looking; attracted to the opposite sex and vice versa also, he would indulge in material enjoyments with all the latest gadgetry and the tools. He would splurge his money on the same and he could do very well in a profession related to the show business or the show world; which he was doing well in and was on the quick rice to material success; when his life was tragically cut short.

3rd house of Taurus has Sun 26-11-39 (Enemy) and Ketu [R] 18-08-02 – This placement on one hand means that there is lack of any sibling and on the other hand it means that sometimes he would not listen to his father’s advice; like in this case he did not listen to his father’s advice and take the bulletproof vehicle; in fact his father was following behind him in his bullet proof car, while he was in an unprotected care without his security detail on the fateful day; when he was gunned down. Also, there is a propensity of anger in him which can make him rebellious and take wrong decisions all of a sudden/impulsively, which is never good in the long run.

4th house of Gemini has Mercury 19-34-47 (Lord House) – This is an extremely auspicious house and this means that he would be the apple of the eye of his parents; he would have grown up like a Prince; in wealth; he could be very polite and humble, when he wanted to; when he was in a good mood, he would help a lot of other people in his life; he would be good natured, well regarded by his friends and he would get a lot of material wealth and property and conveyances via his mother. The mother seems to be very auspicious for him and also his weakness. He could not live without his mother and that is why he came back all the way to Punjab from Canada – where the seeds of his enmity were borne or sown due to his Moon and Saturn in his 12th house; which I will talk about.

5th house of Cancer has Mars 29-09-21(Debilitated) – (Slip on to the 6th house). This is not a good placement at all; this means that there is no happiness from the generation next or he would have no children; so that is a bad sign and it can be directly linked to longevity issues or no marriage; because there is no happiness from children to him or he would not have children; also Mars in debilitation at such advanced degree gives it a slip on into the 6th house and what it means is that he would make a lot of powerful enemies; with whom he would just escalate the fight; he would just not be the one who would try to calm down a situation; he would do to his emotional nature and anger and being an ascendant Pisces; be winded up by people with vested interests and get into severe arguments, enmity with people which will which in the end would resolve nothing for him and so he was not the sort of person who would deescalate any situation; he would keep on escalating it and keep on ruffling feathers; making enemies; powerful enemies behind his back; who would ultimately be the cause of his downfall and sudden demise.

7th house of Virgo has Jupiter 11-06-19 (Enemy) – This placement on one hand makes him somewhat lucky and would help him in his education and that is why he was an engineer from my reputed college and then went to Canada and did his masters and that is where trouble started because this was the mahadasha; just prior to his passing away; so this mahadasha helped him get education and even there have may have been some romantic liaisons but Jupiter being enemy position; did not help him cash his education and also he would have been unlucky in his romantic liaisons; there would have been some legal trouble or some enemity with people due to this placement and other placements that I have talked about. Actually during this time; during these 17 years of Jupiter mahadasha from around the age of 10 years; till his death; he would have done averagely well in his education but what would have happened is as he grew up due to Jupiter being enemy position and also due to his Sun, Mars, Moon and Saturn; he would have not been interested in academics; but more so in films; rap song; whatever is the latest trend going; on as far as the show business goes and he would be involved with that but at the same time it would be controversial and cause him some trouble due to his to Saturn. His Jupiter protected him with regards to no big loss to himself or his life during this time; as in his life; he was mentally preoccupied with his academic duties and also he was positively distracted due to romantic liaisons; but at the same time due to his other planets he was rubbing people the wrong way and unknown to him after this in his 12th house; even though lord house Saturn mahadasha; with Moon sitting there; he went away. Now the irony is that due to his Saturn in its lord house; he would have been doing very well in his profession in India and overseas; but his profession or is rap singing or his high-profile success would also have been the cause of him going away so soon and so suddenly and this was as soon as his 12th house Saturn mahadasha started.

8th house of Scorpion has Rahu [R] 18-08-02 – This is not a good placement at all and this means that he would rub people the wrong way; all of a sudden and without notice and suddenly there would be grievous harm to him or injuries to him, marring his health and well-being and this has to be seen in conjunction with his debilitated Mars and 12th house planets and it makes for a perfect cocktail for the way his life ended. It could have been protected with remedies; but when one enters his lord house Saturn mahadasha in the 12th house along with Moon; about which I have discussed at length in other chart analysis of sudden death of young people like Siddharth Shukla, as an example; what happens is that unless interventive astrological help is sort; it becomes very difficult for that person to manoeuvre through such a Saturn mahadasha; even though it is difficult to predict death because the person was so young; but yes definitely danger and sudden danger to life/well-being can be seen; but as they say hindsight is always 20/20. There is no definitive way by which his death could have been seen; because it was on that given day; what planetary configurations were going on; at that given time what planetary configurations were impacting his mind; so these are all very impulsive or in the moment things that happen but yes the major dasha or mahadasha and the sub dasha or antardasha do play a critical role; because they have the biggest impact on one’s mind and that is what one acts as per and he was clearly taking the wrong decisions; which would detrimental to his safety and wellbeing all of a sudden and without advance warning.

