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Astrology can help you learn about your past, present and future as well as that of anybody who is born on planet earth. Any human being; their past, present and future can be predicted. It is a very noble profession and the value of accurate predictions are priceless.

How do you learn astrology. I can just tell you by my example.

This is a very common question; many people nowadays want to become professional astrologers; but I based on my humble experience always warn them to be careful.

I’m professionally an engineer and astrology came to me by sheer destiny; when somebody in 1989 predicted, that I would die at the age of 24. That is how I got deeply sucked into it as I could not believe as to how another human being could make such a sweeping prediction about any other fellow human being. I realized that in the hands of the right astrologer and/or palmist, it can be dangerously accurate and us much beyond science. Science will not catch up to what we are doing atleast in my lifetime.

Hence though astrology and palmistry are very precise; the problem often is with the people practicing it. Either their knowledge or the intent is not right. Let me tell you what I mean. Astrology and palmistry are not meant for everyone and one should be careful before getting into it. Because once you really start to see others future, you can also see your and your loved ones future too and that could be disturbing or a curse; if you do not have a strong spiritual background, strong knowledge of the Hindu scriptures or scriptures of your religion, which ground you; which explain you the meaning of life and our purpose here on planet earth. A lot of life experiences and experience of practicing is also required, as is intelligence and a strong 6th sense. and For me even though I started in 1989, but kept it as a hobby for more than 25 years. Back then I had no intention of turning professional; it’s only the feedback of people, my deep dive into spirituality in 2012, and off course my destiny that I turned professional in 2016.

So what I mean to say is that when you start doing astrology if your intention is to earn very good money or massage your ego, it will be a big disaster. You can to start by reading some good books and after that it’s human tendency you see your palm, you see your chart. Then there will be bad things you see; initially every day you will see one good thing and three bad things in your palm and in your chart. You have to make peace with that. How do you make peace with that. It is with the knowledge of the scriptures; with maturity and experience and only after that do you really start to make accurate predictions about other people dispassionately.

Also certain people start predicting about death and their ego becomes too big; they start to take the role of God but that is when they suffer the most. They also start to see the bad events in their (and loved ones) lives; that starts to impact them negatively.

As an astrologer or palmist most of the people who come to you; are people who are facing great distress, so you should be able to deal with negativity and not only deal with it; you should be able to love helping people in great distress; only then you will survive; because the list is very long of astrologers and palmists (doing good predictions) who have died early. This is the curse to any good astrologer. They generally do not live very long.

Mostly all astrologers and palmists and extremely religious and / or spiritual and spend a lot of time with God.

Below I am giving a link of my You tube channel. There are generally lots of good astrologers available on You Tube. You just need to search. Please let me know if you’d like me to post any information about palmistry or as astrology on my YouTube channel. I would do it and most also if you’d like me to do your chart and/ or palm analysis on YouTube. I’m still learning the ropes of editing and making quality YouTube videos.

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