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Harbhajan Singh is an ace Indian spinner and also called the Turbanator due to his excellent bowling skills.

He is known for controversies too – as was the incident related to him slapping his fellow teammate Sreesanth, which is to be condemned as physical violence has no place in any civilized society.

Let me take a look at his birth chart.

Birth Details

  • 3/7/1980, 1700 Hours, Jalandhar

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Scorpion 13-59-35 – Excellent but emotional and can lash out
  • 3rd house of Capricorn has Ketu (R) 28-32-30 – Relations with siblings non serious but has deep faith in religion and spirituality
  • 4th house of Aquarius has Moon 23-51-21- Close to mother, mentally strong.
  • 7th house of Taurus has Venus (R) 22-43-36 – In lord house but enemy position and retrograde hence a beautiful wife though stress seen in relationship.
  • 8th house of Gemini has Sun 18-05-59 – Prone to anger and emotional outbursts to his harm.
  • 9th house of Cancer has Mercury (R) 00-36-53 and Enemy Rahu (R) 28-32-30 – Rahu very good for profession but a week and retrograde Mercury, though would make him good in his profession but would make him have professional enemies as sometimes he could be a bit rough on people and would also be practically living out of his suitcase. Controversies galore in his career.
  • 10th house of Leo has Jupiter 12-50-18 and Saturn 28-04-31 – This is the house that made him. Enormous wealth via profession and also makes him extremely lucky and have happiness from children and lucky in getting out of controversies unharmed. Stress in profession also seen though.
  • 11th house of Virgo has Mars 02-27-13 – Fame and bad press go hand in hand for him.

Dasha periods since birth

  • Jupiter from 3/ 7/80 to 17/11/91 – Born into a very good family and had a decent upbringing.
  • Saturn from 17/11/91 to 17/11/10 – Worked hard in his career, got rewards and made his name, despite stressful and controversial periods.
  • Mercury from 17/11/10 till 17/11/27 – This is his period right now and shows that he would still be involved and active in his profession though he would have to struggle and try his hand in careers or fields but would make a lot of money. Though he would be staying away from his family and practically from a suitcase.
  • Ketu from 17/11/27 to 17/11/34 – Professionally tricky period which would see him working with family members and siblings much to his dislike.

Additional Analysis

  • His ill placed Sun gives him a temper that would harm him.
  • Additionally his retrograde and enemy placed planets would land him in controversies.
  • His 10th house would always save him though he would have to work very hard for his success.
  • Care required in his marriage.

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