12th house of Aquarius has Moon 11-01-32 and Saturn [R] 06-32-40 (Lord House) – This house needs commentary because this is a very dangerous house for him. On one hand Moon is seen in the 12th house that means that he was ultra-emotional and when I see this in conjunction with his ascendant Pisces and Mars in debilitation; this means that it would be very easy to provoke him against people and he would very easily in an innocent way –  his intention would always be good to help people but there are devious people always acting; for which one has to be able to see through; which he did not have the ability to due to being childlike innocent, though from his heart; was naïve and not manipulative for dealing with people emotionally exploiting him; and too emotional, when in that zone to hep people(that is what his naïve intentions were); so he thought with his heart and that is why he was good at what he did; his rap songs; he poured everything into it. Saturn in the lord house being his 12th house; meant that he would get a lot of success due to that – money, name, fame; but in the end the cocktail of Moon and Saturn and both in the 12th house and Saturn retrograde even though in its lord house is never a good ending; it means that the persons karma despite good earnings and money are going towards moksha and that means that if the person is not careful; then some emotional related event would impact him so much; or due to some enmity; he would have had old enmity due to his 5th house debilitated Mars and his recent 7th house Jupiter mahadasha; from his days in Canada, that would have come to hound him in his 12th house retrograde but lord house Saturn mahadasha and due to his 8th house Rahu; ended his life in such a sudden and tragic manner. He could not even complete his first Saturn-Saturn antardasha; and that is a clear case that his Saturn was so malefic that even at a young age it relieved him of his life and that is what a malefic Saturn does; on one hand when it is lord house placed; it will give you a lot of material / professional success but the conjunction that he has with his Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Saturn; it is a very dangerous cocktail; but still it is if this person had come to me a year back; I would not have been able to predict for sure that he will pass away because; had he been 55-60 years old; I would have told him be very careful; you will suffer sudden health event like a heart attack; but in this case due to his young age; that would have been unlikely; so I would have told him to be careful; do the remedies for Saturn and other planets; but no I would not have been able to predict his death and as I say sudden deaths are very difficult to predict. May God bless his soul and grant his soul peace. May God give his parents the strength to bear this irreparable loss.


SATURN from 23/ 7/21 till 23/ 7/40 – As mentioned from July 2021; his 12th house retrograde  but lord house Saturn mahadasha had started and whatever he had done in his just past Jupiter mahadasha, which was enemy positioned; he had made some enemies due to his professional success; though on the way rub people the wrong way due to his debilitated Mars; he was ultra-emotional and innocent and could be drawn into unnecessary controversies which has nothing to do with him; due to his ascendant Pisces as his lagna house and 12th house Moon and last but not the least the final nail in the cosmic coffin was that as soon as 12th house Saturn mahadasha started; he was on the cosmic watch; that if he did not do the multiple remedies that were required of him; even though he would have immense success in his career; in show business career but due to his profession or professional rivalry; he would have to be very careful and unfortunately during the start of Saturn mahadasha only; he passed away; he could not even clear his first antardasha of Saturn; so this is a clear indication of Saturn (Shaintan in his case)taking its toll on a young life.

  • SAT – SAT till 26/ 7/24 – As mentioned his Saturn mahadasha started in July 2021 and he did not even get to live a year in his Saturn mahadasha and that is because it was placed in this 12th house and the 12 house mahadasha of Saturn is with his other placements is linked to moksha or death in the laymen terms. It does not mean liberation of the soul, infact in sudden death cases, the soul takes time and prayers to calm down, before it finds another body. Now when a young life is lost so suddenly it is never one planet but there were many planets in his chart. The trouble starts with his ascendant Pisces – innocent and naïve; 4th house debilitated Mars, with slip on into the 6th house -argumentative without any reasonable cause, one would not want to settle matters when emotionally prompted by people but keep on arguing/escalating without any fear for his safety and this would have gathered him very powerful secret enemies. His 7th house Jupiter; was the mahadasha that he lived fully just prior to his death; he studied; he may have been distracted due to his education and also due to his romantic liaisons; but trouble was never far away from him, as his Sun also enemy positioned in the 3rd house, which makes him the only child without any sibling; but also gives in lot of anger and one who would not listen to his father or do anybody for that matter, except the mother and lastly his 12th house Moon and retrograde but lord house Saturn mahadasha makes him a man who would be ultra-emotional; thin skinned; get easily disturbed; one who would do very well in this profession; especially so as his Saturn mahadasha had started; but it would also lead to moksha/death, if precaution is not taken and he did not apparently take any precaution and on 29th of May 2022; less than 10 months after the start of his malefic Saturn mahadasha; even though if it was lord house placed; but in the 12th house it extracted it’s pound of flesh with his sudden and unexpected demise; also his 8th house Rahu has a role to play because it leads to sudden adverse events related to one’s health and wellbeing. So he would always have in his short span on this planet lived on the edge; dangerous life; lived from his heart and I do not think he would have much cared about astrological remedies given his chart and emotional nature and he’s just passed Jupiter mahadasha of the 7th house; in which he would have been involved with women; on the side along with his education. But if “sidhu moose wala” had come to me a year back; as I have mentioned; I would not have been able to predict his death by assassination; I would have seen his palm for confirmation and I would have severely warned him to be very careful as there could be enemies related to his profession who could curtail his profession; I would have told him that his professional success could be curtailed or stopped or he may have to choose some other path or his popularity may suffer; but I could not have extrapolated that to mean that he would be gunned down by people. Though I would have warned him not to rub people the wrong way and do his remedies.

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