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What does one say about Late Kalpana Chawla except pay respects to her? She had a doctorate in engineering, and was a NASA astronaut and scientist par excellence.

 A point that needed clarification is the year of her birth. Most websites have it as 1961, which is actually corrected to 1962 as per the article below.

I did check the chart for 1961 too – but it does not have the fire power needed for what she achieved in 40 years.


Birth details

  • From – 17/3/1962, 1000 Hours, Karnal, Haryana.
  • Till – 1/2/2003 (aged 40) – aboard US Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas, US.


Lagna chart

  • ASC Taurus 09-56-51 – Excellent for strong will power, doggedness and mental strength
  • 3rd house of Cancer has Moon 17-54-49 (Lord house) and Rahu [R] 22-42-13 – Excellent again for mental strength,  interest in science & technology,  comfortable life, calm mind, auspicious presence of siblings and friends
  • 9th house of Capricorn has Saturn 14-46-47 (Lord house) and Ketu [R] 22-42-13 – Excellence in her career and it would be the source of material comforts
  • 10th house of Aquarius has Mars 10-29-42, Mercury 09-05-47 and Jupiter 04-46-34 – Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, a team player and a leader, would live in wealth & comfort, would speak well, be good mannered, highly educated and extremely lucky
  • 11th house of Pisces has Sun 02-47-22 and Venus 14-40-21 (Exalted) – Morally and ethically sound & principled person, would enjoy life, have good tastes, would be a loyal person, would have a loyal and genuine partner for life

Dasha periods from birth till end of life

  • Mercury from 17/ 3/62 till 15/ 8/77 – Excellent time, would excel in studies and get awards and recognition for her academic achievements.
  • Ketu from 15/ 8/77 till 15/ 8/84 – The excellent time continues and would gather focus regarding her professional future and about what she wanted to do with her life. Lady luck would help her and throw her career into the stratosphere in her upcoming exalted Venus mahadasha.
  • Venus from 15/ 8/84 till 15/ 8/04 – Best time in her life and she would be lifted to the skies, literally, due to her academic and professional prowess. Would rub shoulders with the best minds in the world and all her dreams would come true. She would get fame and recognition, live a rich and luxurious life.

Additional comments

  • Positive nature and no hint of negativity is the hallmark of Kalpana Chawla’s chart as all her planets are friendly, in their lord houses or exalted.
  • Hers is a powerful chart.
  • I would not have had any inclination about her passing away so suddenly; but would have told her that she has Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha in her chart which would impact her personal life in the sense that hers would be a life totally dedicated to her profession or passion.
  • Hindsight is always 20/20 and she passed away at the fag end of her glorious exalted Venus mahadasha that literally took her to the stratosphere.
  • This is the firepower a chart needs for one to go into a foreign land and reach the top – smashing gender, nationality and racial hurdles.

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