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Renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla was one of the post famous astrologers this side of the world. He was known to be full of life and a very cheerful person who made a name for himself by his devotion to Lord Ganesha, despite his Parsee background.

He passed away on May 29th 2020 at the ripe age of nearly 90 years and there is an astrology industry that was started by him and continues in his name even now.

Let me take a look at the chart of this Lord Ganesha follower on whom the Lord had showered all is blessings during his time on planet earth and I am sure he is in the arms of his Lord.

Birth Details (confirmed)

  • 11/7 /1931, 1225 Hours, Bharuch – Gujarat

Passed Away

  • 29/5/2020, Ahmadabad, Gujarat

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Virgo 20-57-33 has Ketu [R] 16-34-52 – Excellent persuasive skill and a mind that is bend towards the occult
  • 4th house of Sagittarius has Saturn [R] 27-11-58 – Tough as a lot of hard work and toil required to establish himself
  • 7th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 16-34-52 – Trouble in marriage
  • 9th house of Taurus has Moon 02-09-17 (Exalted) – Excellent for mental strength, wealth, professional success – a good counter to his 4th house Saturn.
  • 10th house of Gemini has Sun 25-07-16 and Venus 09-06-44 – Excellent for wealth, leadership, strong personality, and living a life in comfort and luxury
  • 11th house of Cancer has Mercury 07-59-57 (Enemy) and Jupiter 05-45-14 (Exalted) – Fame and lady luck would be at his feet , would be educated, have name and fame but can be brutally honest at the cost of getting a bad name too.
  • 12th house of Leo has Mars 24-16-51 – Life devoted to pursuits of learning about religion, culture, astrology, and related fields and gives him a strong ESP.   


  • MER – SAT till 22/ 1/22 – Tough time due to enemy positioned Mercury mahadasha and retrograde Saturn subperiod and his body and soul were under stress and additionally it was the last sub period of his enemy positioned Mercury mahadasha . Next mahadasha was Ketu from 22/1/22 but did not live to see it.

Additional Analysis

  • There is a lot of initial struggle seen in his life and he must have to go through a lot of resistance in doing what he did due to his retrograde Saturn and also Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha.
  • But he had God’s blessings in the form to exalted Jupiter and Moon excellently placed in his house of professional success and money, but still stress is seen in his life.
  • Additionally his is a chart with 9th, 10th and 11th houses excellently populated with powerful planets and this only means that the person would get tremendous professional success, wealth, name and fame.
  • His Ketu and Mars in the lagna and 12th house respectively, chart his path of success in the area of the occult.
  • His passing away was due to immense stress due to his enemy positioned Mercury mahadasha, which was tough time for him and his retrograde Saturn. Additionally when the dasha changes tectonic shifts in life happen and as his Ketu was well placed in his lagna house – hence God granted him relief from his prolonged physical suffering, especially over the past 4 years.




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